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#rockbox log for 2021-09-16

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03:23:32FluffiiFoxHaiiii! Just popping in for a tip. If you're installing Rockbox onto an iPod Classic (a 6th Gen), and you're stuck at the point where Rockbox says Action required:
03:23:33FluffiiFox Could not remount the device, try to do it
03:23:33FluffiiFox manually. If the iPod didn't restart, force
03:23:34DBUGEnqueued KICK FluffiiFox
03:23:34FluffiiFox a reset by pressing SELECT+MENU buttons
03:23:34FluffiiFox for about 5 seconds. If the problem could
03:23:35***Alert Mode level 1
03:23:35FluffiiFox not be solved then click 'Abort' to cancel.
03:23:43FluffiiFoxSimply just format the drive rockbox is installed on
03:23:57FluffiiFoxthanks all, change da world, my final message, goodbye <3
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07:59:15paulcarroty_bilgus: +50% playback time for fuze1, looks solid
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08:46:57_bilguspaulcarroty, +50% seems like a very large amount, what change are you referring to?
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11:08:25paulcarroty_bilgus guess that's CPU undervolting. Also found in git main changes "2020-05-24: Sansa AMS/ClupZip/Clip+ clocking improvements", "2019-12-15: AMSv1 SD powersaving"; so it worth to try.
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13:23:59johnb2paulcarroty: I have never seen 50% batterylife improvement. cpu volatage scaling from 1.2 to 1.1 gains about 10% on the fuze v1 (worked on 4 of my players). e200 v2 is more picky: 1.1v works on one player, another one needs 1.15 to be stable.
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15:37:57speachyheh, nobody's forked it. :D
15:41:38_bilgushad no idea it existed
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15:43:49speachyme neither
15:54:16speachyguess it's just not what the coolkids(tm) are using these days
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20:22:16dconradwith all this talk of battery life I figured I would benchmark the erosq, I figured I would get... oh, 8-10 hours? Nah, 24hrs of flac playback
20:22:31speachythat's... unexpected!
20:22:51speachydid you run a battery benchmark run?
20:22:59speachyso we can calibrate the discharge curve
20:23:25dconradyeah, I started it at 5:30ish yesterday, thought "oh, maybe I'll wake up and it's still going", nah, it lasted until I was on my way /home/ from work haha
20:23:38dconradyep, batterybench is attached to that wiki page
20:23:51dconradway more linear voltage graph than I was expecting
20:24:45dconradnot sure if I did something to make it especially good, but I did have headphones plugged in the whole time
20:25:17dconradand it was reasonably loud
20:34:04dconradwith the apparently excellent battery life we have, can we limit the charge/discharge voltage levels in some way to improve long-term battery health?
20:51:21speachywe could set an artificially high lower bound, but the upper end would require twiddling the PMIC config, presumably
20:56:12dconradI suspect that's not a huge deal, just send another command to set a register at init time... where do you think we would want to set the hi/lo points?
20:56:35dconradI think I've heard 20%/80% or so but that's just some random thing I found on the internet
20:59:18dconradlimit to where the "knee" of the graph is, and it goes into constant-voltage region
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21:47:52dconradthe eros is thick enough too I've definitely thought about trying to mod it to take rechargeable AAA's, too... destroy 'em? no worries, just go get a new set and pop em in! That's another project though...
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23:44:40smithjdCode up for review in Gerrit if someone's available. Database and File properties plugin. (Single Artist entry & support more file properties)

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