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#rockbox log for 2021-08-13

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02:26:43braewoodsoui this is hilarious.
02:27:08braewoodsapt deciding to regenerate the same initrd 2+ times during the same upgrade pass
02:27:23braewoodsor regenerating grub config 2+ times
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14:18:39paulcarrotyhey, can you recommend any compatible modern player with fm radio?
14:21:09speachynot aware of anything modern-ish.
14:21:20speachywith a radio, I mean
14:23:00yangfiio m3k maybe ?
14:23:11yangdoes it have the radio, I didn't check
14:25:03paulcarrotyno radio, sadly
14:35:30__builtinthe ipods have a radio remote
14:35:43__builtinwhich we don't support
14:36:04__builtinI have one if someone wants to look into it
14:51:05speachyactually it is sorta supported, albeit a litle flaky
14:52:14paulcarrotyipods are great, one issue is lacking sdcards
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14:54:39bilgus_phModern players probably no FM supported players yes see the device page for them clips come to mind and maybe Sony
14:55:06speachyI picked up one of those tuners a couple months ago.. turned out to be defective
14:56:03speachybut it did "work" on a nano2g −− detected, tuned, and if I jiffled the cable right, produced sound!
14:59:47bilgus_phThat should help you narrow down some of em
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15:07:52braewoodspaulcarroty: i think the Sansas were the last ones to have any fm radio support
15:08:15braewoodspaulcarroty: FM radio has largely disappeared.
15:09:06braewoodspaulcarroty: probably the best choice is a Sansa or one of the HDD players that still has the FM Radio
15:09:36braewoodsI've had my eye on the Gigabeat S lately. It's taking awhile but I'll get it finished up eventually.
15:09:41braewoodsThe port is mostly done.
15:09:50braewoodsIt's a bit rare but not super rar.e
15:10:04braewoodsI've repaired 4 gigabeat S units I found on ebay with some patience.
15:10:40braewoodsthere's like 2-3 of them up for sale right now but at high prices
15:11:31paulcarrotybilgus_ph, braewoods, big thx for the info
15:12:31braewoodspaulcarroty: you may want to get one that supports RDS.
15:12:36braewoodsif you care that much about it
15:12:48braewoodsthere's like 4-5 ports that support RDS
15:13:00braewoodsgigabeat S is one
15:13:05braewoodssome of the ipods allegedly support it
15:13:12braewoodsa few Sansas do (fuze+ at least)
15:13:46braewoodsgigabeat S is a very well rounded piece of hardware for its era
15:23:43paulcarrotygigabeat S looks great, $100+ on ebay is overpriced
15:26:24braewoodspaulcarroty: indeed.
15:26:30braewoodsi snagged some for less.
15:26:38braewoodsthey come up every now and then.
15:26:59braewoodsI've got 3 still in my inventory.
15:27:03braewoodsfully repaired / upgraded
15:27:21braewoodsthey're pretty easy to work on
15:27:50braewoodsonly real negative i know of is they'll disappoint people that want more than 128GB of storage
15:27:51paulcarrotywell, you can sell them for good money then :)
15:27:58braewoodspaulcarroty: doubtful. LOL
15:30:12braewoodspaulcarroty: what's your use case?
15:30:19braewoodsjust radio on the go?
15:32:24paulcarrotywanna make a gift for a person - huge radio & audiobooks fan
15:33:18braewoodsI see. Do you need raw performance? There's a fair number of ports that are good enough but not very fast for much else.
15:35:07braewoodsi personally don't like the Sansas due to how hard it is to replace the batteries in them, something important to do if you're rebuilding old stuff
15:35:30braewoodsthe one exception i recall is the C200s and a few others that have an easily removed battery pack
15:36:34paulcarrotyI don't think raw performance needed in my case
15:37:52braewoodsI've owned the iriver H100 and H300 families. They're decent and not too rare. There's no known upper limit on upgrades provided you can find compatible storage.
15:38:21paulcarroty64gb+ sdcard support will be great
15:38:50braewoodseh, you're only going to find that in Sansas. the HDD units are upgradeable but it's all internal.
15:39:31braewoodsthe H100, H300, H10 (20GB) irivers are all compatible with the same internal battery
15:39:39braewoodsmax out around 2200 mah
15:39:44braewoodswhich is a lot for rockbox
15:40:34braewoodsthe irivers only have basic FM radio
15:42:59paulcarrotybasic means without RDS?
15:43:20braewoodsRDS is limited to a handful of options
15:43:54braewoodsprobably best bet is to rebuild an ipod if you can find one at a fair price
15:44:10braewoodsyou can buy replacement shells in some cases to repair cosmetic damage
15:44:25braewoodsmost ipods i see are HEAVILY scratched
15:45:00braewoodsbut those are usually pricey
15:45:47_bilgusthr RDS on my clipzip does better than the car built later
15:46:10_bilgusand clip+ and zip are easy to replace batteries
15:46:29braewoodsdon't you have to desolder the batteries?
