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#rockbox log for 2021-09-25

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08:17:30MarcAndersenI just tried reading a file with windows subsystem for linux from my gigabeat s, and there I get: 1364725939 bytes (1.4 GB, 1.3 GiB) copied, 93.9411 s, 14.5 MB/s. So clearly it isn't a fault in my player which I'm happy about.
08:25:11braewoodsMarcAndersen: good to hear
08:27:09MarcAndersenNow I have 5 rockboxes: c200, clip zip, nano 1g, xduoo x3 and gigabeat s.
08:30:51MarcAndersenHmm, now this doesn't make sense at all. Now windows reading is as fast as it should be, and I didn't change anything.
08:31:33braewoodscould be file caching.
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12:51:35MarcAndersenAre there prebuilt test plugins? I think it could be fun to test my different players, or do I need to build myself?
12:53:34nephii found a bug yesterday
12:54:06nephiapparently the part of the code that parses id3 tags doesn't sanitize properly
12:54:43nephithe modest mouse song "Tundra / Desert" causes playback to cease, and the id3 fields in now playing to show (root) (root)
12:56:54paulcarroty> Now I have 5 rockboxes: c200, clip zip, nano 1g, xduoo x3 and gigabeat s.
12:56:54paulcarrotyYou can create the rockbox family now.
12:57:28nephialso, of the rockbox capable devices, anyone know which ones have a good dac? the e250 is noisy af
12:58:49nephic'mon mailserver send me my reg confirmation so i can fill out my bug report :|
12:59:17MarcAndersenI also had clip+, nano 2g, ipod classic and ipod video.
13:02:53MarcAndersenOh, and the sansa connect which was dead when I received it.
13:03:30nephithat sucks
13:03:33MarcAndersenIsn't there a way to force the sansa connect to start?
13:03:58nephipwer for 20 sec
13:04:24nephialso this may be useful
13:05:24nephiany of you guys/gals/etc have an acct with the bugtracker?
13:05:38nephiits not sending emails apparenlty (or is obscenely slow)
13:06:50MarcAndersenDoesn't work. I think it's the battery which has been discharged by not being used in over 10 years. The player was in it's case. Is there a way to, like give the battery a power shock or something to get it going?
13:07:28nephiim assuming its a lipo pack in it right
13:08:41nephii bought a new in box e250 a month or so ago and was pleasantly surpised it booted
13:10:09MarcAndersenI also bought my c250 in a box, and it booted too.
13:10:39MarcAndersenBut this battery thing requires me to open the connect, and it has no screws or anything
13:11:05nephii didnt realize there were no screws on that one
13:11:27MarcAndersenBut it's worth trying when it's dead anyway.
13:11:43nephiyeah im assuming its small clips holding the case together or glue
13:11:45nephior both
13:11:57nephisandisk did that combo on the fuze
13:12:57nephiim kinda curious also about porting software to rockbox, if i could get commander genuis running in it id be very happy
13:13:31nephii dont see much in the way of idiots guides for such things though, and i am an idiot when it comes to porting sw
13:13:37nephior most things dev
13:22:31braewoodsnephi: rockbox has no standard C library really so it won't be easy.
13:27:49nephigood to know, ill give up now :P
13:32:48nephibraewoods, you dont happen to have an acct on the bugtracker do you?
13:33:07braewoodsi don't
13:33:14braewoodsi usually report issues here
13:33:22braewoodsthen again
13:33:31braewoodsdifferent situation
13:36:12nephity anyway
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15:03:45speachynephi: what was your username that you tried to register with?
15:04:49speachythe tracker was sending stuff out properly at least as of the 20th of September.
15:05:35speachyand nothing changed since then
15:09:32speachylooking at the mail logs I see the tracker trying to send an email to (but the host lookup failed) about the right time,
15:10:55speachyand a ongoing series of connection refused to
15:43:41nephiyeah lemme chekc my server then
15:43:44nephisaturnine is me
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16:39:30speachyyou used '' not ''
16:39:52nephilol i didnt get much sleep last night
16:43:09nephisorry to waste your time with my sheer stupidity
16:43:18speachyno problem
16:43:31speachythings are kinda in flux at the moment, but the tracker was one thing I hadn't made changes to yet
16:43:46speachydoesn't mean I didn't break something inadvertantly with the migration prep
16:44:05speachyI didn't get a chance to send out an announcement yesterday so I'm not sure < 24h notice is enough, bleh)
16:44:37gevaertsI'd say it's fine
16:45:20speachysoccer games and motor oil, oh my.
17:07:11speachyok, posted.
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17:27:07nephiwell, if i filled that out incorrectly, its already been established that im stupid
17:36:38speachyeh, typos happen
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18:01:23speachynephi: just to be clear, if you strip out the tags from the file, it plays properly?
18:02:46speachyoh, and another question −− have you tried a current nightly/dev build? the bug report says it was against 3.15
18:02:56speachy(I'd like to confirm it's not already fixed..)
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18:29:28dconradaha, got the full batterybench log this time
18:29:50dconradthe % battery field looks pretty linear with my patchset
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18:31:28dconradthe "time left" field seems to be wildly inaccurate though
18:39:25dconradnot sure what else we should look at before calling it good
18:40:02nephii haven't tried, will try and let you know. and yes 3.15
18:40:24dconradI figure the charge % curve probably is less important, I reckon people probably either grab it where it is because they're gonna use it either way, or they just let it charge to 100%
18:42:14nephiok now im really confused
18:42:26nephii got the bug to reproduce 3 times yesterday
18:42:28nephinow nothing
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18:59:00speachytime left is based on the current estimate
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18:59:38speachyie if you have a 2000mAh battery and the screen-off current is 20mA, you'll get 100h
19:01:07speachynephi: FWIW, current dev builds have a _lot_ of improvements; there's not really a good reason to use the 3.15 release any more (unless there's a bug in the newer stuff that we don't know about...)
19:01:34speachynephi: I'll close the ticket, feel free to re-open it if you can reproduce the problem (especially on a more recent built)
19:15:13speachy_bilgus, __builtin: you two had ssh keys on the old rockbox host; I moved them to the new host. The new credentials include sudo access as there's no non-rockbox stuff to protect on this VPS.
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19:18:02speachyand if you can see the new rb-logbot join message, you'll see the new hostname I picked. :D
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