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#rockbox log for 2021-09-17

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06:36:45amachronicsigh... it seems I'm suffering from the dreaded cache problems with USB.
06:37:49amachronicit seems mass storage keeps hitting stuff in the cache which does not belong there, for no apparent reason
06:48:20amachronicat least i've managed to uncover a public datasheet which documents the dwc2 usb controller:
06:49:08amachronicfrom the sounds of it, the way we're handling setup packets in the usb driver is semi-broken.
06:51:46amachronicthe way we're doing it in the common usb code is pretty confusing and error prone, which doesn't help either.
06:54:06amachronicso, i'm no closer to getting DMA working but I /think/ the problem is down to the setup packet handling and cache issues.
06:55:38kirvesAxeSorry if this is too offtopic for this channel... but just for the lulz ;)
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09:59:22paulcarrotyfuzev1 usb storage mode is broken in master
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11:50:38_bilguspaulcarroty, define broken? like it won't connect with usb?
11:51:20_bilgusdoes it work in 3.15?
11:51:41paulcarroty_bilgus only charging. working fine in 3.15
11:55:16_bilgusoi lots of USB stuff since then too :/
11:57:14_bilgusmight even be the usb prompt messing up if charging still works
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12:15:44amachronicpaulcarroty: not sure if the fuze has it, but does it work if you turn off USB HID?
12:23:56paulcarrotynope, nothing changes
12:31:10amachronichave you tried bisecting it?
12:56:40paulcarrotymaybe it happened after these commits, can't find nothing fuze-related
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15:02:35speachypaulcarroty: just confirming that the usb mode stuff is not set to prompt.
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15:20:15speachyin other news, things are staged for the forums to move.
15:37:37paulcarrotytested all usb options, also loaded sansa firmware for port&cable check
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15:45:02johnb2e09df1ce5b-210403 is already broken for me.
15:46:31johnb2That is the version I had on my fuze. I thought it might be my usb ports, but with 3.15 it's fine.
15:46:49speachyUSB 2.0 or 3.0 port?
15:47:33johnb2I have a windows laptop. It fails to recognize the player.
15:47:54johnb2pops up the error message
15:51:18johnb2well, fine is relative: wiht 3.15 the player is recognized, but trying to copy many files, the transfer aborts somewhere in the middle.
15:51:37speachyalso a fuzev1?
15:51:48johnb2yes, v1
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15:54:18speachyhmm. The only sansa device I have here is an AMSv2 and seems to work okay
15:58:43johnb2AMSv2 is fine (my clip+), but my e200v2 (AMSv1) seems to have the same problem: not being recognized.
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16:05:38speachyok, so it's isolated to AMSv1 targets, that does help a lot
16:06:15speachyhmm. I actually do have a fuzev1 in my pile of broken dreams.. it ought to work okay for this purpose
16:06:58speachy(don't actually need working controls to test USB...)
16:10:51speachyokay to try some bisected builds?
16:16:14johnb2This works
16:18:40speachyok. next up:
16:22:49speachythe battery on my v1 is too drained to do anything with yet
16:23:10speachyok, that's roughly 2020-10-03 :)
16:23:47speachyso down to a mere 6 month window
16:24:30speachyok, #3:
16:25:31speachy(heh, my v1 has 8ecbcad-121226 :)
16:27:30johnb2That is broken
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16:31:47speachynarrows it down to about 3 weeks in October 2020
16:32:51speachy next up:
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16:33:13speachy... I wonder if this is fallout from the GCC 4.9 migration
16:34:07speachy(or more likely, the switch to -Os by default)
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16:37:20speachy2next up:
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16:40:37speachyit's all but guaranteed to be the -Os change.
16:43:01speachy(remaining things in the gap are some hosted port work, h1x0 bootloader fixes, and the toolchain bump
16:52:20speachynearly no differences between v1 and v2 as far as the USB code is concerned...
16:52:30speachybut there are some
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17:02:07speachy(This I expect to fail)
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17:05:20johnb2correct, it fails.
