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#rockbox log for 2021-09-07

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01:57:18johnb2Would committing fix that, too?
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02:37:53sporkunless that has all kinds of unwanted side-effects, that #1555 seems a useful fix
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07:18:03speachyFWIW I agree, but someone who uses AMS devices regularly would need to speak up and advocate for its effectiveness.
07:19:49amachronicI think I've made some headway in figuring out the USB bugginess on the x1000.
07:20:28amachronicit turns out there is an IRQ handling problem of sorts in the usb-designware driver, at least when receiving setup packets
07:20:53amachronicbasically it tries to start accepting a new packet before it's handled the old one.
07:21:41speachyhuh. wonder why it didn't bite any other targets. or did it.
07:23:00amachronicI only discovered it by adding a memset() before cache discarding the rx buffer, and then I saw the memset pattern appear in other logfs.
07:23:17amachronicit happens even without DMA though.
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07:42:26amachronici suppose one difference could be the core version. mine is 300a, I dunno what the ipod is.
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08:23:00speachyhmm, anything to be gleaned from the linux driver?
08:35:49sporki use a clip+ daily, but never even noticed the volume issue
08:36:16sporkthen again, i apply replaygain to my all mp3's and never touch the volume
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10:07:30berberi have an xduoo x3 and i love it. so much that i want to buy a second one. it is not produced anymore, and i stupidly missed an opportunity to buy one used. another opportunity might still come up, and there is always the option to buy it from this one british seller for about 110 bucks, which is a lot, but it seems like there is no better DAP
10:07:31berberfor rockbox.
10:08:37berberit seems like ipod classic is the next best option...? or will there be official stable support for the xduoo x3ii soon too?
10:09:47speachythe x3ii works reasonably well, but it's not a native port.
10:09:53speachy(that's where most of the quirks come from)
10:10:18speachythe only reason it's not considered "stable" is that there's no formal manual entries written
10:10:25speachybut it is installable via rbutil.
10:10:46berberwhat quirks are there, what is "reasonably well"?
10:11:25speachythe button mapping needs work, but the main "quirk" is laggy display updates.
10:12:02berberyuck, that sounds a bit annoying
10:12:35speachythe eros q & k (plus clones) are another option. there's a stable hosted port of equivalent functionality to the x3ii, but there's also a good native port too that only lacks dualboot functionality
10:14:10speachybtw I really like the original X3 too. mine has endured all manner of abuse but is still going strong.
10:14:29berberthat is good to hear
10:15:23speachyI've had to replace the battery and one of the volume buttons.
10:16:00berberyeah i also thought about looking for a new battery. so far it's good, but some time in the future maybe i'll need it
10:16:39speachyI ordered a few from a seller on aliexpress FWIW
10:16:58berber> but there's also a good native port too that only lacks dualboot functionality
10:16:58berberi don't need dualboot lol
10:19:02berberit looks awesome tbh, the eros
10:20:11berberbut only half the max space of the xduoo x3 with external SD cards
10:20:31berberxduoo x3 has two slots which is pretty cool
10:20:39speachyvery few devices ever had dual slots
10:21:51berberbut it seems weird that such a new product has just as much space as an ipod from 10 (over 10 even) years ago
10:22:05berber128 is not that much
10:22:15speachyspinning rust vs solid state
10:22:35speachyof course SDXC cards can go up to 2TB
10:23:04berberyes, that's true, ipods did have big phat spinning rust
10:23:23berberbut it seems like the eros doesn't support SDXC...??
10:23:47speachyit does; otherwise it wouldn't go over 32GB.
10:25:44berberoh, i thought it was sdhc, but yeah you're right, sdhc only goes to 32, not 128
10:26:45berberhey but thanks, that looks like a totally awesome DAP for rockbox
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10:28:02berberbut wait, i could also put in 2TB SD cards in my xduoo x3?
10:30:14berberdamn awesome.
10:31:00berberit seems like the only issue the eros 1
10:31:07berber*the eros q has
10:31:16berberis that it sometimes locks...
