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#rockbox log for 2021-08-22

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08:32:33braewoodsspeachy: how much more you want to do to the bootloader?
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09:16:15speachydepends on what issues arise
09:16:44speachybut I do want to eliminate the logo and lcd init unless necessary, as it'll speed up booting
09:17:17speachycould also get clever in the main firmware and skip hw initialization that the BL does
09:17:46braewoodswell first i want to see if this method even works. i plan just to keep the patching changes they made and the changes to the BL.
09:18:29speachythe patching is a trivial dd command and re-zip. I'll get to firing it up on actual hardware tonight, hopefully.
09:18:44speachymeatspace stuff to take care of first.
09:24:07braewoodsspeachy: seems the xduo x3 has a FPU. go figure.
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11:35:27speachybraewoods: well, the bootloader replacement worked, but it won't boot.
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11:42:19speachyhuh.. works now.
11:52:48speachyusb mode is broken, though I think that's because the HW tries to enter usbboot mode when any key is held down.
11:56:32speachyok, usb mode definitely shot. but that's not a regression as the original one didn't have it either.
11:56:40speachythat can be fixed.
11:58:11speachyif you'd like to try my WIP. you'll need to flip the hold switch on once you get the acknowledgement for the update in the OF so it reboots into the recovery/updater mode
11:58:22speachythen unlock it once it succeeds so it'll boot into the rockbox firmware.
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12:17:45braewoodsspeachy: 404
12:18:20braewoodsspeachy: so does this mean you're removing the original linux files?
12:18:30braewoodsthose need to be present or it breaks the OF
12:18:46braewoodsbut i presume we can keep those the same as the OF zip file
12:19:59braewoodsspeachy: well for the xduoo x3 we can remove this USB mode as it's not really needed.
12:20:23braewoodswhy? you can just pop out the sd card and read it in another device
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13:12:25speachybraewoods: fixed, whoops.
13:12:40speachyif the other files aren't present, it simply won't erase+update them.
13:13:11speachythis updater works fine.
13:21:11braewoodsspeachy: so, more work to patch up the bootloader?
13:22:00braewoodsit's kinda weird how our new ports go. by the time they become viable they are usually no longer sold new.
13:22:32braewoodsso they become "unobtainium"
13:23:20speachyeh, what's committed right now works at least as well as the old one
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14:40:00speachy(so far, anyway...)
14:46:40speachyif this x3 bootloader build fixes a couple of the problems I've seen reported, then I'll just disable USB mode altogether and respin an update image. I'm leaning towards just distributing the cut-down & patched as-is instead of the bsdiff nonsense.
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15:33:02chris_sI noticed that the "No" option by pressing any button in warning screens doesn't work anymore, on an iPod video (simulator/on device) at least. Not really sure why. Apparently broken since
15:38:25chris_slooks like it's running into the "ACTION_UNKNOWN:" case there, that was added when it should be handled by the default case
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17:16:13braewoodsspeachy: i think you'll need to update the script if you haven't already.
17:16:17braewoodsif you're doing that.
17:16:33braewoodsso it only updates uboot block
17:16:44braewoodsotherwise it'll format and leave it broken if the images are missing
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17:22:43dconradchris_s: it looks like the yes/no keymap context doesn't fall back to the standard context
17:24:51dconradwhat you could try, is on line 117 of apps/keymaps/keymap-ipod.c, change LAST_ITEM_IN_LIST to LAST_ITEM_IN_LIST__NEXTLIST(CONTEXT_STD)
17:27:57dconradI believe the original intention with having ACTION_UNKNOWN ignored was that the yes/no prompt wouldn't be cancelled out without the user's actual input
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17:52:32chris_sdconrad: For my purposes, I've removed the ACTION_UNKNOWN case for now. Does exiting out of the YES/NO screen work on other devices? I was able to replicate the issue on the M3K simulator as well.
17:54:21dconradI see - although on the m3k, you should be able to press "back" or "power" and it should select "no", correct?
17:55:05dconradI know it works on the erosq, though that is what I tested that patch on originally :-P
17:56:55chris_sYeah, back/power buttons seem to work for exiting out of the screen on the M3k
17:57:02dconradjust as a couple randomly chosen datapoints, both sansa clip and gigabeat s do fall back to the standard context
17:57:15dconradipod might be the odd one out here
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18:23:46bilgus_phDconrad you are most likely spot on will the failure to fall through
18:25:15bilgus_phBut it still needs tested because I bet it's hiding a few bugs inconsistencies..
18:25:52dconradI poked through a few keymap files, and it seems like the majority do fall through to the standard context, but there's a handful that don't
18:26:42dconradI think the only gotcha with just blindly changing them all to fall to standard would be if the standard has a keybinding that matches the "accept" binding, might get unexpected behavio
18:29:49bilgus_phI wouldn't without testing that's why I didn't change them
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19:55:23speachybraewoods: I did that last night; at this point I've done over a dozen updates using it.
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20:57:54braewoodsi see. ok.
21:00:22speachyfile updated again; now can properly enter into usb mode manually at startup, but something still goign wrong with the USB code.
21:01:40braewoodscould it be the method used to enter is different than the method used during regular usage?
21:02:24speachyno, has to do with the time it takes to get hte ADC started.
21:02:52speachythe input stack isn't ready before it's too late. power and hold are the only inputs on dedicated I/Os
21:03:13speachy(the rest are strapped together so holding anything down at startup puts you into jzboot mode)
21:04:07speachyit's improved though −− it's enumerating and reporting the card info, but it's disconnecting due to timeouts
21:15:48braewoodsspeachy: is there any value in having this work in the bootloader? this target is somewhat unique in that the storage is easily removed
21:16:18speachymostly my own personal gratification. the button input mattered though, as it turns on verbose logging
21:19:16speachythe new stuff is already much improved, robustness-wise, over the old one
21:20:05speachyknocking out usb support shrinks the binary by about 15K.
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