15:47:05paulcarrotya lot of players on ebay are scratched. don't think I'm skilled enough for ipod storage upgrade.
15:47:08braewoodsand that still won't help with the flash writes of death
15:47:15_bilgustis true
15:48:01_bilgustbh I think its less likely than it appears its just people keep them for a v. long time
15:48:29braewoodspaulcarroty: well i still have the units i rebuilt for my collection. more than I'll ever use. you want to see them?
15:49:18braewoodsthey're lightly scratched but good condition for their age
15:51:22paulcarrotybraewoods: no, I'm currently looking for sansas & iriver maybe. you should open the store, man.
15:54:58paulcarrotyhow many devices do you have? guess >>>10
15:55:24braewoodsnot that many but a fair number. i contribute to rockbox so i kinda need them for that purpose.
15:55:34braewoodsbut i don't mind selling my spares.
15:56:03braewoodsi have one iriver h120, 4 gigabeat S units 3 of which are repaired fully.
15:56:23braewoodstwo iriver h10s (fat vs skinny)
15:56:48braewoodssansa fuze+
15:56:52braewoodsthat's it
15:57:10braewoodsoh, i guess technically i also own a very rare mpio hd300
15:57:20braewoodsit took me 6 months just to find that one
15:57:40braewoodsi'm currently working on the battery replacement
15:57:47braewoodsit's so rare that the battery is a bit of a nuisance
15:58:10braewoodsi basically have to crimp my own battery terminals for it :D
15:59:10braewoodsseems the iriver h120s have become scarce on ebay
15:59:15braewoodsi remember seeing 6+ at any given time
16:00:32braewoodssome of these listings are nuts though
16:02:02braewoodspaulcarroty: Europe I presume?
16:02:34braewoodsseems we get a lot of visitors.
16:03:35paulcarrotythat's great, smartphones not killed the niche completely yet
16:06:26paulcarrotyhah, the iriver h120 ebay query returns only batteries
16:06:39braewoodsit's completely dry right now
16:06:49braewoodseven under the other model names
16:06:53braewoodsit also goes under
16:09:03paulcarrotywish rockbox have support for cheap modern $20-30 players like agptek with 128GB+ sd cards
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16:09:17braewoodsyou know why they don't?
16:09:49braewoodsthose are usually cheap ass ASICs, mass produced garbage that can't run a custom firmware
16:10:05braewoodsthere's just not enough RAM
16:10:13speachyoh they _can_ run custom firmware, they just don't have enough resources to run something as feature-rich as rockbox
16:10:43braewoodsspeachy: wasn't the real problem that they rely on the hardware too much which we can't really work with?
16:10:45speachyeven the most featureful ones have less than 1MB of RAM.
16:11:18speachyplus unobtanium datasheet/specs/docs and maybe toolchains too
16:13:08braewoodspaulcarroty: this looks pretty good
16:13:50braewoodsthe c200 series is old but it does have sd card support
16:14:18braewoodsprovided you find one that still works, you can still find replacement batteries that are easy to replace
16:14:26braewoodsof course no RDS
16:14:52braewoodsbut it's the best choice i can think of for someone that doesn't feel comfortable with disassembling more difficult stuff
16:15:25braewoodsand let's face it, most rockbox stuff probably requires someone to perform maintenance to make them viable again
16:15:30braewoodsgiven the age
16:17:18paulcarrotybraewoods: bookmarked
16:17:39braewoodsif you do go for Sansa anything, be sure to immediately switch to using multiboot
16:17:40yangpaulcarroty: if you are looking for a new modern player without FM radio, I recently bought fiio m3k.
16:17:45braewoodsso you don't wear down the flash any more
16:18:09braewoodsthat's the one thing you can't really repair on these
16:18:11braewoodsto my knowledge
16:18:19braewoodsthe internal flash chips
16:19:10braewoodspaulcarroty: wait... this is a gift for someone in Europe?
16:19:11yangbraewoods: I figured out that the supported players will be very hard find on the local flea market
16:19:20braewoodsyang: you might get lucky
16:19:23*braewoods shrugs.
16:19:40braewoodspaulcarroty: didn't Europe replace FM radio with DAB?
16:19:44yangbraewoods: I have the list of supported players with me
16:20:13yangpaulcarroty: in some countries it's been replaced, and it works in dual mode FM + DAB+
16:20:16paulcarrotybraewoods: yeap, but I can buy in USA with mail forwarding.