10:31:29berberor "locks up", as it is mentioned
10:45:16berberwhat is the advantage of a native port as opposed to a hosted port for the aigo eros q?
10:45:29berberi think i still haven't understood what exactly "native" means in this context
10:45:53speachyhosted means running on top of the OF's linux environment.
10:46:02speachynative means running directly on the hardware
10:46:39speachywith the latter, we have direct access to all hardware resources (most notably RAM)
10:47:40berberdoes it make a difference in practise? do the issues that are listed on the page for the native version not present in the hosted version?
10:47:43speachythe linux base does also provide other features like exfat support, ability to use external USB storage, and theoretically the use of bluetooth, USB DACs, and so forth.
10:48:13berberthe native one probably uses less battery...?
10:48:30speachyin theory
10:48:44speachyI don't think anyone's done benchmarks.
10:48:52berberhm i don't need those features though anyway
10:50:11berberif the issues are only present in the native port, and not the hosted one, then why is it not listed as stable?
10:55:10speachy"stable" designation requires it to be installable via rbutil and have a manual.
10:55:52speachyand since the functionality between the two isn't the same, both will remain for the time being.
10:56:43speachyit's not like the M3K, whose hosted port was a flaming dumpster fire that got hit by a train.
10:57:02speachy(well, not the _port_ per se, but the entire hosted baseline we were trying to build on)
11:03:17sporkwhy is the ipod classic considered the 'next best' option ?
11:04:46sporkover the m3k for instance
11:11:34paulcarrotyI don't like touch screen experience in m3k
11:12:50sporkthat touchstrip is annoying indeed, but works better in rockbox than native
11:13:22sporkstill, it is a device that you can still buy new while the ipod wad discontinued in 2014 i think
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11:44:48speachythe m3k is the only cheap-ish rockboxable player still purchasable new
11:44:56speachy(the former one was the agptek rocker)
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12:14:06amachronicspeachy, i haven't taken a serious look at the linux driver yet.
12:15:16amachronicbut I did find a datasheet which contains a bit more info on the dwc2 core's internal operation.
12:16:18berberspork: the only reason i said ipod is because they are built well and you can mod them to have sd cards pretty well. just nice build quality
12:16:27berberbut the m3k looks pretty good actually
12:16:35berberi just said it because i thought that
12:22:06sporkipod classic is nice, but probably hard to find for a reasonable price now ?
12:22:35sporki was just wondering why it would still make a good option
12:24:22sporkmy prefered choice for music is the shanling q1, but it is quite a bit more expensive
12:24:35sporkespecially since prices seem to have gone up
12:30:16sporkmaybe prices have not gone up, got mine cheap
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12:53:48amachronichere's a patch with all the logfs, details of the problem and my attempt to fix: g#3778
12:53:51rb-bluebotGerrit review #3778 at : usb-designware.c IRQ bug [DO NOT MERGE] by Aidan MacDonald
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14:42:16LambdaCalculus37speachy: I saw your mail to the list about old emails. I still have one I'd like to keep running for now.
14:43:25speachyLambdaCalculus37: ok, please email me with further info. FWIW I'm not going to set up auto-forwarding aliases due to the spam reputation headaches; so any mail will hve to be directly fetched.
14:44:01LambdaCalculus37speachy: Is a DM okay?
14:44:30LambdaCalculus37Also I don't mind setting up K9 Mail for my address. Just need the server info.
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15:43:24__builtinspeachy: I'd also like to keep my alias if possible
16:06:09speachy__builtin: let me know the details
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17:29:03speachysweeeet. looks like I got enough of the antispam attestation crap set up to make gmail happy with outbound email.
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19:29:06dconradso if anybody has any of the devices listed in g#3777 and feels like testing that patchset, let me know the results
19:29:08rb-bluebotGerrit review #3777 at : [wip] Yes/No Screen Keymap: add fallbacks to targets lacking them by Dana Conrad
19:29:51dconradI'm going to start sim-testing some of them - the vast majority are quite old, and tbh I'm not sure how many people still use most of them
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