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#rockbox log for 2021-08-01

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08:41:25dconradspeachy: 3633 should be updated now
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13:11:47saratogaspeachy: (just catching up to the logs) I think PCM_SW_VOLUME_FRACBITS is intended to be 15, so full scale PCM is +/-0x7FFF0000, which leaves you room for rounding
13:12:38saratogagrepping through the code I see the other definition in config.h which sets it to 16, which seems questionable to me
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13:21:32saratogaLooking at the logs, JhMikeS set that to 16 after the SW volume control patch (which was set to 15), I think that might be a mistake
13:22:48saratogai'm surprised no one noticed though, does anything actually use the SW volume control? Should be obvious if ever remotely loud sample overflows ...
13:26:31speachyI was wondering that
13:27:24speachythe erosq obviously does, and several of the hosted targets too (most Sonys, for example)
13:28:01saratogaone possibility is that whatever device that was programmed on feeds in the data shifted over by one bit
13:28:39saratogathis device has working file system right? can you record the samples being written to the DAC to disk and see what they are?
13:28:45speachyok, ibassodx50/dx90, hifiman 60x/80x, fiio m3k, ihigi 760/960, onda vx747/777
13:29:03saratogasome of those are pretty popular, seems surprising no one complained about corrupted audio
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13:29:42speachyof that list, only the ibassos ahd any real use
13:30:52speachythe artifacts are only really there at either MAX or MIN volume.
13:32:01speachythe sonys are popular but implement sw volume control inside the alsa driver, much like the erosq/m3k (hosted) targets.
13:32:36saratogahow does this port work? You use our codecs and buffering normally, but feed it to the embedded linux driver ?
13:32:46saratogaor do you have your own driver
13:33:12speachyfeed teh PCM data to ALSA
13:33:30speachythose swvol hosted ones send the data to ALSA in 32-bit format
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13:34:29saratogaartifacts and also that suspicious -1 offset make me think that the fixed format is off by 1 bit
13:34:57speachythat -1 thing is to work around a hw quirk.
13:35:08speachyby preventing the cocec from powering down
13:35:17saratogaoh it powers down if it gets all zeros?
13:35:26saratogathat is strange
13:35:36saratogathis is the ESS9018?
13:35:47speachyactually fairly typical... but unuusally, it cant' be disabled
13:35:54speachyTI PCM5102
13:37:41speachyand doing an analog mute (on the codec or other parts of the audio path) apparently adds louder artifacts.
13:38:48saratogaoh wrong codec
13:41:23saratogaaside from the analog mute function, and the overflow from rounding on 16.16 samples, did it otherwise work or were there other problems?
13:42:22speachythe rounding wasn't correct either, assumed positive samples.
13:42:41saratogayeah that is interesting
13:43:09saratogarounding is a good idea if you actually have a > 16 bit dac since otherwise you're losing half a bit
13:44:17speachysure, but that doesn't do any good when we're unconditionally truncating to 16bit. :)
13:45:19speachyas I opined yesterday, we could probably enable >16bit output into the HW PCM API relatively easily.
13:46:07speachyI think all of the current-ish-gen targets we have now all support 24 or 32-bit audio.
13:47:40saratogawould make sense, at least on devices that need SW volume control
13:47:58saratogais updating the PCM buffering code so easy though?
13:49:18speachyI think so, it's a small surface area.
13:50:11speachymost of the work would be in converting plugins to use the mixer api instead of directly interacting with the pcm layer.
13:50:25speachywhich IMO should be done anyway
13:53:08speachyThe mixer is already bitdepth aware
13:56:53saratogathis volume code is hard to follow, pcm_scale_sample takes signed arguments, but all calls to it pass unsigned for the first argument
13:57:31saratogais the intention that it would be converted to signed (so it is within the range of signed int) or is this a mistake and the whole function was meant to take unsigned (so the rounding makes sense)
13:57:59speachyI have no idea; this code well predates my active involvement
13:59:26speachybut given the use of signed values everywhere else..
14:00:34saratogaoriginally that function was a preprocessor macro, and so had whatever the type of the data was
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