16:20:29paulcarrotyDAB working in Denmark right now
16:20:31yangFM has only been eliminated in norway and switzerland I think
16:20:48braewoodsok, just asking because if there's no FM stations in their area, support for it is moot
16:20:54paulcarrotyheard about Norway too
16:22:05yangthey sold me a car with FM radio :/
16:22:56yangI should of asked earlier if I can get DAB+
16:23:03braewoodsoddly enough the only smartphone i know of still supporting FM is the moto g4 play
16:23:46yangI have a "dumb"phone which doesn't have a touchscreen with FM radio, Alcatel
16:24:47braewoodspaulcarroty: guess what?
16:24:47yangI am not sure about the status of Android phones and FM radios, I think some have this feature
16:25:01paulcarrotywell, you can install Linux on moto g4 play :)
16:25:05braewoodsshowed up today
16:25:06yangAndroid phones with FM radios
16:25:20yangpaulcarroty: OpenEZX ?
16:25:22braewoodsthat thing has seen better days
16:25:31braewoodsthe ones i bought are in better condition
16:25:43paulcarrotyyang: postmarketos
16:27:13braewoodspaulcarroty: if you do decide to try to repair a gigabeat S, let me know. i've done it several times; it's actually one of the easier ones to repair and service.
16:27:31braewoodsremove 5 screws...
16:27:36braewoodsslide the back off slowly
16:27:43braewoodsrelease a ribbon cable
16:27:59braewoodsand then the back cover comes off to expose the hard drive
16:28:53braewoodsunscrew a support
16:29:07braewoodsrelease the HDD ribbon cable
16:29:18braewoodsremove that, the battery is now visible
16:29:36braewoodsunscrew the bottom part for the micro usb port
16:29:43braewoodsnow battery can be removed
16:30:03braewoodspretty easy and hard to screw up in my experience
16:30:31braewoodsthough the only upgrade drive i've ever found was 1.8" zif SSDs
16:30:41braewoodsthose aren't price competitive
16:30:51braewoodsthey work
16:30:58braewoodsjust a quirk of the gigabeat S limits compatibility
16:32:04paulcarrotycool, but display is scratched too much, finding new one can be problematic
16:32:32braewoodsindeed. the ones i have are in much better condition.
16:32:56braewoodsi got a few for $30-50, put around $120 in repair parts in them.
16:33:27braewoodsthe batteries for them are like $20 but have to be imported
16:33:32braewoodsso that took a long time
16:34:02paulcarrotyfound this philips go gear for $10: , any chance this is supported model?
16:34:29braewoodsit probably is.
16:34:32braewoodswhat model?
16:34:48braewoodsare there more photos?
16:35:34paulcarrotyno more photos sadly
16:35:55paulcarrotyhey, it looks like SA9200
16:36:07braewoodsit is the sa9200
16:36:10braewoodsbut it's very limited
16:36:14braewoods2GB no more
16:37:38braewoodsi've tried most of the HDD units
16:37:44braewoodsthe ones i've mentioned have the fewest issues
16:38:05braewoodsthe gogears are poorly constructed; prone to breakage during disassembly
16:48:06braewoodsah the samsung YH models
16:48:16braewoodswhat turds. their HDD connector is hard to keep connected.
16:48:44braewoodsif that could be addressed they'd work just fine i believe
16:50:52braewoodsthe gigabeat Fs are a viable option too but... their own problems.
16:51:14braewoodstheir IO parts are prone to breakage. i don't know how to remove them safely. :|
16:51:21braewoodsreally flimsy clips
16:52:23braewoodsOh, the cowons. I forgot about these.
16:52:33braewoodsThey're pretty rare but comparable to the iriver H300/H100.
16:52:37braewoodsSame SoC.
16:55:08braewoodssheesh. it's like all the rockbox stuff is WAY overpriced.
17:03:31braewoodsthis was one of the gigabeats i bought
17:03:56braewoodsit just needed a new battery
17:05:42braewoodsthis was another
17:05:52braewoodsa really lucky find that one
17:06:11braewoodsbad storage and battery
17:14:38braewoodsfunny enough you'd be better off buying one of the ones I repaired vs these overpriced ebay ones which have had no work done on them. :D
17:17:56braewoodsok.. for the record, according to the rockbox source... these have RDS...
17:18:09braewoodsgigabeat S, sansa fuze+, sansa clip zip
17:18:36braewoodssamsung ypr0/ypr1
17:19:11braewoodsipod 4g/6g, mini 1g/2g, nano 1g/2g, video, color
17:29:32braewoodssurprising good condition. looks like someone replaced the shell and all.
17:31:45braewoodspaulcarroty: good luck. keep in mind you might be able to find a seller here too. bluebrother^ introduced me to the gigabeat S which is why i ended up with so many. :P
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18:09:49celaNWZ-E370 and E380 series has an FM radio and RDS but the port was not completed in Rockbox, it does work in the OF though.
18:11:31celaI mean the Rockbox port is fully working but the FM radio isn't in Rockbox.
18:12:41celaSony NWZ-E370 and E380 series are quite easy to find, and battery is easy to swap.
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