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#rockbox log for 2021-08-19

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02:40:18_bilgusspeachy, others? g#3718 in regards to icons from core anyone with better (safer, faster, cleaner) ideas?
02:40:20rb-bluebot_Gerrit review #3718 at : pitchscreen make it a plugin WIP by William Wilgus
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04:01:16edhelasHello o/
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08:28:59dbohdanI have finally replaced my dead Clip+
08:29:12dbohdanThanks to everyone who gave me advice on what I could get instead!
08:30:46dbohdanI ended up buying a first-gen iPod nano. I had to buy locally, and it was the best option I could find out of the recommended ones. A shame it is not the 4GB model, but 2GB should be enough for audiobooks.
08:34:44dbohdanI was really disappointed when I got it and it had four bad sectors and weird MBR parted(1) didn't recognize. (Rockbox panicked when you tried to write to the iPod over USB −− probably when you hit these sectors?) However, a replacement MBR from and `mkfs.vfat -c` on the data partition seem to have fixed it for now. I've been using the iPod for a couple of days. I've had no file copying problems.
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09:01:55sporkhow old would such a device be now roughly ?
09:04:23spork15 years maybe ?
09:04:46speachyinitially introduced just under 16 years ago
09:05:12speachy2nd gen came out a year later
09:05:24speachyaccording to wikipediaaa
09:06:01speachyinterestingly, apple supposedly recalled the 1st gen due to a battery issue
09:08:04sporkyeah, if dbohdan's is still relatively healthy it is good fortune
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10:04:38dbohdanThe back says "copyright 2015"
10:05:50dbohdanThe battery life seems okay, at least when playing Opus at a low volume. I haven't measured it yet.
10:08:20dbohdan*"copyright 2005" −− reflex, lol
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10:48:40cbi've got a 1st gen nano here. i found it second hand so i'm hoping the battery was already serviced
10:49:09cbi do notice it is kinda easy to get stack overflows though - just try to change themes while music is playing
11:07:30speachywith recent dev builds too?
11:49:18braewoodsdbohdan: i don't recommend the older ones without replaceable storage for this reason, but eh.
11:49:32braewoodsavailability varies
11:50:36braewoods_bilgus: i recall you were looking for a mips datasheet for the xduoo x3. what would it have helped with?
12:00:14_bilgusIIRC i wanted the info on the internal audio chip and the DMA
12:02:14speachyhmmmm. some interestng bugs in the last coverity round.
12:02:21_bilgusiPod 6G is up on coverity if anyone is bored :)
12:04:48speachythe "clear interrupt" stuff in ipod6g is busted, though it might work unintentionally.
12:05:18speachynevermind, false positives.
12:11:30_bilgus355563 if (rc && ata_retries) that should probably be rc > 0
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12:12:27_bilgusi think if rc would only work on rc == 0 but might be intentional the coverity mistaken & otoh is not right
12:13:20_bilgusnope 0 on success
12:13:41speachyit's complaining about the non-1/0 constant ata_retries
12:15:28speachynot sure what we can really do about the "insecure data handling" from the filesystem structures
12:16:07speachyshort of adding if(sector_number < end_of_disk) checks
12:17:56_bilgusIDK might help in the case of the ipods
12:19:19_bilgusneed some compile time assertions more
12:19:21speachyI mean there's no real way to fail gracefully anyway.
12:19:48_bilgusyeah the crash is just as indicative of the issue :P
12:20:18speachyheh, it does make me wonder about the feasibility of a built-in fsck/chkdsk
12:21:20_bilgussounds pretty dangerous
12:21:34_bilgusI guess if you don't do fixing on device
12:22:11_bilguswith so many less ovfl bugs I do feel better about it than I did :)
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13:16:57dbohdanbraewoods: Yeah, I can see the problem the non-replaceable storage already. :-) But if the player serves for me a few months, I'll think I got my money's worth. ($20 with a cable and charger.)
13:17:47braewoodsdbohdan: what region were you looking in?
13:18:18dbohdanbraewoods: The Luhansk People's Republic
13:18:51braewoodsHuh. No wonder i'd never heard of it.
13:19:42braewoodsoh right. i vaguely remember now.
