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#rockbox log for 2021-08-02

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10:49:15speachy_bilgus: it would be good to update the coverity build to see how we're faring..
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15:26:39braewoodsthis is the weirdest thing i've ever seen
15:27:10braewoodsif i do a byte by byte copy for the repetition copy in the stream...
15:27:25braewoodsnothing goes wrong
15:27:34braewoodsbut if i try to do it faster with memcpy or memmove it goes to shit
15:27:46*braewoods boggles.
15:28:45braewoodsit seems to fail if i attempt to do it via a larger read/store copy
15:30:59braewoodsonly thing i could think of is overlap but
15:31:06braewoodseven memmove fails there
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17:20:33braewoodsoh well, i'll do the next best thing.
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19:09:56_bilgusspeachy, I don't have a upload builds button I only know it exists from google images
19:13:56_bilgusotherwise yes I agree :)
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21:34:51braewoods_bilgus, speachy: i've been reading about branchless min/max implementations. is eliminating conditional jumps even beneficial for our older cpu targets?
21:36:09braewoodsi mean, it does the equivalent by doing arithmetic but would that be more expensive for older CPUs?
21:36:52braewoodsafaik this is mainly an optimization for modern CPUs where branching interferes with branch prediction optimizations
21:37:02braewoodsfor CPUs without it, does it even help?
21:47:28braewoodsgetting the inflate module ready... need to double check if i'm missing anything first though it does appear to work
21:47:57braewoods6.5k of object code
21:48:48braewoodstime to see what tinf uses
21:49:50braewoodsi ended up with a simple to use single function module
21:52:29braewoodsabout 3k more object code
21:52:39braewoodsbut it's significantly faster, at least on x86
21:52:46braewoodsat least 3x faster
21:52:50braewoodsi think that's a fair trade
21:54:32braewoodsrequires about 70-80k of working RAM
21:54:44braewoodswhich is mostly IO buffers
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22:24:02_bilgusbraewoods, in my experience the sims speed increase has no direct correlation except that faster on the sim is generally faster on device
22:26:00_bilgusas far as the reduction of branches no clue ..
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22:34:02braewoods_bilgus: yea i know. i'm not focused on branch elimination so much as eliminating needless checks as those do cost extra cycles no matter what.
22:34:29braewoodslike i decided it was worth using branches to find the minimum length i can copy without having to do the special checks for buffer boundaries
22:34:46braewoodsthat makes the copying loop more efficient because there's less conditionals to perform.
22:36:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 382b52b120, 303 builds, 9 clients.
22:37:15braewoodsthat did improve my loop efficiency greatly
22:37:24braewoodsat least on x86
22:37:48braewoodsi guess i learned about this technique from sorting algorithms
22:37:58braewoodswhere the fewer comparisons the better
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