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#rockbox log for 2021-08-29

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08:34:58chris_sIs anyone able to test g3769 on a first-generation iPod Mini? It seems to work fine on a Mini 2G but the it's honestly been blindly copied from the Ipod 4G source, specifically this Line:
08:35:02chris_sGPIO_SET_BITWISE(GPIOB_ENABLE, 0x0c); /* B02 and B03 enable *
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08:48:19speachymunkis: Our general needs are met by a $20-30/mo VPS.
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08:50:04speachythat's what I will do if I can't find reasonable accomodations for the existing server. (where "reasonable" means "sufficient bandwidth to be useable for a price I can afford")
08:52:08speachygranted, if we completely re-worked _everything_ we could probably fit within someone else's "free project hosting" framework
09:10:31yangpaulcarroty: I noticed that the headphones jack goes inside m3k with a problem, it gets stuck a bit, so I have to force it....?
09:14:51yangmunkis: this hoster provides free building machines and hosting for Foss projects
09:15:13yangmunkis: domain is about 10-15 EUR/year
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09:59:13speachychris_s: I don't think anyone active here has a min1g
10:33:48paulcarrotyyang: slightly
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11:39:05speachyyang: the "strictly noncommercial" thing is something I'm not comfortable with.
11:41:20speachyI will shoot them an inquiry though.
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11:53:46paulcarrotyyep, don't be shy to ask
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12:58:31speachythe fastest way to shrink our disk space needs are to keep fewer historical daily builds. we're currently keeping 30 days, and each day is about 2.2GB.
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13:17:28braewoodsspeachy: rockbox has always been non-profit more or less. why is non-commercial problematic? too vague?
13:18:04speachyeven soliciting donations or having banner ads has been construed to making something "commercial"
13:18:30speachybut should we ever end up with our own hardware then that's clearly "commercial" too
13:18:51braewoodsto me commercial was always about whether profit is the main motivator
13:19:10braewoodsif you only seek to cover your operating costs...
13:19:26braewoodsthat's not what i would consider a serious commercial outfit
13:20:25braewoodsi can't see how rockbox could be seen as commercial; we don't even SELL anything
13:21:02braewoodsat most we sometimes have developers trade hardware around
13:21:43braewoodsspeachy: what are the requirements you need filled anyway?
13:22:03speachythe main sticking point our hosting needs is RAM usage. gerrit alone sucks down 2GB just sitting there. :)
13:23:19speachyI have some inquiries into some local colo facilities too
13:23:21braewoodsinteresting. i currently rent a soyoustart dedicated server with Romster. 4x 2TB drives and 32GB of ECC RAM.
13:23:35braewoodswe got it on special for like $32 a month
13:24:23braewoodsit also includes 16 IPv4 extra addresses we use for containers
13:24:43speachyyeah, that's half their current lowest priced offering now
13:25:00braewoodsi suggest waiting for a black friday special if you're looking at so you start
13:25:09braewoodsyou get the discount for the duration of the lease
13:25:47braewoodsyou also get KVM video access through their web interface
13:25:53braewoodsyou can get into the BIOS and more
13:26:06braewoodsi actually had to use network booting to get our custom setup installed
13:26:46braewoodsthe ipv4 addresses are really nice for having public containers
13:27:02braewoodsyou pay a one time fee to activate them but the first 16 don't carry a recurring cost
13:27:06braewoodsit's included in your service
13:27:38braewoodscontainers could be useful for helping separate rockbox systems.
13:27:48braewoodsi use ubuntu server on our server
13:27:58braewoodsi have to reboot every 2-3 weeks for kernel upgrades or so
13:27:58speachyseparating things is more administrative overhead than consolidating everything
13:28:08braewoodsi see, fair enough.
13:28:43braewoodssoyoustart also includes 100GB of FTP "backup" with their service
13:28:50braewoodsit can be upgraded
13:28:57speachydo you get to install whatever you want on 'em or does it have to be one of their pre-canned distributions?
13:29:06braewoodsyou can install whatever you want.
13:29:11braewoodsjust like on KimSufi.
13:29:22braewoodsyou have full control over the boot process more or less.
13:29:26speachyis the backup rsync, or just "dump crap over FTP"
13:29:32braewoodsdump crap over FTP
13:29:41speachythat's kinda useless. :)
13:29:43braewoodsi think it has other service options but those cost extra
13:29:46braewoodslet me look
13:30:20braewoodslmao. the us site defaults to French.
13:31:08speachyho.. was engrish for me
13:31:23braewoodsspeachy: ok. the other options are SMBFS or CIFS.
13:31:46braewoodsNFS and CIFS
13:32:02yangspeachy: check also & for dedicated servers
13:32:24braewoodsspeachy: the main issue i've seen with OVH is their ipv6 setup is a joke. :)
13:33:01braewoodsno Prefix Delegation. You have to proxy NDP to get anything to route.
13:34:12braewoodsspeachy: oh, also to note they waive the setup fee if you buy a large enough initial lease.
13:34:20speachyI'm practically swimming in servers here. Just don't have a place to put anything that has any bandwidth to speak of.
13:34:41braewoodsif you do colo it'd have to be local.
13:34:46braewoodsotherwise not practical.
