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#rockbox log for 2021-09-01

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02:05:54paulcarrotyheh, I don't think Lee is 100% bad, he donated to open source projects, just hope he's not a drug addict anymore
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20:14:30dconradhas anyone ever investigated the xduoo x10? it looks like it may be a good candidate for a port - I think it's got a jz processor we already support?
20:14:41dconradfancy dac, multiple gain switch, etc etc
20:17:24dconradthough I don't know where it is in its lifecycle - might be about ready to be retired by xduoo
20:17:42braewoodsit seems scarce compared to the xduoo x3-2
20:18:11braewoodsthough seems the x10 is still available
20:19:55speachythe x10 is essentially a (much) prettier x3. I _think_ it's hybyos-based so a hosted port would be pretty straightforward.
20:20:33braewoodsdoes that mean a native port would be possible? though how practical it is is beyond me.
20:20:49speachythe X10Tii is nearly identical to the X3ii & X20
20:21:10speachysure, it's possible. It's really a matter of how much work one's willing to invest
20:21:38braewoodsit's probably better to invest in the x1000e based ones since they're still widely available.
20:21:41speachy(there ae a bunch of other jz47xx-based players out there, eg the FiiO X3/X5 series)
20:21:57speachy(and plenty of x1000-based ones too)
20:22:25braewoodsmost of the jz ones are only available second hand
20:22:34braewoodsthough some old stock still remains for some models
20:23:18braewoodsmakes me wonder if the x1000e would be a good SoC if we were doing our own thing
20:23:55speachysurprised the X10 is still listed as a current model
20:24:08braewoodsi still see some available
20:24:17speachytheir last firmware update was april 2017 if that gives any indication on its lifecycle.
20:24:45dconradoh wow, yeah that confirms what i figured
20:25:16dconradgotta jump on em when they first come out I guess
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