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#rockbox log for 2021-09-19

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03:09:00smithjdA few new patches up on Gerrit, if anyone has time to review. Thanks! 1) Dir cache fix for relative path playlists, and 2) file properties from the playlist entry menu.
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11:45:19speachystarting the forum migration now.
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11:55:31speachydone. just waiting on DNS now.
11:56:07braewoodsspeachy: why are we migrating to this... VPS
11:56:30speachybraewoods: to that VPS specifically, or at all?
11:56:37braewoodsboth i guess
11:57:01braewoodsi thought our main issues were architectural not the hosting solution
11:57:03speachyat all, because the current server is being evicted and there aren't any affordable options for what I'd need.
11:57:29braewoodsi see.
11:57:53braewoodsso what happened to that massive upgrade?
11:57:55speachyto this VPS specifically? it's beefy enough for what we need and the price is right.
11:58:24braewoodsi guess i don't understand the hosting arrangement
11:58:46speachyeverything is on a personal server that's in a rack at my soon-to-be-former employer.
11:58:59braewoodsoh. i see.
11:59:16braewoodsso while you take the hardware home, there's no more hosting space.
11:59:25speachyand there isn't sufficient bandwidth available at my home connection to server rockbox's needs.
11:59:38speachythe actual physical server is getting mothballed for now
11:59:57braewoodsso what does this mean for that server upgrade?
12:00:02braewoodsis it going to be shelved then?
12:00:27speachythat upgrade happened ~3 weeks before I was told I was losing my job.
12:00:35braewoodsI see.
12:01:04braewoodsif you need resources for rockbox let me know. our dedicated server isn't 100% utilized all the time.
12:01:15speachyI'm moving the non-rockbox stuff onto one of the unused nodes of a system I have at home
12:01:27braewoodscould spare something if you need builders or something
12:01:34speachywe could always use another builder
12:01:57speachywe're going to lose one of the beefier builders as part of that eviction too, actually...
12:02:07braewoodsdo you need access to the build instance? i can allocate a public IP for you to access.
12:02:19speachyno, the builder just needs to be able to connect outwards
12:02:21braewoodsit would be running in an LXD container instance
12:03:09braewoodsok... if I setup the baseline, would you take care of configuration?
12:03:09speachybasically it needs to have everything needed to compile rockbox, and then download two scripts and launch.
12:03:19braewoodsi don't know what you need for it to have.
12:03:37speachyit needs the toolchains, git, and a clone of the rockbox sources
12:03:52braewoodsok, easy enough, but what triggers it to build?
12:03:53speachy(and perl, but that's needed to build rockbox anyway)
12:04:13speachyit maintains a connection to the mothership, and builds are apportioned out as needed/available.
12:04:53speachyit'll eat as many cores as are available :)
12:05:03speachy(you can limit it too, of course)
12:05:33braewoodsso how would i configure the builder daemon for the container
12:05:39braewoodsi'm assuming it's some background process
12:05:55speachyit's a shell script wrapper around a perl script.
12:06:11braewoodsso how do you normally implement it as a service
12:06:25braewoodsi'm assuming it runs as some kind of service or cron job
12:06:30speachyI have mine set up as a systemd unit.
12:06:43braewoodsso builders don't need to be pre-approved?
12:07:00braewoodshuh. interesting.
12:07:01speachyones that don't work get blacklisted
12:07:06braewoodsis there a guide to this?
12:08:01braewoodshuh interesting
12:09:04speachyI may keep the voice/manual generations on my own server depending on how the VPS loading works out.
12:09:38braewoodsI'll see if i can spare some cores later on my home workstation beast i recently finished building
12:09:53braewoods8 cores, 64GB of ECC RAM :-)
12:09:54speachythe VPS exercise is useful as it is truly self-contained and can get migrated elsewhere relatively easily. Including to real hardware again.
12:15:09speachyfosshost has been really awesome, and I see us staying on there in the long term. I intend to toss some of our funds their way to help cover our costs.
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12:21:25speachycan you see if the forums DNS has percolated through to your side yet?
12:24:46spork'If you are reading this, then the migration has been completed.'
12:29:47paulcarrotygreat, fosshost needs promotion
12:33:30paulcarrotykinda ads in open source world
12:33:54speachyI'm sorry, I don't follow what you're referring to
12:34:54paulcarroty"fosshost has been really awesome,..."
12:35:48speachyand they have been
12:36:25paulcarrotyand maybe big popularity help them to cover more projects
12:37:28paulcarrotymaybe I'm illogical, lol
12:38:09speachymost of their resources are in turn donated by commercial providers
12:38:55speachybut the work is done by volunteers
12:39:06speachya lot like in that regard
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19:38:48chris_sI'm not sure I understand the rationale behind g#3807 ? Isn't navigating to an album and grouping albums by an album artist a pretty common use case, due to the fact that a single album may contain songs by different artists (or by a solo artist playing with different orchestras etc. where you may want to put the solo artist as the album artist)?
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20:01:48chris_sOr was line 171 maybe deleted by accident? Since a track's canonicalartist will be different from its album artist unless it doesn't have an artist (per g#3806)
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20:21:54chris_sSame issue with g#3818, I think. I.e. if artist and album artist both exist and are different, canonicalartist is filled with the artist and not the album artist
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21:08:11speachychris_s: I don't know if I'd call it a _common_ use case, at least outside of Classical music, but yeah, it doesn't matter... unless it does.
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21:32:17_bilgusI was pointing that out when I reviewed it but was under the impression it only affected pf from smithjd
21:32:27_bilgussorry pictureflow
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22:03:58chris_s100I mean, the album artist tag in the database used to be filled with the album artist id3 tag only if it existed but was filled with the artist id3 tag otherwise.
22:04:37chris_s100As far as I can tell, smithjd intended to revert that part of FS #7342. Which I can (sort of) understand. At least I had similar thoughts about the *grouping* tag in the database which is filled with the title id3 tag if the grouping is missing. That didn't make any sense to me at all.
22:05:07chris_s100But the logic of the new canonicalartist field doesn't seem to be a valid replacement for the album artist tag if it always prioritizes the artist id3 tag.
22:08:19chris_s100Actually, FS #7342 was never committed as-is, but I think the idea was the same (commit 00dd14922b48ca29411d9ae3445dc5d92d050422)
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23:29:14smithjdbuild fix up in Gerrit for 67716c6b
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