13:19:54dbohdanI couldn't find anything else that could run Rockbox on the People's Craigslist
13:20:06dbohdan(It isn't actually called that)
13:20:17braewoodsyou'd probably have to import anything else
13:20:58dbohdanYep. Maybe I'll pick up a Clip Zip or a second-gen iPod nano when I venture out.
13:21:27braewoodsthe nanos aren't ideal. they don't even have sd card storage or another kind that can be replaced.
13:21:57braewoodsbut... yea
13:22:37braewoodsif it must be an ipod i'd suggest a HDD based unit, which is many of them
13:22:43braewoodsthe ipod mini even
13:22:43dbohdanI won't lie, it feels like a downgrade from my Clip+
13:23:03braewoodsbut that's older
13:23:18speachythe clip+ was ... perfect
13:23:27braewoodsi like my gigabeat S but it's expensive.
13:23:33braewoodsnot for everyone.
13:24:13dbohdanAt least mine worked for a decade
13:24:15braewoodseven if you get a used one for cheap the repairs are expensive relative to other stuff
13:24:45braewoodsthe xduoo x3 is also decent
13:24:56braewoodsthe battery is actually replaceable
13:25:00braewoodsthe storage is all external
13:25:03braewoodspretty much
13:25:05braewoodssd cards
13:25:18braewoodsbut no fm radio afaik
13:25:40paulcarrotywhy not get a sansa with sdcard support? 2gb storage is funny size today
13:25:53braewoodsall they can find
13:26:10dbohdanpaulcarroty: Geopolitical difficulties
13:26:12braewoodstheir local market is in Russia's territory
13:26:43kirvesAxeI had 6 Clip+ players until the yall had died out and there were no ore available :(
13:27:02braewoodsyou can still find them sometimes but prices are all over the place
13:27:05braewoodsjust like the gigabeat S
13:27:15braewoodsi managed to get some really cheap to repair
13:27:22dbohdanbraewoods: Not quite. I can't even have packages shipped from Russia easily.
13:27:30braewoodsbut i had to wait
13:27:46paulcarrotydbohdan: ebay
13:27:55braewoodsdbohdan: i know, i was oversimplifying to indicate the geographical area
13:28:14braewoodsi'm not going to pretend to know the nuances of the situation there
13:28:43braewoodsi assume imports are difficult
13:28:44dbohdanbraewoods: Oh, okay. Russia actually seems to have a healthy Rockboxable audio player market.
13:29:02braewoodsotherwise you'd probably have just imported something.
13:29:27dbohdanpaulcarroty: Sadly, I have no international mail for eBay
13:30:06paulcarrotyfind a forwarder then
13:30:32dbohdanI guess what counts as "replaceable storage" depends on how far you are willing to go. I was pretty impressed with even if it didn't increase the storage capacity.
13:30:59braewoodsdbohdan: isn't soldered to the board.
13:31:03dbohdanpaulcarroty: That's an option
13:31:35braewoodsto me that means anything with sd card options or HDD storage (they use headers that take a ribbon cable usually)
13:31:43braewoodsor sockets
13:32:23braewoodsthe gigabeat S uses headers and sockets for its main parts
13:32:28braewoodsnot soldered to the board
13:33:59braewoodsdbohdan: i see. that's a non-trivial job and most people i've heard trying to fix their internal flash storage fail at it.
13:34:06braewoodsit's why i don't recommend them.
13:34:43paulcarrotywhy i prefer sdcards here
13:34:52braewoodsor even just socketed parts.
13:35:08braewoodssome systems use socketed flash storage via eMMC
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16:31:54munkisI was looking at the ipodmini2g html manual build log from the last build, I'm having a hard time discerning if the warnings are due to the builder or the source.
16:33:39speachyI've never seen a manual html build that wasn't chock-full of warnings
16:34:21speachymakes it really hard to tell when threre's an actual problem that results in (eg) the manual simply getting truncated
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16:54:44munkisI just updated uzziyah which got me the new LATEX, I wanted to make sure it's all working right.
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22:26:58_bilguswe have the ability to pass arguments to plugins now maybe pitch_screen as a plugin should allow that
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