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#rockbox log for 2021-08-15

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04:16:58RyvaeusI haven't stepped into an IRC since 2002, forgive my rustiness
04:17:20RyvaeusI was recently reunited with my old iRiver H120
04:17:57RyvaeusGot a new charger cable, and it boots up fine. However, the LCD screen is nonfunctional.
04:18:37RyvaeusThere's a backlight, but I guess the liquid crystals in the display have just melted or evaporated or something, and everything in the middle of the screen is completely gone or washed out.
04:19:21RyvaeusIs there any way to swap out this LCD? Failing that, anybody with instructions on how to use an H120 without needing to use the screen? e.g. for blind users
04:19:36RyvaeusIt does have rockbox on it already, but an old version.
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04:54:48globalcThat's brave, trying to repair it.
04:55:59globalcI guess you have to either take it apart to find the display details, or find the details somewhere else.
04:56:09globalcOthers have or had the same issue:
04:56:33globalcI have a Kindle ebook reader here with the top area having the same issue.
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05:02:53RyvaeusThanks for the link. I came across this one as well, which seems to have pointed another user to what may have very well been a tutorial for replacing the actual display: However, no longer seems to exist. The Internet Wayback Machine never cached that page, unfortunately, so it's
05:02:53Ryvaeusprobably permanently lost to time.
05:03:44RyvaeusIn the meantime, I managed to update the rockbox firmware on it to the latest version and installed the English voice pack on it as well. This way I can at least navigate the menu without the screen, and am able to play back music.
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05:40:18braewoodsRyvaeus: You'd probably need to take one from another unit.
05:40:40braewoodsRyvaeus: Also the bootloader has an update available, the V8 one I built last year.
05:40:55braewoodsIt fixed some bugs with the previous one.
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06:18:27Ryvaeusbraewoods, thanks for that, I'll look into updating it.
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07:06:15braewoodsRyvaeus: unfortunately i wouldn't suggest trying it if the LCD is totally unusable.
07:07:32RyvaeusToo late
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08:28:33braewoodsoh well
08:28:51_bilgussonds like it worked :)
08:29:10_bilgusmaybe not spells like it..
08:39:03_bilgusspeachy I think you forgot a width specifier in logf.c
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08:56:06speachyI didn't change that line at all. I don't get why it's flagging it now.
08:59:04speachybut "%*s" doesn't seem to sense.
09:01:03speachyapparently I did. ok, wtf.
09:02:22_bilgusits still weird
09:02:35_bilgusisn't i %.*s
09:02:45speachyit's the first time I've run into that '*' modifier in practice
09:02:58speachyso my fix to that line was wrong. it really was just a missing comma.
09:03:49_bilguswithout the . it is a minimum width specifier
09:04:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cc6b036ef5, 303 builds, 8 clients.
09:04:37_bilgusah ok so it must be how they got it to roll over
09:04:46_bilguswe were boggling at it the other day
09:05:20speachyyeah. evidently nobody else here had run into that either. (And I've been dealing iwth printf() in anger for more than two decades now..)
09:05:33speachy(at times, a _lot_ of anger..)
09:06:13_bilgusoh the 62MB settings file was my last trying thing with the printf family
09:07:09_bilgusthe sim would hang and write these massive setting fies
09:07:49speachyso other than (3rd-party) plugins & codecs, we're down to a mere handful off remaining issues.
09:08:01_bilgusthere are some doozies in there
09:08:17_bilgusa lot of them are just too obscure still
09:08:38_bilgusbut yeah we got it pretty clean
09:09:08_bilgusprobably be some new ones with other targets
09:09:20_bilguscode paths we haven't tested
09:11:03_bilgusI've been pretty good about not pushing more than two builds a day but one needs to be mindful config changes push builds through again as well
09:12:34_bilgusNot sure how they feel about breaking that build limit but I'd rather not discover :P
09:14:07_bilgusI think the ipods would be a good next target
09:15:18speachyipodvideo, yeah
09:15:41speachyseems to be the single most widely used (or at least complained about)
09:16:07speachywon't save us from undocumented hardware features
09:16:15speachybut that's not exactly a newsflash
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09:16:26rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cc6b036ef5 result: All green
09:17:29speachyit also uses multivolume and dual-processor crap
09:20:05_bilgusyeah it does seem overly complicated but then again..
