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#rockbox log for 2021-09-24

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06:52:09speachyanyone here object if I take things down for an hour or so this coming Sunday?
06:52:42speachy(everything on www + builds + buildmaster)
07:12:22speachyDNS is likely to be the long tail again, but there are a lot of moving parts this time.
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07:25:08braewoodsspeachy: probably not
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11:38:01amachroniclooks like I was right about needing post-DMA cache flush on the x1000. I caught it red-handed in the USB storage driver.
11:38:43amachronicLinux also does post-DMA flush:
11:39:41amachronicgiven that the jz47xx are also xburst CPUs, I wonder if their drivers should be doing this as well.
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14:59:47_bilgusamachronic, likely..
15:00:34_bilgusI dont think we ever got the supplemental datasheet covering the dmas
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17:41:03MarcAndersenHi. Is it just me, or is the gigabeat s transfer speed very slow?
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17:52:32braewoodsMarcAndersen: when are you initiating the transfer
17:55:09MarcAndersenWhat do you mean?
17:56:43MarcAndersenAnd also it's shown as a ZF18-128 USB Device, shouldn't it be shown as rockbox intarnal storage usb device, or is that not on the gigabeat?
18:02:04braewoodsMarcAndersen: probably the name of the internal drive
18:04:08MarcAndersenThere are a lot of things on the internal storage: Content, firmware, devcert.dat, drmstore.dat, MediaLibrary.edb and MediaLibrary_thumbs.edb. Can I delete all of that junk or is some of it needed for rockbox?
18:05:14braewoodsprobably OF files. i would leave them.
18:05:59braewoodsif you try to transfer files, what do you get?
18:06:17braewoodsit may also help to try it from within rockbox vs the bootloader
18:07:20braewoodsyou should get between 10 and 20 megabytes a second
18:08:27MarcAndersenHmm, this time it transfers very quickly, it was only the first time it took 4 minutes to transfer a 200 mb file
18:08:41braewoodsif performance is still bad it might help to connect it to power while doing usb
18:08:48braewoodsthis unit can't charger from the usb port
18:09:22MarcAndersenNot if I set it to force?
18:09:50braewoodswon't matter afaik. the OF only charged from barrel jak.
18:10:06braewoodsyou're free to try it though
18:11:05braewoodsnormally i'd suggest using a power meter but that requires the ability to read it...
18:11:25braewoodsbut afaik the only power drawn in this case is to power the usb circuitry
18:11:36MarcAndersenThis is strange. Writing is super fast but reading is just crap
18:11:48braewoodsprobably caching
18:11:52braewoodsyou're on Linux?
18:12:24braewoodswell let me see how mtp fares
18:18:32MarcAndersenI have a read speed of 0.70 MB/Sec
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18:23:06braewoods10MB/s here from Linux, booted into RB
18:24:24MarcAndersenSorry I missunderstood your message, I am also in rb
18:27:54braewoodsstrange. 2MB/s read? i think i found the explaination.
18:28:14braewoodsit also sucks under Linux unless i specify a larger block size.
18:28:26braewoods(with an unmodified gigabeat S no less)
18:28:48MarcAndersenHow can I set the block size?
18:28:53braewoodssounds like windows is performing inefficient accesses
18:30:05MarcAndersenAnd why is it fast at writing and not reading? That makes no sense
18:31:30braewoodsactually it makes perfect sense. windows is probably buffering the writes.
18:31:40braewoodsthat means they aren't written to disk immediately
18:31:48braewoodsso it returns before it's fully written
18:32:00MarcAndersenCan I do anything about it?
18:32:24braewoodsi'm looking. under linux i could deal with it by specifying the IO size used for file transfers.
18:32:32braewoodsin my tests at least
18:33:09braewoodslong term this might be best solved with MTP since rockbox can at least choose a suitable IO configuration but for now this is what we have
18:34:36MarcAndersenHow do I get it into mtp?
18:35:04braewoodsyou don't. we don't have an MTP driver right now.
18:35:33MarcAndersenSo I can't do anything about it?
18:36:44braewoodsthere might be a solution though i know more about how Linux handles IO
18:41:48braewoodsMarcAndersen: what happens if you do this from a Linux host
18:45:25MarcAndersenI don't have one right here, and it's getting late here. I can try to set something up tomorrow.
18:48:25braewoodsok. i'll look into it.
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20:47:53MarcAndersenSorry if this is a stupid question, but why are some rock files only included with some player builds? For example there are many more on the gigabeat s than on the xduoo x3?
21:05:31_bilgusMarcAndersen, generally plugins are included / excluded based on criterion such as [screen size, color/ bit depth, plugin buffer size]
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21:07:36MarcAndersenOh, that's the reason, thnks
21:22:32dconradI did a discharge batterybench with gerrit patch 3822 applied, but apparently it didn't write to disk before shutting down :-(
21:22:56dconradtrying again, hopefully I get the full file this time
21:24:39dconradI only got 16 hours :-\
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22:32:54_bilgusperhaps the low battery shutdown didn't leave enough time to write the file? I thought it did all or nothing not in chunks
22:44:17dconradI think it writes at 1000 entries (~16 hours) and then when it shuts down
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