13:34:52speachylocal-ish yeah
13:35:31braewoodsisn't colo where you just rent the physical space, power, and data? everything else is your problem i presume.
13:35:37speachyI have some inquiries, but there's not a lot of colo options that don't involve "capable of withstanding a direct nuke hit" levels of redundancy.
13:36:28braewoodswell if nuclear war occurs, we've got bigger problems than data preservation :)
13:36:34yangspeachy: colo is usually more expenssive than renting a powerfull dedicatred server
13:37:18speachythe smaller operators often will let you just get a couple of U in a shared rack intead of renting an entire cabinet
13:37:46speachywe'll see.
13:40:03speachyit's a two-pronged problem −− there's rockbox's needs, and then there's my own needs. rockbox can easily be handled by a moderate VPS.
13:41:12speachythrow my needs into the fray (not a lot of bandwidth, but a lot more disk space) and the price jumps a lot.
13:54:16braewoodsspeachy: how much is a lot?
13:55:14speachya VPS that'll handle rockbox's needs can be had for under $30. Add in 3TB of disk space, and you rapidly hit WTF territory.
13:55:43braewoodssounds like dedicated is a better value if you're doing both on the same server.
13:56:22braewoodsSYS, the one i rent has 500 megabits i believe
13:56:59speachybut the same reason I need that 3TB (and growing) of disk space also means the more cores, the better. Pre-COVID I'd routinely max everything out for days on end.
13:57:23braewoodsthe SYS server i got uses a quad core... a ...
13:57:34braewoodsIntel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1231 v3 @ 3.40GHz
13:57:50braewoodsplus with all the mitigations may actually perform suboptimally
13:57:54speachyrockbox's current server has 16 cores. pre-upgrade it was 12. :D
13:58:13braewoodssounds like you should do colo first then
13:58:41speachybut at home here I have 16c/32t box that doesn't do much except when builds are going (and regression tests for my printer stuff)
13:58:57speachythat's one of four nodes in this beast; the other three aren't even plugged in
14:00:03speachyso I can move the resource-intenstive stuff off of the server, leaving only general-purpose shell server stuff, and then that 4c Xeon E3 is plenty
14:00:24speachy(I have one of those lying around too, fwiw..)
14:00:51speachyI'm very bandwidth limited by crappy DSL.
14:05:52paulcarrotyspeachy: check ramnode
14:06:53braewoodsspeachy: how bad is the DSL?
14:07:08braewoodscable here is pretty sucky for upstream.
14:07:13braewoodsthough 200 megabits down.
14:07:24speachyat one location it's 13/1.25 (and actually offline at the moment)
14:07:53speachywhere I'm typing it's ~40/5 but flaky in crappy weather (which lately is most of the time)
14:07:59paulcarrotywell, it's feels like 00's beginning
14:09:16speachypaying through the nose in both places.
14:27:26paulcarrotyfor data you can use cloud services, guess it will be a lot cheaper
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14:56:51braewoodsspeachy: well our server has a fair bit of unused space. we use it for builds and a minecraft server currently.
14:57:25braewoodslooks like we use about 200GB out of a 4TB ZFS setup
14:57:55braewoodsif you want to sub-lease part of it let me know.
14:58:06braewoodsit sits idle a lot.
14:58:21braewoodswe already have a web server on the main server front too
15:02:31braewoodsspeachy: there's an option i've known about awhile
15:02:39braewoodsyou heard of OBS?
15:02:54braewoodsopensuse build service
15:03:03braewoodsyou could probably leverage it to do rockbox test builds
15:03:21braewoodsprovided you could set it up to work within some packaging wrapper
15:04:25paulcarrotyplease don't
15:04:36 Part f1refly (WeeChat 3.2)
15:04:41paulcarrotyOBS is gigantic pain in the ass
15:05:10braewoodsanother option is launchpad
15:05:14paulcarrotya lot of stupid linters by default
15:05:18speachynot worth the hassle.
15:05:22braewoodsfair enough
15:05:37speachywe have builders, and if we lose a few things will just take longer.
15:05:49braewoodsi'm familiar for both as i maintain the integration with OBS for ungoogled chromium
15:06:54paulcarrotyme too and I don't wanna use them both after Github Actions experience
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16:15:26*speachy sighs.
16:28:27amachronic g#3770 if anyone wants to do a quick sanity check
16:28:29rb-bluebotGerrit review #3770 at : bugfix: redraw yes/no screen after a full skin update by Aidan MacDonald
16:29:06amachronicmy concern being whether adding another event might overflow the limited number of event slots available
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16:38:31amachronicthough running out of slots is a panic, so I guess I'll merge and see if anyone starts complaining
16:40:14amachronicwe're at the limit in terms of total event slots used but I don't think the number of concurrent uses is that high.
16:42:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c11ed99cb4, 303 builds, 10 clients.
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16:55:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 766 seconds.
16:55:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c11ed99cb4 result: All green
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19:14:24speachywoo, my remote server came back up of its own accord. actually rebooted; power must have gone out or something. So that builder is back online!
19:15:14speachy(I'd decided against going to kick it today, now I'm glad I didn't. It's been offline for nearly two weeks!)
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22:29:33_bilguswill targeting c99 specific stuff mess anything up?
22:30:19speachywe already use -std=gnu99 so nope.
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