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#rockbox log for 2021-08-28

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06:30:35yangpaulcarroty: I tested the headphones now
06:31:12yangpaulcarroty: will type later how these perform
06:31:36yangCan the headphones microphone be used for anything, while connected to m3k ?
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06:54:35sporkno recording yet
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07:24:32paulcarrotyyang: solid bass & shitty voice|high freqs in general? 😀
07:31:57yangpaulcarroty: If i had multiple headphones I could compare I guess
07:32:09yangwith only one headphones, I cannot tell about quality
07:32:43yangI have the earplug big headphones, but I think those would drain a lot of power from the walkman, so I might not use those for listening
07:34:16yangthere were 4 extra rubbers for earplugs in the package
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08:51:03amachronicdoes anyone forsee a problem with g#3736?
08:51:23rb-bluebotGerrit review #3736 at : Remove long-deprecated old style EQ settings by Aidan MacDonald
09:10:37_bilgusdo those go with the old eq settings people ask about time to time?
09:11:51amachronicsuch as? not sure what you're referring to.
09:13:56amachronicoh you probably mean those .cfg presets
09:17:20amachronicin any event, I don't think the old settings should be in use anymore unless someone has a very old .cfg file.
09:19:26_bilgusdump em
09:20:20_bilgusI'm sure someone feels differently somewhere lol
09:21:52speachyyou'll rarely get me to argue with a commit deleting things
09:23:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6322e66219, 303 builds, 10 clients.
09:24:18amachronicspeaking of deleting things, I just built pretty much every target to compile test my dynamic .rockbox patch
09:24:25speachyI boosted the number of cores used by the builder on the main server by 50%. curious to see what different it will make.
09:24:49amachronicthe meizu ports no longer build and it seems they were unfinished. nand only, no support in RB. Best to drop them?
09:25:23speachythere was a reason I decided against that the last time they came up but I can't rmember why now
09:26:16speachymaybe they were much further along than the other stubs I nuked at the time
09:26:22amachronicok then. maybe because they are on an otherwise well supported SOC.
09:28:08amachronicoh, sansa view is also broken, in a braindead way
09:34:26_bilgusintentional I suppose
09:34:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 659 seconds.
09:34:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6322e66219 result: All green
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11:04:23_bilguswell I can represent 4 fractional digits with the scheme and still have a way to show errors with negative numbers
11:09:12yangpaulcarroty: i was listening to the music outside. I noticed very high pitch/noise and basses were almost none
11:09:37yangpaulcarroty: not very quality headphones
11:10:11yangbut for listening outside it's ok. I don't want to spend too much, not to cut the wire while moving
11:18:57yangalso I don't like the in-ear rubber headphones
11:19:29yangit needs to be very deep inside to not fall out
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12:48:26paulcarrotyyang: thx for the info, I'll avoid cheap sony. Return them if you can.
12:49:37yangpaulcarroty: eventually I might go for apple earbuds, as you suggested
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20:40:39braewoodsspeachy: remember the auction that visitor peddled here for gigabeat stuff? i told them it probably wouldn't sell at the price he had.
20:40:41braewoodsand it didn't. :D
20:40:55speachyc'est la vie
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22:08:22saratogatrying to build the win32 targetted sim on unix services for windows is giving me a bunch of errors due to redefined types in the minigw headers:
22:08:33saratogathe wiki says this is supposed to work, and I'm pretty sure i've done it before
22:08:40saratogadoes this work for other people?
22:11:20saratogai found an old folder where its built and working, but rebuilding fails, so maybe i screwed up my dev tools since then
22:11:47speachyor mingw itself updated stuff
22:13:51saratogai think i built it from source, so shouldn't be updated i think
22:14:35saratogaoh wait no i didn't
22:22:49braewoodswhat's the main purpose of the simulator? could we make a web version?
22:23:23braewoodsfair question with all these fancy compilers today that compile to JS
22:23:46braewoodsa web simulator would have convenience for the end user but not much other purpose i'm guessing.
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22:24:07speachyit's only of use to developers.
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22:25:16speachysort of "overlay player X's interface/features on top of a standard host SDL build"
22:25:44saratogasimulator is where i did most of the codec work since it lets you DEBUGF
22:25:52saratogamost of my codec work i mean
22:26:19speachyit's great for debugging non-target-specific code
22:26:36speachy(and UI/theme-related stuff that is target specific)
22:27:57saratogasome uncommon flac files fail due to the max block size in rockbox being limited to less than the theoretical max for the flac spec
22:28:20saratogai think this was done to make things fit in IRAM (although did not test yet so maybe there are other reasons)
22:28:36saratogai guess we could at least make non-IRAM targets use a larger max if they've got the room
22:29:18speachythe assumptions made back then might be obsolete now too
22:29:59speachy(And I wonder if our FLAC codec might benefit from a partial resync with upstream...)
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22:50:49munkishostpresto (and I'm pretty sure others) offer ssome kind of free hosting for open source projects.
22:51:18munkisalso what would be the cost/month of maintaining the domain?
23:00:25braewoodsdomains are dirt cheap most of the time
23:00:44braewoodsi largely consider it a non-factor
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