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#rockbox log for 2021-07-27

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05:22:16yangHow do I insert the SD card innto M3K ? With the top SD card up, or reverse?
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05:26:11sporkgold contacts facing the screen
05:27:43yangaha, so its reverse SD card, if the M3K player is on top (screen side)?
05:28:22gevaertsI have no idea which way it goes in, but surely you can easily try both ways and see which one works>
05:29:45sporkit is reverse
05:30:36yangthey should put the info in the manul, but its not there
05:30:46yangin thje m3k printed manual
05:51:19yangwhich partition type do I choose ? (b) W95 FAT32 or cating the entry
05:51:54yangwhich partition type do I choose ? (b) W95 FAT32 or (c) W95 FAT32 (LBA) with fdisk
05:56:26yangfor the SD card
06:00:36sporkhow are you formatting ?
06:02:07sporki think LBA is for devices over 2/4 GB
06:02:23sporki am going to guess your sd card is not that big, so option 'b' sounds good
06:02:34gevaertsI'm pretty sure it doesn't matter
06:03:55yang128gb sd card
06:06:36yangdoesnt mount
06:07:00gevaertsWell yes. It's formatted as exfat...
06:07:17yanghm I changed to W95 FAT32
06:07:20yangin fdisk
06:07:29yangis that not sufficient*?
06:08:13yangin the partition table
06:08:46gevaertsNo. That just changes one byte in the partition table, it doesn't change the filesystem itself
06:09:04yangso i need to "mkfs -t fat32 /dev/sdb1" ?
06:10:39gevaertsThat should do it, yes. Note that it will entirely clear the card, so don't do it if you have files on it you want to keep
06:11:02yangmkfs: failed to execute mkfs.fat32: No such file or directory
06:11:14yangyes, its a brand new card, so no files
06:11:23gevaertsTry mkfs -t vfat /dev/sdb1
06:23:42yangAssuming everything went smoothly, your M3K is now Rockboxed! Simply unzip a Rockbox build to your SD card and enjoy.
06:23:52yangso where can I find the rockbox build ?
06:25:30sporkon the rockbox site. top left as 'dev builds'
06:38:17yangI wasn't able to find on a forum post for installer,53858.0.html, it would be usefull to add a link on the forum, because the manual explains all in detail
06:38:37yangI followed the forum guide
06:41:45sporkmanual did not exist yet at the time the forum post was last updated, but good point
07:06:23yangthank you for your asssistance, I got it flashed and ready now :)
07:10:55yang.oO( Where did I put the earphones) :)
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19:34:43dconradso I'm unsure whether the low volume popping on the eros Q is truly due to the volume scaling or it's really a fault of the headphone circuit
19:35:25dconradif it's a fault of the headphone circuit I wonder why changing the volume scaling method would improve the popping situation
19:35:53dconrad(and it makes me wonder if it's even possible to get the play/pause popping eliminated...)
19:47:26dconradok, possibly nevermind on that, I just tried the line out at -72 dB and it was popping out of the line out as well, so it appears to be in the dac or legitimately the data we're sending
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21:38:41dconradthe interesting thing about the play/pause popping is that it alway appears to pop in the right channel, the left channel seems fine
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