09:21:18speachyit's overly complicated because the hardware is braindead
09:22:34speachyand on the PP500x a single core could barely handle mp3 on its own
09:23:27speachy502x kept the same nominal clockspeed but ran effectively twice as fast due to a design flaw in the earlier gen
09:24:23speachythere are some public war stories from some of the original ipod developers
09:24:32_bilgusthink of when that was though how many purpose built mp3 chips were around (or to buy cheaply)
09:24:51speachyPortalPlayer was one of the first.
09:24:54_bilgustoo bad they didn't save the docs for us
09:25:06speachyone of 'em probably does have it kicking around somewhere :)
09:25:39speachybut nVidia pought up PP, and they're infamously black-holish (even beyond the usual blackholes that happen due to aquisitions)
09:26:59_bilgusnot much different than the rest of the targets either
09:27:25_bilgusfrom falling off the map to just not doing that anymore
09:28:07speachyingenic is about all that's left. At least they're not deliberately obtuse, just the reality that nearly nobody outside of China knows they exist.
09:28:23speachyTo be honest, I'm amazed they bothered publishing English documentation at all.
09:29:19speachyeven if we had proper docs on the Actions and RKNano stuff, the hardware is so limited it wouldn't really be rockbox any more.
09:29:21_bilgusI'd say I hope right to repair and junk gadgets being the antithesis will bring about a new era but Ive not that much optimism
09:30:02speachyHeh, of the current-gen of MP3 players out there, only FiiO claims to have a US office.
09:30:43speachysuppose some might have an European presense but right to repair is still in a quagmire over there too.
09:31:50speachyOn a related grumble, I remain quite annoyed how many bluetooth stacks were acqurired and killed off.
09:32:19_bilgusunfair competition
09:32:21speachyseveral by Qualcomm alone
09:32:46_bilgusbut how else do you backdoor a bt stack
09:32:58speachyoh that's easy; you follow the spec. :D
09:33:16_bilgusand make it all yours
09:34:08speachyand there's a kickass "open source" one out there but its license precludes use in Rockbox.
09:35:35*speachy wonders if the fresh blueberry muffins have cooled down enough to serve yet
09:37:40_bilgusis the author still active?
09:39:40speachyyep, I asked, and... tl;dr: No.
09:39:58speachydeliberately GPL incompatible
09:40:19speachy(ie "noncommercial" use only)
09:40:50_bilgushmm how does that work if we compile it as a plugin?
09:41:11_bilguswell as said before our plugins are tied to build so probably no
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15:18:06amachronicso I did a quick'n'dirty experiment, and it seems that un-hardcoding the /.rockbox directory would be a viable way to handle multiboot.
15:18:57amachronicbasically I replaced the literal paths in rbpaths.h with a function call to generate the path at runtime
15:20:43amachronicI estimate it would add up to 2-3 KB to the binary if it was properly implemented
15:22:33amachronici didn't handle every place because some places are a bit tricky to convert, but I probably got at least 80% of the uses in the core
15:28:34amachronicone of the annoying parts is the settings that use a prefix/suffix like the icon set or language file, and the prefix is one of those hardcoded paths
15:29:17amachronicthe other difficulty is places that currently use string literals and accomodating a dynamic path would increase stack usage
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16:32:53braewoodspaulcarroty: I'm open to selling some of my repaired units, if you're still having trouble finding something. PM me if you want to discuss it.
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20:02:08dconradwould it be too confusing to add a line to the "New Platforms Currently Under Development" table on the TargetStatus page for the native erosq port?
20:02:29speachyhave at it, as long as they're distinguished clearly
20:02:35dconradalright, cool
20:04:36dconradsecond question, do we want to have a precompiled bootloader for it, or would that be too confusing for people? jztool already supports it, and I believe if you go to the autouilder page, you /can/ download the latest build for it
20:05:07dconradnot sure if anybody wants to use it, but you never know
20:05:48speachyIMO the right thing here is to deprecate the hosted port once the native one has dualboot
20:05:58speachybut yeah it's going to be confusing
20:06:00dconradhold off until then?
20:07:18dconradI can't say I have any idea how to get dual boot working... that will probably take someone who knows how u-boot works
20:07:45dconradI don't know if you just kinda point it to the right address and it goes, or what
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20:13:37dconradthere is one feature I don't know if native RB is even capable of supporting: USB OTG media
20:14:08dconradI think I remember seeing hosted RB could do that, though never tried it myself
20:18:40speachyI don't think we have any USB Host implementation at all
20:19:03speachyon the hosted ports we kinda get it for free
20:22:07dconradthat makes sense, on both counts - I suspect that's an uncommonly used feature anyway
21:01:23speachydconrad: btw the autobuilder page only provides "rockbox" builds, not bootloaders. it only build-tests those.
