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#rockbox log for 2021-08-25

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08:54:04amachronic_bilgus it seems like g#3374 causes a font rendering bug, amachronic/5fa75da280432127de4b44ee2d760281">
08:54:06rb-bluebotGerrit review #3374 at : lcd_putsxyofs 16 bit lcd_mono_bitmap_part [AS] by William Wilgus
08:58:16_bilguswell thats odd all fonts or just that one?
08:58:39amachronicnah, it happens for all mono bitmap fonts
08:59:18amachronici'm thinking that function needs an overhaul 'cause the clipping is not right anyway
09:00:16amachronicit really only shows up on touchscreens though, because they can scroll pixel-wise in lists
09:00:33_bilguswell the OB reads arent necessarily a problem I'll revert it for the time being
09:00:56_bilgusI'm pretty sure
09:01:23amachronici can't work out if the out of bounds reads are actually used or just an artifact of how the loop is written
09:02:00amachronicor how to trigger the original bug... it seems very specific
09:02:05_bilgusrather I'm pretty sure I have a handle om how the mono bitmaps work so I"m not sure whats going on there exactly either
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09:05:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dbd051394e, 303 builds, 7 clients.
09:05:36_bilgusthere shall be more of this, we undid a lot of UB assumptions
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09:08:09amachronicsorry for d/c am tethering & had to make a call
09:21:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 975 seconds.
09:21:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision dbd051394e result: All green
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09:42:27__builtinoh right... our mono bitmaps are *weird*
09:56:50_bilgusdo tell..
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14:36:37__builtin_bilgus: I'm going off of memory here, but basically each byte in the bitmap represents a vertical column of pixels
14:37:00__builtinsuccessive bytes represent adjacent vertical columns
14:37:28__builtinand 8-pixel tall rows are stored in raster order
14:39:43__builtinI had to rewrite a custom framebuffer-backed mono blit
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14:55:08bilgus_ph__builtin that looks to be my understanding as well although I did <= char it rather than < which might be the issue −− with elem 1 starting at 0
14:55:57bilgus_ph* <= CHARBIT *
14:57:27bilgus_phI'll see if I can repro the bug and still keep from reading oob
14:57:46bilgus_phOr rather not repro it
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16:28:48yangI am eyeing the in-ear headphones for fioo m3k, deciding between SONY MDREX15APLI , JBL T110 , JBL T290
16:29:08yangbraewoods: ^
16:29:35_bilgusamachronic what device did you test that on?
16:31:06paulcarrotyyang: apple earpods
16:34:22yangpaulcarroty: hm apple branded ones are likely over 100 eur ?
16:34:41yangI am looking to buy for less than 20 eur
16:34:52yangwondering about the jack
16:34:56paulcarrotywired <$20
16:35:10yangif it's compatible from those 3 listred ones
16:35:12yangyes, wired
16:39:35yangpaulcarroty: ok, I might get these locally, but are they better than the those 3 listed ?
16:39:59yangThey don't have the "volume" knob
16:40:48yangUnlike traditional, circular earbuds, the design of the EarPods is defined by the geometry of the ear. Which makes them more comfortable for more people than any other earbud-style headphones.
16:40:55yangok this might be true or not
16:41:32paulcarrotygo check it out
16:41:56yangThe EarPods also include a built-in remote that lets you adjust the volume, control the playback of music and video, and answer or end calls with a pinch of the cord.
16:41:59yangok that is nice then
16:42:06paulcarrotysony <$50 are good only for good bass
16:43:06yangapple earpods are 27 eur
16:43:48yangI never had those rubber in-ear headphones, how do those perform ?
16:44:04yangthe earbuds seem to be the "old" classic cuircle ones
16:45:52paulcarrotygo test them (all) locally, then buy online
16:46:09yangI have a bluetooth chinesse copy of the apple earbuds, but the in-ear size is kinda big and doesn't fit very nicely.....maybe they aren't identical copy in size
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16:46:49yangtheys are the copy of AIrPods2
16:46:49paulcarrotyno sense to discuss the copy
17:10:01yangSONY MDR-E9LPL - 6 EUR
17:16:04paulcarrotydoubt they worth the money
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17:29:45yangSONY MDREX15AP modra, MDREX15APLI.CE7 , 7 EUR
17:30:05yangcould try these, then test also earpods
17:50:25yangordered the Sony MDREX15APLI.CE7
17:50:34yang11 EUR with shipping
17:51:19yangpaulcarroty: thanks for the advice, I'll look into earpods, if the sony will be low quality
18:05:34yangthere was some problem with the store order for earpods, so i went to another online store and bought sony
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18:26:49amachronic_bilgus: that font glitch is on the shanling Q1, the simulator reproduces it but you need to enable "absolute point mode" in the touchscreen settings so you can scroll pixel-wise in lists
18:27:54amachronici did build with address sanitizer and it did not complain so I guess whatever OOB read you got must come from somewhere else
18:38:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cbf1970b56, 303 builds, 5 clients.
