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#rockbox log for 2021-09-22

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19:48:47dconradwhat's the feasibility of adding USB DAC capabilities to rockbox? It should be technically possible, I mean this patchset exists circa 2018:
19:49:18dconradI just wonder /how much/ work it would be, and how much of an overhaul it would require
19:49:49dconradit would be neat to add that capability to older devices that never would have it from the OF, too
19:51:11MarcAndersenDo you mean so the player shows as a sound card?
19:51:26MarcAndersenThat would be great!
19:51:31dconradit's a common feature on hifi-oriented devices
19:51:54MarcAndersenYes, my Olympus voice recorders does it too.
19:52:07dconradcan't say I personally use it often, but it's a neat feature
19:52:47MarcAndersenSure, then if you forget your usb sound card you could just use your player
19:54:05dconrador, in my case, your work computer has something wrong with the sound card where it's got a weird echo and you just want normal sound haha
19:55:34MarcAndersenExactly. I am really impressed over the xduoo x3's audio quality, I don't know if it's just me, but -25 db is wayyy louder on that than it is on my sansas.
19:57:40dconradit's very likely the x3 just has better circuitry/DAC - the x3 is aimed at more of an audiophile crowd, where sansas are/were meant more for a general consumer market
19:58:00dconradnot to say the sansas have /bad/ sound quality, but the x3 probably is just /better/
19:58:33MarcAndersenI think so too.
20:15:14speachyas that old patch put it, we need working/stable isocronous support in the core and in drivers
20:16:44speachythe x3 was built to be "high quality" with external DACs and amps, whereas the sansas IIRC used the SoC's DAC and headphone amp.
20:25:06speachyMarcAndersen: I think I have a solution done for the numeric readback, but I still need to test it out.
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21:06:13dconradrelated question to usb audio: would supporting USB digital out (i.e. external dacs) require full host support? Or would it also just need isochronous support
21:06:42dconradand getting the audio sent to all the right place, obvs
21:08:41dconradI finally figured out why the hifi walker's update image had references to spdif, they claim "optical out support" (with a usb adapter)
21:09:08dconradno mention of where to actually get the adapter though, of course
21:11:31speachywe'd need full host support.
21:11:44dconradah, yeah never mind on that then
21:12:24speachyit's not inherently difficult, just more code and programming the hardware differently
21:12:49speachy(assuming the hardware supports it −− the newer stuff does but the older stuff might not)
21:13:31speachyoh, for optical output you can probably buy a random sp/dif usb device. they're all "standard" USB audio class
21:14:56dconradI see
21:15:44dconradI recently discovered optical connections might be kind of neat - I've been wanting a desktop CD player, but they're all super expensive...
21:15:47speachythe Hifiwalker (well, pretty much all HibyOS-based) devices just rely on Linux's USB audio support.
21:16:19dconrad... come to find out some early portable CD players had optical out, so I'm going to try and get one and pair it up to a DAC/amp module for cheapo hifi
21:16:24speachydon't forget to get some oxygen-depleted gold-plated optical cables so you can minimize quality-sapping jitter.
21:16:32dconradoh obvs
21:17:01speachy(from your MP3s of over-produced auto-tuned pop music)
21:17:21dconradhaha 64kbit, only the best!
21:17:43speachyfor that authentic IDCT "warmth"
21:17:44dconradnah, but for real I don't think those CD players really had audio circuitry worth writing home about, so it should be a neat experiment
21:18:29dconradin any case it might have some "cool factor" to have a hifi desktop cd player
21:18:56dconradmight even do a 3d-printed stand/enclosure to make it one unit
21:19:25speachymy desk has a pair of car speakers mounted in enclosures made from PVC pipes, plugged into an amp board that lives inside a cigar box.
21:19:44dconradhaha proper jerry-rigging
21:19:55speachy(routed through an old nuReality Vivid 3D SRS processor box. Sounds _far far far_ better than it has any right to
21:20:28dconradnever mind the resonance nodes
21:20:29speachythe amp is one of the old tripath TA2024s.
21:21:56speachythe speakers are mounted in 4" -> 2" PVC reducers, with the base doubling as a bass port. A truly ghetto version of a Bose Wave speaker.
21:22:46speachybiggest problem is they're a little top-heavy and my cats keep knocking them off my desk. ;)
21:23:03dconradlol well, that's why they're PVC, right?
21:23:13dconraddurable, cheap to replace!
21:23:46speachyI had the speakers and I figured what the heck, it was worth the expirment.
21:25:03speachyI do want to redesign them as they're partially shielded by my monitor setup now.
21:25:36speachy(essentially do a 180 vertically)
21:26:18speachy(here's them put together before I painted 'em: )
21:26:41dconradhey, that's kinda neat lookin actually
21:27:02dconradI was gonna ask if you painted them, or just left raw PVC for that homemade look
21:27:13speachyspray-painted 'em black, of course
21:29:07speachy"computer speakers" are really crappy, and anything nice would have cost at least 4x what I put into this.
21:29:30speachybut I digress.
21:29:43dconradso... $4?
21:29:52dconrad(nah jk)
21:32:33speachyI had the speakers and most of the smaller PVC bits already.. Including the amp I probably spent about $40.
21:32:48speachyall-in, probably something like $80?
21:33:49dconradyeah, you really can't do better off the shelf for that kind of money than homebrew
21:34:12speachyI lack the skills (and equipment) needed to make something nice out of wood
21:34:33dconradheck, if you really wanted to you could probably tune them in with an audio recorder and a drill
21:34:55speachythe amp is the limiting factor
21:35:14speachy(Oh, and I'm using doorbell wire to connect it all together)
21:37:16dconradI typically limit my homebrew acoustic shenanigans to music equipment, where I can shoot more for "character" than "quality"
21:37:32speachyheh, "character"
21:37:53dconradI built a 1x12" speaker cab in college, and honestly it ended up sounding really kickass
21:38:15dconradI edge-glued solid pine boards and everything
21:39:34dconradit's currently paired to a chinese 5w amp that I cut down into a head, because the 8" speaker really didn't sound very good anyway
21:39:47speachyI wanted to make a laminate waveguile speaker enclosure using sheets of carefully-cut plywood
21:40:10dconradthat sounds like something you would have to math out
21:40:19speachywell, what I _Really_ want is a full c&c cutter/mill/lathe/etc etc
21:40:36dconrad$$$ haha
21:40:47speachyand a laser-sintering 3d printer
21:43:23speachybut looping back around to rockbox & spdif. the iriver devices supported it (in and out!) but I don't know if anything else ever did.
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22:18:43dconradif more x1000 devices end up getting ports, I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple with it, but they would probably be high-end models
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