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#rockbox log for 2021-09-08

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05:14:37SolanaceanUpdate on the Sansa Clip+ balance/volume bug: apparently changing the bass and the treble produces the same effect as changing the volume, that is, it wreaks havoc on the balance
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08:48:56_bilgusSolanacean, interesting I suppose they aren't settings you generally change often so probably masked the bug
08:49:56_bilgusacuity through obscurity?
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12:07:45SolanaceanMy guess is that not many people feel the need to tinker with the balance settings.
12:08:08SolanaceanI only touch it because some of my headphones have a channel imbalance (maybe I'm super sentitive to it, I don't know) and I need to compensate for it.
12:08:53speachythose things don't have hardware tone controls either.
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13:29:13kirvesAxeIf I import a playlist on a rockbox player, and the playlist has filenames with percent-encoded characters, will it work properly..?
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13:44:21speachyyou can probably find the answer by trying it before anyone here can answer you with any certianty..
13:47:20kirvesAxeprobably true
13:50:13kirvesAxe(I've wondered this since sometimes when you add bigger amounts of new music to the player, you might wanna do playlists for them at the same time, but I haven't found good .m3u8 playlist making softwares that I could just make the playlist, fix the mountpoint at the beginning of each line and so they would trustworthingly work, since I haven't trusted those percent-encoded ones made by VLC would
13:50:19kirvesAxework... but some characters seems to save in the wrong format when trying to replace with a text editor)
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16:53:09_bilguskirvesAxe, thats the m3u(8) part a m3u file in utf8 format
16:53:28_bilgusI imagine your % encoded chars will not show properly
16:54:37_bilgusIdk if you can export as non utf 8 m3u in any of the mentioned but perhaps a lua script to do regexp replacement
16:55:04_bilgusfor that matter it could do path subistution too
16:55:24_bilguslike have it load a m3u file then you browse to the new root
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18:02:32braewoodsspeachy: you know what would be funny to see in rockbox? TFTP, if we ever get a TCP/IP stack.
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18:25:36speachyeh, the IP stack is easy, actual networked hardware, decidedly less so
18:26:03speachythe X3 with its dual SD slots could get an SDIO-attached wifi module attached to one of 'em
18:28:18braewoodsspeachy: that's an option? i thought sd slots were storage only.
18:28:36speachydepends on the capabilities of the controller; the X3's are SDIO-capable.
18:28:50braewoodsi see. how unusual.
18:29:02speachynot in the embedded world!
18:29:03braewoodsis there even any that fit an sd card slot?
18:29:30speachyjust need a breakout board for the uSD slot
18:29:44braewoodsIOW it would be bulky?
18:29:48speachyheh, I actually have a small stash of sdio-capable hardware
18:30:36speachyit's not going to physically fit in the dimensions of a uSD card (too thick) and you're going to want an external antenna anyway
18:31:00braewoodsi see.
18:31:11speachyI'm still listed as the maintainer for Linux's ST-E CW1200 driver, which operates over SDIO and SPI
18:31:55speachyjust saying that wifi is quite possible on any device that has a native SD slot (retrofitted ATA->SD doesn't count)
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18:34:40speachyalternatively a USB wifi (or ethernet) adapter, though we'd obviously need a host-side USB stack.
18:37:22braewoodsinteresting idea; just not one i'd consider practical unless you could minimize the footprint
18:38:16speachyI mean, if I had a lot of time on my hands, sure, wtf not... but I have more practical things to obsess over in the shorter term.
18:48:02braewoodsspeachy: i guess so. it sounds like the kind of thing pcbway might be good for thugh.
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