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#rockbox log for 2021-08-16

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04:21:29braewoods_bilgus: incidently if they really need to they can use the dostime functions I wrote up to manipulate time. o.O
04:21:43braewoodsor otherwise refactored rather
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09:24:37_bilgusI couldn't get it to take a search string containing mtime (it won't display bad ones)
09:25:52_bilgusmight be just bad format on my part or its broken
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12:07:40amachronic_bilgus I saw the patch but I'm not brave enough to revive it :)
12:09:09amachronici figure a simple path based approach will work just as well to redirect the .rockbox directory, although it's not entirely the same
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12:49:41_bilgusClearly I am brave enough but not smart enough to get it to the finish lol
12:50:38_bilgusI was saying more for the reference than reviving
12:57:42amachronicafaict the only purpose of involving the bootloader in multiboot was to arrange for another drive to be mounted as volume 0
12:58:13amachronicif the .rockbox directory can be any directory then there won't be any need for that
12:58:57amachronicwell, aside from scanning for the right rockbox.bin to load
13:12:15braewoodsso we're trying to add support for a non-hardcoded rockbox root directory?
13:15:41_bilgusfigure the bootloader copies a fw into memory the fw doesn't have any clue where its origin is
13:16:27braewoods_bilgus: same problem for the linux kernel, no? you need to specify root if it's not running totally from ram.
13:16:41amachronictechnically fw can just re-run the same routine as the bootloader to find where its origin is
13:16:52_bilguseven with .rockbox being anywhere the fw still needs to know, now could you scan everywhere for valid fw and decide thats the probable mount point
13:17:18amachronicit does become a problem if the bootloader has a menu to select from multiple installed fw versions
13:21:40_bilguswhich is kinda the eventual idea..
13:22:28braewoodsso the main approach then would be to scan the entire disk for the binary to find possible root directories
13:22:38braewoodswould will be expensive for larger disks
13:22:46_bilgusthat makes for a not very nice boot time
13:22:58braewoodsyou could limit to directories under the root directory
13:23:07amachronicthe current multiboot code is reading the path from a file so it's not like we'd need to scan the entire disk.
13:23:13speachyhonestly I don't see it as terribly useful in a general sense
13:23:25braewoodsindeed, it's mainly useful for oddities like the Sansas.
13:23:42braewoodsfor most targets with single storage, it's pointless.
13:23:45speachyonly when there's more than physical storage device
13:23:51speachymore than one
13:24:07_bilgusI really like the idea of being able to have 4 different builds co existing on the same card
13:24:09braewoodsi think the only multi storage units are using sd cards anyway
13:24:37speachyfour builds for the same target, or four different targets?
13:25:00_bilgusnot to mention leaving a build on internal for debug
13:25:08_bilgus4 different
13:25:12braewoodsthat doesn't sound particularly useful in either case
13:25:19_bilgusotherwise you need to edit the redirect file
13:25:20braewoodsonly for SD cards at most
13:25:38speachythat poses an interesthing problem for our distributed zip/etc files
13:26:02braewoodswell it would mean we need to change how we name root directories since these targets are incompatible with each other
13:26:20braewoodsone idea?
13:26:31_bilgusI think it should always be a .rockbox directory (like windows)
13:26:33braewoodswe could place it all under .rockbox but add a second layer of directories
13:26:41_bilgusbut it doesn't need to be root
13:26:43braewoodsfor target specific stuff
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13:26:50*braewoods shrugs.
13:27:18braewoodswe already support renaming the root directory
13:27:18speachywe can't share anything, really. don't know if our on-disk database format is necessarily compatible between targets either.
13:27:33braewoodswe could share a base directory but nothing else.
13:27:43_bilgus'/' bleh/.rockbox
13:28:10braewoodsit may be helpful if the base directory is still .rockbox
13:28:17_bilgusthat direction would bring big issues currently
13:28:24amachronicmy current strategy is purely making everything in rbpaths.h based on a dynamic ROCKBOX_DIR instead of hardcoding it to .rockbox
13:28:38amachronicthis is a bit different from the old root redirect patch
13:28:52amachronicthe default would still be /.rockbox though
13:29:03braewoodscould we make that base path into a char array that is const to external access?
13:29:16braewoodsit sounds like it only needs tto be set once per boot.
13:29:19speachywe can't afford to naively walk the filesystem.
13:29:41amachronicyes the path would be effectively const after boot.
13:29:47braewoodsbut that will cause issues for anything using compile time string conconcatenation
13:29:54speachythere would have to be a reasonably-guaranteed location to check for a given target.
