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#rockbox log for 2021-09-21

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06:53:52speachyok, updated build scores committed. We should see better overall efficiency and perhaps more fairness in handing things out.
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07:48:06MarcAndersenHi. On my xduoo x3 I can only get one of the sd slots mounted at once, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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07:49:45johnb2MarcAndersen: I have the same. This seems to happen on Windows only, I have been told.
07:54:24MarcAndersenOh. I hope it can be fixed at some point though, but thanks for clearing it up.
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08:00:52braewoodsMarcAndersen: welcome back.
08:01:06braewoodsi take it you also bought an x3?
08:28:44speachyMarcAndersen: It _should_ work, but it's not something I've personally checked in quite some time
08:30:52MarcAndersenIt only mounts Rockbox Internal Storage USB Device, not the sd
08:32:39speachymine is in the car right now, I'lll grab it later today and check things while waiting for another interminable $dayjob build cycle
08:33:41MarcAndersenWhat is a interminable $dayjob build cycle
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09:26:31speachyMarcAndersen: it takes about 6 hours for a complete build.
09:27:32speachyAlso, I just plugged two SD cards into my X3, and hooked it up to my PC, and both SD cards appeared.
09:28:05speachy210831 daily build, plugged into a USB3 hub connected to a Fedora 34 system.
09:29:02MarcAndersenIt's on windows I think, like johnb2 said
09:29:06speachy(also using an experimental bootloader but that has no effect on things)
09:29:21speachyI did notice that the Linux USB stack says it's applying some sort of quirk to our USB ID
09:29:41MarcAndersenIs it easy to fix?
09:36:03speachyThe quirk is US_FL_FIX_INQUIRY, which overrides our INQUIRY response.
09:36:45MarcAndersenAnd what does that mean exactly?
09:36:59speachyI don't know if that has any affect on Windows. (And why it would manifest itself as one slot appearing but not the other)
09:37:45speachyINQUIRY is essentially just the vendor/product identification
09:38:19MarcAndersenI only get Rockbox Internal Storage USB Device
09:38:31MarcAndersenand not sd
09:40:49speachythat would indicate that windows is only querying the first LUN, for whatever reason
09:41:18MarcAndersenbut on all my other sandisks both devices shows up
09:43:33speachythe usb mass storage code is the same either way
09:44:56braewoodsspeachy: doesn't rockbox allow you to hide one of the devices
09:45:04braewoodsthat might be a viable workaround
09:45:07speachynot that I'm aware of
09:45:12MarcAndersenWould another windows user be able to test this at some point?
09:45:18braewoodsmy x3 had an option for "hide internal storage"
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09:45:38speachywindows 10?
09:45:43braewoodsprobably. i have a rock pi x set aside just for testing windows USB stuff
09:45:59speachyI mean, you can always just not have both SD cards plugged in simultaneously...
09:46:21braewoodsit should still be checked out speachy
09:46:23braewoodsbut yea
09:46:36braewoodssee if there's any solutions to be had
09:47:26MarcAndersenWhat doesn't make sense to me is that it has always worked on my sansas.
09:47:42speachyI have a Windows 7 VM at home I use for printer driver tests. but that's not ideal for low-level USB trickery due to the passthrough nature of the VMs.
09:47:52braewoodsit could be an X3 related issue.
09:48:08braewoodsit sounds like a hardware quirk
09:48:57speachythe difference with the sansas is that the two storage devices are on different ... well, devices. one is internal flash, the other is SD. X3 has both on SD. but our usb stack (and mass storage code) doesn't care.
09:49:51braewoodsyea and one that can be papered over if we get working MTP at some point
09:51:26braewoodsspeachy: did you see this,54005.msg249272.html#msg249272
09:51:32braewoodsi wasn't sure how to advise them
09:53:50speachybraewoods: they need to be in DFU mode for itunes restore to work
09:54:11braewoodsit sounded like their drive might be having issues
09:54:15speachybut that aside, manually partition the player and see what happens.
09:54:39speachyif they're in "rockbox bootloader mode" then I don't know if the disk writes can be trusted to be robust
09:54:47speachy(with our last released bootloaders)
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09:56:22speachyMarcAndersen: we'd need to see usb sniffs to make sense of what's going on.
09:56:58speachyyou can do that yourself, but you'll need to install wireshark (or at least usbpcap)
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10:01:32MarcAndersenI installed wireshark now. What do I need to do in there?
10:01:52speachyyou have to follow the usbpap insructions">
10:03:00speachyand when you've identified what you need to sniff, you can remove and re-insert the device
10:03:23speachystop the capture, send us the file
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10:14:22MarcAndersenI'm not sure if I did it right, but could you check this:
10:16:34speachyit doesn't look like there's anything "interesting" in that capture −− just looks like idle traffic on a hub without the X3 plugged in.