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19:01:53speachyqonly 5 builders? huh..
19:07:52amachronicwow, a half hour build...
19:09:08speachylost a couple of powerful builders
19:09:32speachythere are only two churning away from what I can tell.
19:12:12speachyyeah, only two are actually doing anything, both are ones I'm running.
19:13:43speachyone's doing a build roughly every 60s (including uploads), the other is about every 70s.
19:15:20amachronicso... just a couple more hours to go. Great! :P
19:15:28speachyno, about 10 minutes
19:15:43speachyall of the really short ones were front-loaded
19:16:13speachy(there would be a third builder of mine but it's offline due to connectivity issues and it's an hour drive to find out why)
19:19:15amachronicit seems all most recent builds are down to 6 builders, wonder what happened to the others? we had 10 or so not too long ago.
19:21:01speachylast one...
19:21:14rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 2560 seconds.
19:21:16rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cbf1970b56 result: All green
19:23:09speachydon't know why it stopped handing stuff to jupiter-amiconn in the middle of this.
19:23:33speachybut losing b0hoon's two builders was the main reason for this speed.
19:23:59speachyI had to blacklist munkis's builder because it was causing latex builds to fail
19:24:11speachybut it was pretty underpowered relatively speaking
19:29:28speachyI guess I can add a builder back on the main server.
19:29:55speachymunkis: ping
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21:44:18_bilgusamachronic when I referenced the hot path I was talking about UPDATE_SRC
21:44:38_bilgus^ that fixes it but I very much do not like the overhead
21:45:16_bilgusI see whats going on though its technically rolling over in the buffer due to a negative y
21:45:52_bilgusI think AS flagged eithe rthe clipzip or maybe the fuze+
21:50:03_bilgusI'm tempted to leave it be
22:11:39_bilgusMoving it up before the negative offset appears to work
22:22:43_bilgusamachronic can you verify this works on your device
22:25:38_bilgusworks in sim FWIW
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22:29:33_bilgusyang, I really like the JVC gummies they have better range and sound flatter to my ear
22:31:05_bilgusbest cheap earphones I've found and they last me like a year at work
22:31:16munkisspeachy: looking at it now.
22:33:01munkisalso the build script should probably be modified to stop connecting after 3 disconnects in a minute :)
22:34:32_bilgusand crash..
22:40:27munkisdo you know latex well enough to parse the error logs?
22:41:07munkisI would like to fix the issue, not just disable latex if possible.
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22:48:33_bilgusmunkis No file rockbox-build.4tc
22:49:01_bilgusmy build says chapter 1.
22:49:01_bilgus(./rockbox-build.4ct) [17] (./getting_started/installation.tex [18] [19]
22:49:01_bilguschapter 2.
22:49:02DBUGEnqueued KICK _bilgus
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22:51:04_bilgusyours −−- needs −−- tex4ht rockbox-build −−-
22:51:05_bilgusl.1468 −−- TeX4ht warning −−- No file rockbox-build.xref −−-
22:51:23_bilgusmine −−- needs −−- tex4ht rockbox-build −−-
22:51:23_bilgus(./rockbox-build.tmp) (./rockbox-build.xref)
23:01:32munkisI'm looking at 0679faf65d (successfully) built by lunchbox, and it also has no rockbox-build.4tc in the logs.
23:08:32_bilgusdoes it say not found then writes it after?
23:08:50_bilgusmine: l.1438 −−- TeX4ht warning −−- No file rockbox-build.xref −−-
23:08:50_bilgus\openout5 = `rockbox-build.xref'.
23:09:40_bilgusI'm trying to figure out which module is supposed to be doing this appears to be tex4ht.sty
23:09:57_bilgusor at least thast the last thing before the log msg
23:11:28munkisyes it does, interestingly so does the build of mine between the lunchbox one and the first error, I think it should be automatically generated.
23:11:53_bilgusby whom though
23:11:55munkisI went the route of diffing the last luchbox with the first uziyah
23:12:16_bilgusnarrow down the noise
23:13:33munkisbut as there was just one it may have been leftover from an interrupted build especially since I noticed I had different page numbers despite it being a manual irrelevant commit

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