13:30:02speachyeg .targetname/.rockbox
13:30:28braewoodsand ideally it would be in a memory region that is never written to except when attempting to boot a new kernel
13:31:12braewoodsit would need to be at least 32 bytes for alignment reasons i believe
13:31:15speachyamachronic: I think your approach is the only sane way to go about things.
13:31:34braewoodsi can't foresee this needing to be super long most of the time
13:31:37speachybut we can't afford to walk the filesystem in the bootloader to find candidates to boot
13:31:44braewoodsthe less memory we waste on it the better
13:31:56speachyie either it's in a target-specific location, or .rockbox
13:32:11amachronicspeachy: I agree walking the filesystem is a bad idea.
13:32:40braewoodsyea, this isn't a linux desktop with tons of resources :
13:32:56amachronicthe current multiboot code we have checks for a file rockbox_main.TARGET and reads the redirect path from there.
13:33:02amachronicof course the redirection part is not actually implemented...
13:33:12speachyamachronic: having ROCKBOX_DIR "dynamic" would make some of the gyrations in the hosted ports unnecessary
13:33:18_bilgusits handled by fw
13:33:37amachronicextending the redirect path to a list would be easy enough. We could even have a plugin in rockbox to scan for candidates and update the list.
13:33:44amachronicso you don't have to edit it by hand
13:34:01amachronicbut having a default 'alternate' location works too
13:34:06speachybut we can't blindly infer ROCKBOX_DIR from the path to the fw binary either.
13:34:49amachronicwell, isn't there pretty much 1-to-1 mapping between the two?
13:35:07speachynot on the hosted side of things. :)
13:35:57amachronicdo you mean the case where there's one read-only path for plugins etc. and a r/w path for plugin data?
13:37:35speachyno, in teh sense that the binary is copied to /tmp before it's launched
13:38:06speachyotherwise it causes problems when trying to redirect the sd card for usb operation
13:38:26amachronicoh. Isn't that an irrelevant detail because the binary still resides in the ROCKBOX_DIR anyway?
13:38:34amachronicas bilgus said the fw has no way to know where it's running from
13:38:58amachronicon hosted we could (but it'd be incorrect), but on native no way
13:39:09speachythe binary starts there, but is copied elsewhere by the startup (and rolo) scripts.
13:39:38braewoodsamachronic: btw, you did the fiio port?
13:39:40speachybut yeah, the "bootloader" handles that copying technically
13:39:53speachyso it's moot for purposes of this conversation I think.
13:39:58amachronicexactly, so we still have a ROCKBOX_DIR which determines the binary to load and how it gets executed is an implementation detail
13:40:15amachronicbraewoods: the native one, not hosted.
13:40:24braewoodsamachronic: if so, any idea how hard the battery is to replace?
13:40:31braewoodsi'm just curious at this point.
13:40:38amachronicnever opened it, so I don't know.
13:40:47speachybraewoods: it's a PITA to disassemble
13:40:49amachronicThe screen is glued and you need to dissolve that glue first
13:40:52speachyvery easy to damage
13:40:57amachronicand everything inside is soldered
13:41:00braewoodsspeachy: oh, so basically landfill ready.
13:41:32braewoodsi've started calling products made ridiculiously hard to repair as "landfill ready"
13:42:19amachronicand if you run the OF it will burn out the NAND flash with many megabytes/day of debug logging
13:42:28amachronicbasically its designed to break in 1 or 2 years
13:43:13braewoodsthat's inexcusable. production firmware shouldn't be doing that.
13:43:26amachronicOh yeah, they disabled software ECC too.
13:43:36braewoodsyou mean ECC RAM?
13:43:39amachronicone flipped bit in the wrong place -> instant brick
13:43:45amachronicno, ECC on the NAND flash.
13:43:51braewoodsOh. That's stupid.
13:44:12braewoodsdespite their age I really prefer my older rockbox targets.
13:44:12amachronicin the extreme. Since they had free Linux implementations and performance here is a non-issue.
13:45:28braewoodsmakes me think we need to design our own option at some point.
13:46:31braewoodsspeachy: how's your collection? do you need a gigabeat S to add to it?
13:52:45speachyeh, thanks but I have plenty of other units here for random devel/debug purposes
13:52:54speachydaily driver is an increasingly beat-up xduoo x3
13:53:35braewoodsoh, i see.
13:54:05speachysomething to be said for a player you could drive over without damaging it.
13:55:01sporkipod nano 2g probably can handle that too
13:59:00sporknice that a side-effect of rockbox is that it extends nand life too
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