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17:06:38speachy(identical to the previous one, but backs off the optimization flag change)
17:11:58johnb2can you compile for e200 v2, too, for completeness?
17:11:59speachyBack onto master. Let's try this:
17:14:35speachy(this uses the same usb static buffer logic for v1 as v2 uses)
17:17:16johnb2it fails
17:21:18speachyok. so much to the easy fix.
17:22:13speachythat should work
17:23:33speachyboth are current git master with the optimization flags changed
17:24:37speachydelving into _what_ is going wrong will take more work that I probably won't be able to get further into tonight.
17:26:15johnb2e200 works
17:27:06johnb2Alright, thanks so far.
17:27:22johnb2Then I will quit for today.
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18:22:42_bilgusill throw up a coverity build maybe we will get lucky
19:06:07smithjd_@bilgus: New comments on the Database patches. A bug was fixed in the other patch and all three fields have now been tested to work.
19:08:08smithjd_I tried to make canonicalartist into a virtual tag but Rockbox wasn't having any of that. I kept getting a "Database not ready" error when attempting to use the entry.
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19:45:39_bilgussmithjd, I don't think you chnaged anything in that second patch set
19:47:33_bilgusI think the backend uses artist or fallsback to album artist might have the order reversed
19:48:01_bilgusI think I discovered this when I was messing with pictureflow
19:48:12_bilgusso might be specific to that as well
19:51:47speachy_bilgus: could you do a coverity run with the fuzev1 or some other amsv1 target?
19:52:05_bilgusits already up
19:56:37smithjd@bilgus: I made the fix and rebased the branch. It came down to leaving the artist and albumartist fields in the sort define.
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20:25:16_bilgussmithjd, ok
20:28:17smithjdpictureflow looks broken in master. I don't get any cover art and <untagged> entries are interspersed with albums.
20:30:19smithjdi'm going to update the patchset for pictureflow and I think change the name of tag_canonicalartist to tag_virt_canonicalartist.
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20:49:43_bilguspictureflow works for me at head
20:50:45smithjdon your device or in the sim?
21:05:50 Join Moriar [0] (
21:09:07_bilgusand on the device too
21:09:17_bilgusFuze Plus @ Head
21:10:03_bilgusmost likely your albums arent set up right
21:10:34_bilgusthough I do see a few <untagged> ones which I thought I had gotten rid of (making sane fallbacks)
21:10:56_bilguscover art needs to be named specifically as well
21:11:13_bilgussuch as cover100x100.bmp IIRC
21:11:23smithjdfiio m3k. make clean'ed, still no pictures. sim and @HEAD
21:12:04smithjdembedded coverart here.
21:12:12_bilgusit doesn't use it
21:12:21_bilgusnever worked
21:12:53_bilguscould it work yes but currently no
21:22:57smithjdOK, new patch series up. DB works as expected and PictureFlow doesn't segfault or anything.
21:23:59smithjdLooks like nowhere else used tag_albumartist.
21:39:29_bilgusI don't see anything that makes me go BAH but I'm not familar with this code and its a MF'ing large mess each time I jump in it
21:39:49_bilgusso that being said you ready to push it smithjd?
21:40:03smithjdyep. push away.
21:42:23_bilgusok I think they should just go
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21:44:52smithjdthanks again for the review!
21:45:30_bilgusnp lets hope it works :)
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21:46:04_bilgusIDK if it will just bunch them all together or do them separated
21:50:36_bilgusspeachy the more I look at this the more it looks wrong
21:51:55_bilgusit is a 32 bit struct
22:03:39_bilgushuh it apparently works
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22:33:29speachyyeah, it can't quite grok the aliasing going on.
22:34:21speachyit might need to be marked as explicitly volatile though?
22:42:35speachyI have a USB sniffer here, might be useful to see what actually happens over the wire
22:42:42speachyand work back from that
22:59:20_bilgusyeah timing sounds like something that would be quite apparent
23:17:26dconradif anybody here feels like testing g#3777 yes/no keymapping on Q1, Sansa Connect, HM60x, HM801, ihifi, or MA, I haven't been able to test them on sim for various reasons
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