21:05:48dconradI think I noticed that now that you mention it - probably a good safety mechanism to only have manually-built bootloaders
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21:43:20_bilgusamachronic g#1556 is the original patch by jhmikes
21:43:22rb-bluebotGerrit review #1556 at : Allow mounting of any directory as the root directory. by William Wilgus
21:52:47MorganBlackHi. Anyone knows any source of examples of usage of mtime in tagnavi_custom.config ?
21:55:45_bilgusI don't think we record mtime on disk
21:57:02_bilgusIIRC the tag nave keeps track of play time etc now you can possibly do it by the mtime from your initial copy but never tried it
21:59:57MorganBlackmtime is described in
22:02:32MorganBlackWhat im trying to do is to add custom menu with "Tracks added in last XX days"
22:08:42MorganBlackI just don't know if that's even possible. I figure I need: a) variable containing current time accessible from tagnavi_custom.config b) ability to do simple math inside compare in tagnavi_custom.config c) audio files mtime
22:10:16MorganBlack*possible without adding custom code to tagnavi parser.
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22:11:57_bilgusI think maybe that is old stuff
22:12:13_bilgushere I don't see an mtime field in the supported tags
22:12:37_bilgusentryage might work?
22:13:01_bilguspresumeably the newest file would have the lowest number??
22:13:50_bilgusMorganBlack, the other option would be to use lua to parse the file properties and add them to a playlist
22:14:07_bilgusprobably easier to grok than the tagnav\
22:14:51_bilgusexample lua scripts also has a tag nav customizer that allows you to set new tag criterion without restart
22:15:08MorganBlackYea but commitid is not mentioned and yet is used in default tagnavi.config
22:15:23_bilgusbut IDR what all tags I supported probably the 8 in ther db format or so
22:15:28MorganBlackit is mentioned in tho.
22:16:14_bilgusyes but I think that might be the 1.0
22:17:19MorganBlackwhat's the difference if commitid still works on dev build wont mtime too?
22:17:46_bilgusits using entry age
22:18:01MorganBlacki see i need to look at the code.
22:18:42_bilgusyou are in luck
22:21:03_bilgusmtime is there
22:22:29_bilgusand the tag is saved
22:25:12_bilgus"Recently Added" -> album ? mtime > "0" -> title = "fmt_title"
22:25:37MorganBlackmtime is in unix epoh i think
22:25:41_bilgusmtime I assume is seconds since epooh
22:26:06_bilgusbut that might not be how rb stores it
22:26:34_bilguswe should be able to pull it apart in the db files
22:26:37MorganBlackplus i still need to add a) & b)
22:29:00MorganBlacksomething like: "Recently Added - Last 24h" -> album ? mtime > cur_time-86400 -> title = "fmt_title"
22:36:50MorganBlackok. so adding current time looks easy enough. i can simply add custom tag and assign current time to it. maths component difficulty depends on how time is stored.
22:37:08MorganBlackthx for the ideas. have a good one. bye
22:37:29 Quit MorganBlack (Quit: Connection closed)
22:38:00_bilgusDate Format. A FAT directory entry date stamp is a 16-bit field that is basically a date relative to the
22:38:00_bilgusMS-DOS epoch of 01/01/1980. Here is the format (bit 0 is the LSB of the 16-bit word, bit 15 is the
22:38:00_bilgusMSB of the 16-bit word):
22:38:00DBUGEnqueued KICK _bilgus
22:38:00_bilgusBits 0–4: Day of month, valid value range 1-31 inclusive.
22:38:01***Alert Mode level 1
22:38:01_bilgusBits 5–8: Month of year, 1 = January, valid value range 1–12 inclusive.
22:38:03_bilgusBits 9–15: Count of years from 1980, valid value range 0–127 inclusive (1980–2107).
22:38:09_bilgusTime Format. A FAT directory entry time stamp is a 16-bit field that has a granularity of 2 seconds.
22:38:11_bilgusHere is the format (bit 0 is the LSB of the 16-bit word, bit 15 is the MSB of the 16-bit word).
22:38:15_bilgusBits 0–4: 2-second count, valid value range 0–29 inclusive (0 – 58 seconds).
22:38:17_bilgusBits 5–10: Minutes, valid value range 0–59 inclusive.
22:38:19_bilgusBits 11–15: Hours, valid value range 0–23 inclusive.
22:38:23_bilgusThe valid time range is from Midnight 00:00:00 to 23:59:58.
22:38:25_bilgusthat might come in handy
22:48:02***Alert Mode OFF
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