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#rockbox log for 2021-08-17

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09:38:40braewoodsspeachy: i wonder, i noticed we have a few other hosted ports for the X1000E. i wonder if we could use the fiio port to make native ports for those.
09:38:46braewoodslike the xduoo x3ii.
09:40:38braewoodsthe lack of internal storage for these is a plus for long term viability
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09:44:39sporkbesides the fiio m3k, the aigo eros q also has both hosted/native
09:44:50sporkand the shanling q1 based on the same soc only has native
09:45:15sporki think speachy said that the hosted ones could be retired if their native friend got dual boot
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17:25:46speachyspork: though the hosted ones have a couple of features missing from the native ports −− notably support for external USB drives and exFAT.
17:27:06speachyThe m3k was a bit of a special case; the OF is such a janky mess that even a hosted port was going to be pretty subpar
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20:36:37braewoodsspeachy: can rockbox support > 128GB on the xduoo?
20:37:01braewoodsthe spec sheet says 128GB per card
20:48:06speachybraewoods: yep, upper limit is 2TB.
20:48:20braewoodsok so just some OF limit
20:48:22speachy(ie the limit of SDXC)
20:48:30braewoodsso in theory up to 4TB
20:48:32braewoodsdue to dual cards
20:49:08speachyprobably isn't even an OF limit
20:49:24speachy(since it's Linux underneath anyway, and that doesn't care either)
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