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#rockbox log for 2021-08-14

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08:26:33amachronic_bilgus, i'm trying to refactor the multiboot code and noticed g#2640 looks unnecessary since boot data gets filled in by the LOAD_FIRMWARE call. is it only a hack because ROLO doesn't handle multiboot redirect properly or is there more to it?
08:26:36rb-bluebotGerrit review #2640 at : ROLO - Enable multiboot firmware by William Wilgus
08:27:56_bilgusrolo needed a way to write the bootdata to the newly loaded fw
08:28:20_bilgusit doesn't use LOAD_FIRMWARE IIRC
08:31:28amachronicafaict the bootdata is written from rb-loader.c or mi4-loader.c load_firmware()
08:31:48amachronicbut I think ROLO is hardcoded to load from the internal drive
08:32:32amachronicinstead of loading from the path where the currently running firmware was loaded from
08:33:09_bilgusyes sounds about right
08:33:50_bilgussomething like its going to write bootdata saying drive 0 (what it considers drive 0) but its really drive 1
08:34:17amachronicoh yeah there are some shenanigans about mounting the boot drive first
08:35:14_bilgusthere is also weird stuff between the bootloader and fw don't confuse who has control
08:37:07_bilgusremember the fw and bl share code but they need to be backwards compatible to a point
08:38:11amachronicyes I'm well aware of that PITA
08:38:33_bilgusbeyond that there is a namespace patch I F*ed up that was supposed to rectify this
08:38:37amachronicright now I'm just deduplicating some code that got copy pasted to mi4-loader.c
08:41:21_bilgusthere isn't a whole bunch to it just a bit hacky
08:43:55amachronicthe hosted ports already have a 'root redirect' which is pretty much what we're trying to do with namespacing, right?
08:44:15amachronicbasically just prepend a path implicitly
08:49:42_bilgusyeah basically make the path /1/clipzip/.rockbox mount as 0/.rockbox
08:50:46_bilgusbut the problem comes when you have say a plugin want to go to /1/mydata but its actually 0/../mydata
08:51:38_bilgusthats why mb doesn't support directories ATM
08:54:41amachronicon another note, does anyone mind if I drop the Samsung YP-Z5 port?
08:54:58amachronicits bootloader no longer compiles and it looks like it was never finished
08:57:48amachronicthat's what I was trying to find out
08:58:12speachyyeah, no card slot in the photos
08:58:55speachywow, the wiki has actual schematics & service manual
08:59:57_bilgusI think between the four of us we have the major bugs in coverity pretty well tamed there are still a few questionable areas yet
09:02:51speachyso the YP-Z5 code is interfering with other maintainance tasks?
09:03:32amachronicwell I am refactoring multiboot and it's only going to bitrot further if nobody is using / testing it
09:03:43amachronicthe build failure is fairly trivial to fix if we'd like to keep it around
09:04:31speachyhasn't seen any meaningful work since 2013. the rest has been general refactoring
09:05:07_bilgusdid we get any tests of it on our call out for builds on the forum?
09:05:22speachy_bilgus: it's not built by the farm
09:05:32speachyonboard storage was never finished
09:05:55speachyso it's truly unusable in its current form
09:07:27_bilgusoh in that case it should be easy enough for someone interested to pick it up later
09:08:41speachyamachronic: nuke away!
09:09:03speachyrealistcally nobody is ever going to ever pick it back up
09:17:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 786d06742a, 303 builds, 9 clients.
09:17:38amachronic... and it's gone!
09:17:51speachyso I take it plugin keymaps were never hacked in?
09:25:10speachywhen we have periods with a lot of builds the front of this server ends up acting as an air filter, collecting the ongoing gifts of the cats who like the dark warmth of that corner.
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10:37:10speachywooo! back to an all-green build board
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11:57:28paulcarrotybraewoods: big thx, again
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11:59:05paulcarrotyis sansa e260v2 cpu capable to play he-aac with rockbox?
12:04:10_bilguspaulcarroty, we have a wiki entry on that
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12:11:54_bilgusgonna say NO.
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12:21:29paulcarrotyheh, ~10x mp3 playback consuming
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12:55:53braewoodspaulcarroty: how'd I help this time? lol
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13:15:12paulcarrotybraewoods: RDS models
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16:02:30LambdaCalculus37I see more dead/inactive ports are being removed from the codebase.
16:06:07speachyhard to argue keeping incomplete somethings that haven't been touched since their original commit.. eight years ago.
16:07:02LambdaCalculus37No arguments there.
16:07:34LambdaCalculus37I did mention a while back that there are three other ports that are pretty much dead and could be removed from the codebase.
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16:10:39LambdaCalculus37The Tatung Elio TPJ, the Meizu M6, and I would also have to say the Mini2440 port.
16:11:04__builtinPart of me is sad to see these peoples' work removed.
16:12:23LambdaCalculus37That's understandable, but at the same time, the Tatung port has seen zero work done on it, and the Meizu port, while it never got completed, at least did give us one good thing: the dfutools utility that eventually got the iPod Nano 2G and iPod Classic ports going.
16:14:10speachythanks to git, they're not gone forever
16:14:11__builtinI think that ports that still compile and run (without burdening the rest of the code with something like HWCODEC) still hold some value
16:15:02speachy__builtin: yep. anything that is complete enough to be usable (ie can play music off some sort of storage) is generally keeping
16:15:10speachyworth keeping, that is
16:15:42LambdaCalculus37But that's what brings me back to the Tatung port. It does nothing.
16:15:57LambdaCalculus37In fact, trying to build it just throws a giant wall of errors up.
16:16:52LambdaCalculus37There's no keymap, no display, no audio playback, no nothing.
16:16:56LambdaCalculus37It's a stub of a port.
16:19:42speachyheh, the TPJ hasn't seen work since before 2009
16:20:35LambdaCalculus37Yeet it to /dev/null.
16:21:00__builtinI defer to the more active folks around here
16:24:58LambdaCalculus37Same here, but I will support the decisions they make.
16:30:43speachy g#3713
16:30:45rb-bluebotGerrit review #3713 at : Remove the (very) incomplete port for the Tatung TPJ-1102 by Solomon Peachy
16:31:00speachynet 772 removed lines
16:33:35speachyThe M6 and mini2440 seems much more complete; unless they're interfering with anything I don't see a good reason to nuke 'em.
16:34:23LambdaCalculus37Point taken.
16:36:29bertrikI might still have an M6, I think I worked on it at least
16:36:42bertrikbut lost interest/hope
16:37:00bertrikcan't remember exactly
16:41:01rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 04fe77a465, 303 builds, 8 clients.
16:41:22speachyyay, I accomplished something!
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17:07:46dconradis that a new high score?
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17:49:10__builtinsomeone deleted tools/configure once
17:53:15speachyI step away and this happens?
17:53:46speachy gimme a gew and I'll fix it.
17:55:50speachymissed a file in the commit, damnit.
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18:16:53speachymuch better.
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