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#rockbox log for 2021-08-12

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12:53:06braewoodswell this is a first
12:53:38braewoodsI have to use the mass-storage driver's delay_use parameter to workaround some kind of Ryzen USB timing bug.
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15:48:54blebnot rockbox specific but has anyone tried using a toshiba flashair card in an old mp3 player
15:50:21blebthen you could hopefully sync music over wifi even if the mp3 player doesnt have wifi
15:50:43blebtheres a lot that could make it not work though
16:03:14speachyweren't the flashair cards intended to just offload?
16:03:21bleblooks like there are a bunch more brands that make them:
16:03:29blebbut yes I don't see any way to write to them... maybe with a firmware hack
16:04:08blebit would be sweet to put one in an ipod with an sd adapter, then be able to sync music over the network...
16:04:13speachyrockbox would lose its mind if the filesystem changed underneath it.. unless you'd "eject" the card first
16:04:54blebi'd at least try it if it were possible
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16:18:25blebhmm writing might actually work?
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21:02:00dconraddoes anybody active have experience getting a dev environment set up on macos? I'm going to give it a shot, would be nice to return my desktop to the basement in its "old crapbox for the 3d printer only" role
21:17:55dconrad .... I do have gmp installed though, I'm not sure what to make of "Specified CC_FOR_BUILD doesn't seem to work"
21:31:12globalcif all fails.. I would use a Linux in a VM, and use that (it's what I use natively to run dev environment)
21:31:24globalcso native Linux
21:36:45dconradyeah that's certainly an option - I can't quite seem to find an actual error message to see what's wrong in the output either
21:39:23globalcWhen I had hit an error in configure/make, it helped to capture the whole output, and "grep" for the string error
21:39:47globalcI guess multiple threads were running, so the issue was not shown last but quite some before
21:44:05dconradthat's a good idea - looks like the only error returned is the "CC_FOR_BUILD doesn't seem to work" though
21:44:54dconradwell, except for a bunch of stuff about HAVE_STRERROR=1, but that doesn't have anything to do with this
21:45:17globalcyou did also build crosscompile-gcc's?
21:45:57dconradI'm just trying to run
21:46:18dconradI think it's compiling the mips gcc?
21:48:54globalcoh right, I checked, and should do that, instead of one having to do it manually
21:49:13globalctrying it manually might also be an approach for you
21:49:21globalcbut Linux VM might be quicker
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