10:20:35MarcAndersenTry this one:
10:22:45speachylooks about the same
10:23:29MarcAndersenWhat am I doing wrong? And why do we need this anyway if we already know it's the lun?
10:24:34speachyif we're lucky we'll see something going wrong (or there being something out-of-spec) in the handshake
10:24:54speachybut we don't know what (or why) Windows is deciding there's only one LUN worth talking to
10:25:32MarcAndersenNo, but can we do something about it at all, or should we forget about it entirely?
10:26:12speachyI'm asusming we can, but we don't know what it is that needs doing yet. Windows is mostly a black box, but like you said the Sansas work so it's presumably due to something on our end.
10:27:09speachyas for what oyu're doing wrong, my guess is that you're capuring on the wrong usb "bus" (vs what the X3 is plugged into)
10:28:04MarcAndersenThe first time I tried hub 1 and that was empty, but hub 2 showed something here in test2.pcap, didn't it?
10:30:19speachyit wsa the same chatter between the hub and the host, nothing else
10:31:10MarcAndersenThen I don't know. Maybe another windows user can step in, but just take your time, If it gets fixed that's great, and if not, it's not that big a deal.
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10:34:37speachyoh, one other question −− you said sansas work, did you them with roughly the same daily/nightly build as you're using on the X3? (Just to make sure it's not a general regression)
10:35:14MarcAndersenNo, 3.15. I will try my c250 with daily.
10:40:16MarcAndersenIt works on c250. Both drives.
10:40:43speachygood data point, thanks
10:41:40MarcAndersenBut now I have an invalid voice. I still hate that commit with the voice files, could we revert it?
10:43:02speachythere were a lot of hidden issues that were caused by voice (and language) files being out of sync with the core.
10:44:08MarcAndersenI like the new espeak voices much better that the old festival though
10:45:39speachyit's also a _lot_ faster to generate. I'm open to having things tweaked but we needed a good usable baseline
10:51:06MarcAndersenCan you put a danish espeak in? That would be good because my rockbox utility sapi thing is broke on my main machine
10:54:48speachyThe threshold for adding more auto-generated voices was the completness of he translation.
10:55:13speachydanish is only at ~75%
10:55:33speachyI think I had the threshold for voice generation at 95%
10:56:31MarcAndersenOh, we also need the number speaking fixed first so it says five and twenty instead of twenty five, for example.
10:57:05MarcAndersenUntil that's done there is really no need for it anyway
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11:29:00speachyas the saying goes, perfection is the enemy of good. Numeric ordering is a problem, but having a quarter of the UI strings untranslated is probably a bigger deal.. Alas, my language skills are limited to English and Bad English.
11:39:58speachyoh, speaking of numeric voicing. would "525000" be spoken as "five hundred twenty-five thousand" or "five hundred five and twenty thousand"
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11:48:53MarcAndersenthe last one
11:49:28MarcAndersenI think what we need to do is reverse the ones and the tens every time
11:49:37speachyso "625531" would be "six hundred five and twenty thousand five hundred one and thirty"
11:50:01speachythat does simplify things; we already group numbers in threes,
11:50:20MarcAndersenI do as well in my talking clock
11:50:22speachythere's just no way to signifgy in a language file that this ordering matters
11:50:39speachywell, that's fixable too. :)
11:51:21MarcAndersenI have it set up so that it looks for a specific file, and if it exists, it plays it one way, and if it doesn't it does it another way
11:51:48MarcAndersenBut that is not ideal in rockbox at all
11:54:05MarcAndersenSomething I am a bit concerned with is when we say 2021, should it be twenty one and twenty or two thousand one and twenty?
11:54:33speachydates don't follow the same numerical rules (in general, not speaking about rockbox specifically)
11:56:36speachybut RB currently reads it out numerically if it's < 1100 or >= 2000
11:57:14MarcAndersenI see
11:57:21speachyif it's in the middle it splits out the century (1931 => 19 31 and reads out each separately as numbers)
11:58:37speachythere's a ton of variation here, and... should we say "1931 as "nineteen one and thirty" for Danish?
11:58:49speachyor one thousand nine hundred one and thirty
12:00:24speachyor nineteen thirty
12:00:43speachy(and repeat these questions for every language / locale)
12:01:47MarcAndersenThe first one for the year, and the second one for normal numbers
12:09:46braewoodsspeachy: i prefer to read numbers myself but obvious not possible here :|
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20:48:25speachyso I'd appreciate some comments on g#3832
20:48:28rb-bluebotGerrit review #3832 at : talk: Add support for languages that swap the tens position in numbers by Solomon Peachy
20:49:11speachyone issue I need to fix still (marked in the code) but the basic approach is correct, I think,
21:06:06speachyassuming that there aren't more ways to handle numeric readback
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