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#rockbox log for 2021-09-12

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10:15:21speachyok... I'm ready to switch git+gerrit over to the new VPS
10:15:55speachyI'll wait until noon (1:45 from now)
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11:30:02speachythe switch is done.
11:30:23speachyDNS will take a little bit to propogate.
11:30:32speachybut it's live on the new site.
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14:16:49speachyfinally! Fixed outgoing email (relay rules broke things..)
14:17:03speachyso gerrit notifications should be working again now.
14:25:26Arsenhow are you doing mail
14:26:28speachyold/existing server will handle all email. new vps relays outbound email through the old one.
14:29:13speachyI'd forgotten to update the rules for the new ip addresses. (and as it turned out, ipv6 required a slightly different rule syntax)
14:41:13Arsenah, I see
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19:56:31Strife89Hey folks
19:57:40Strife89Possibly experiencing some weird behavior on 4ba3231457 on my iPod Color (which has an iFlash installed)
19:59:57Strife89The first thing I've noticed is unreasonably long load times when trying to start any album among a bunch of FLACs directly downloaded from Bandcamp.
20:00:36Strife89And from there Rockbox just skips each one, slowly, not playing any of them. It's unresponsive throughout
20:02:51Strife89Disk integrity hasn't been under suspicion yet but I will check
20:09:44Strife89Or maybe it's the huge 3kx3k cover.png all of them have, hard to say
20:10:04Strife89Disk checks out fine
20:14:34Strife89... okay, it appears to be the cover art file
20:14:46Strife89Resize one to 1000x1000, it starts up fine
20:19:28Strife89Oh, hmmm.
20:20:48Strife89So I played a .flac from an album with shrunken album art. Then I tried to play a file with huge artwork, and of course Rockbox/the disk lags. But then I switch back to the "good" track and it also lags and fails to play.
20:29:20Strife89Using a theme with no album art viewport nets the desired behavior for all of the .flac files based on my quick testing
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