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#rockbox log for 2021-09-15

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05:52:40_bilgusspeachy, awesome work!
06:02:14braewoodsspeachy: so does this mean the fosshub assimilation is complete?
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06:26:19speachy_bilgus, braewoods: not finished yet; forums are up next, then there's... everything else (www, build, buildmaster, daily builds, irc logbot, mail archives, and probably more)
06:29:30speachy...certbot for the ssl certs (doing that next will allow some of stuff under www. to move independently)
06:39:40_bilgusso will moving the forums help with the bot issue or make it less important?
06:40:35_bilgusnot certbot the bot swarms..
07:13:45speachyother than general traffic load, the wiki is the only thing that's particularly vulnerable to bot swarms
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15:13:33paulcarrotyhey, can't find this option in release build:
15:13:45paulcarrotyis it still available?
15:19:30speachyhmm? the patch it referenced was merged a while back, so it would be in curent dev & nightly builds. it's newer than the last release.
15:23:50sporkit was reverted the same day
15:24:38sporkat least the debug menu part
15:28:39sporkthe whole thing was:
15:29:55paulcarroty_bilgus: ^
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15:59:44_bilgusspork, I reverted it because we couldn't agree
16:00:27_bilgusI was told at the time that it was better to give sane defaults and make the rest compile time consts
16:03:59_bilgusmainly this part :P - \emph{WARNING!} While every effort has been made to ensure the safety of these
16:03:59_bilgus- options, due to manufacturing variance some options may cause unwanted side
16:03:59_bilgus- effects, cause the \dap{} to crash or (while unlikely) even \emph{destroy}
16:03:59DBUGEnqueued KICK _bilgus
16:03:59_bilgus- your \dap{}. \emph{PROCEED WITH CAUTION}
16:04:31_bilgusoh sorry paulcarroty
16:05:04speachyfwiw I agree with that
16:08:13_bilgusalso in testing on the clip+ the power savings was pretty small like 1-3% IIRC
16:09:34_bilgusyou saved more power just having the screen stay off more
16:11:34_bilgusthat did lead to discovering a power save mode for the Clip V1 and FuzeV1? + a few others but I don't think the Clip+ and Zip benefited
16:12:13_bilgusSd driver..
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16:32:09speachyneed to spin up the db server still, then I can do a dry-run for the forums migration. that one's going to require public coordination
16:34:18speachyprobably not until this weekend? next steps on the plate are some additional prepatory tasks to do with moving the "old" physical server.
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18:41:57speachyI will probably keep hosting mail archives on the old server, just for simplicity's sake.
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