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#rockbox log for 2021-09-06

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00:19:24sporkandrew lee ?
01:16:51braewoodsspork: the guy who took over Freenode
01:17:03braewoodsoh. rofl.
01:17:08braewoodsdidn't understand at first.
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08:14:10speachybraewoods: oh, they're via paypal, so not at all all anonymous. And 'why' is presumably the same reasons anyone else contributes; they find rockbox useful and want to help out in some way.
08:59:32speachyoh, the "more" referred to the amount, not the number.
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11:23:20*yang puts donation for rockbox into a letter for Santa ;)
11:24:05yangI usually donate around new year's
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20:35:07SolanaceanHi. Sansa CLip+ user here. Not sure if it's a known problem or not, but when I set the balance to some value and then adjust the volume, the balance changes with the volume.
20:35:27SolanaceanThought I'd let you know just in case it's a bug and no one has reported it for some reason.
20:37:53braewoodsSolanacean: can you reproduce it on the latest dev builds?
20:38:12braewoodswe don't take bug reports for stable really because it may already be fixed.
20:38:48Solanaceanbraewoods: Yes. I'm always using the latest dev build
21:11:30SolanaceanI searched the forums and found the thread describing what seems to be exactly the same problem
21:19:46_bilgusSolanacean, yeah looks like a bug
21:20:51_bilgusHave you tried setting the balance and shutting down the player?
21:21:04_bilgusI'd assume it wouldn't happen then
21:21:17_bilgusafter restart OFC
21:23:14Solanacean_bilgus: I've just tried it, it seems to have no effect, the perceived imbalace stays exactly the same
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21:52:03_bilgusSolanacean, ok say I set the balance to 100% (all right speaker) then change volume it now plays in the Left speaker too?
21:56:13_bilgusI just tried on my clip zip and clip+ and can't repro maybe I'm misunderstanding?
21:58:28_bilgusAlso I think someone recently changed the volume steps maybe it caused regression?
22:05:06SolanaceanOkay, I've tried setting the balance to 100% then changing the volume gradually until I can hear something in the left speaker
22:05:23SolanaceanYes, I can hear it playing in the left speaker, though it's very quiet
22:07:08_bilgusah ok lets see if I can as well
22:07:32Solanacean_bilgus, try setting the balance to %1 and then adjust the volume
22:08:32_bilgus1% isn't enough for me to notice the difference maybe depending on song
22:09:39SolanaceanIt's very noticeable for me on audiobooks
22:09:44_bilgusbut setting voulme to -80 then setting baslance to all right and turning up makes sound in the left
22:11:00_bilgusI can reproduce it now at least I can't give you a time for a fix but its noted (again)
22:11:25SolanaceanThank you, I really appreciate it
22:13:36_bilgusbest bet is probably recoding the balance level and re apply on vol change
22:13:36_bilgusor re calculate it
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