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#rockbox log for 2021-09-26

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00:47:22_bilgus_speach y I don't even see a way to enable seeing join and leave on this client and don't have the ssh key on thsi machine but I should be able to get my dev machine set up by winter :p
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01:45:51sporkwhat is preventing a new 'stable' release? often the answer to any question is to use a dev build first. and there seems very little wrong with the current dev build for daily use.
01:54:20sporki am not underestimating the effort to do a new official release but current rockbox seems very solid.
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03:35:38whatforI'm getting nothing but 403 Forbidden on all things This a general project feature or more a specific visitor targeted feature?
03:58:27paulcarrotycan't reproduce
04:08:25whatforSo, specific visitors only. Well, that answers my question.
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04:11:49sporksome ranges are blocked because of spammers/bots
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04:18:57whatforApparently at least one false positive that you know of, now. And that's just the top of the iceberg of what's wrong with this approach. But, I'm not here to argue. I wondered if the project is dead. Apparently not, whoever runs the website went off the rails.
04:20:30whatforIt does mean that my rockbox-capable devices won't get updates or upgrades any time soon. Oh well.
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06:12:25braewoodsspeachy: is their ip even in the blacklist range
06:13:05braewoodssays netherlands
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07:34:21speachywhatfor: the IP you used to connect to IRC isn't in the www block list.
07:35:16speachyand, respectfully, grow the fuck up.
07:37:58sporkit is easier to complain than give better solutions
07:38:52speachyor "here's the IP I'm using, can you unblock me" is another approach
07:39:17speachyit might be an IP rang
07:39:27speachyIP range, it might be user agent string, who knows.
07:39:43speachydidn't provide enough information to actually act upon
07:40:49sporkquick, move the site before he returns!
07:42:27speachythe old and new sites have the same static block list/rules at the moment.
07:42:45speachythough the dynamic stuff IDS stuff is different
07:43:17speachy(same setup, but the blocklist is dependent on who tries to break in)
07:44:24sporki assumed so, i was not entirely serious
07:44:30speachyI intend to move at least parts of the www blocklist to the dynamic IDS but that'll come after all of this migration stuff is done (moving rockbox infra is only part of it)
07:44:58speachy(the dynamic stuff has the advantage of automatically purging entries after some period of time)
07:46:01speachykeeping a dynamic site on the public internet these days can be a _lot_ of work.
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07:50:29speachyespecially when foswiki is involved. clunky POS...
07:50:49speachy(well, foswiki 1.x; 2.x might be much improved)
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08:27:27_bilgus_spork a official release is a bunch of work builtin did the last two
08:28:21_bilgus_we need to get our collective crap together before we can, testing all the devices we claim to support for one..
08:28:43_bilgus_or removing targets w no coverage
08:32:43speachythere's one known regression at the moment, on 1st-gen sansa ams targets −− USB doesn't work right.
08:32:53speachybrought on by using -Os
08:33:46speachythough it probably needs retesting since amachronic fixed a couple of USB core issues
08:45:11spork_bilgus_: i get that. not underestimating it. but the standard answer to just about everything recently is 'try the latest dev build'. of course i have no idea how questions are spread over devices.
08:47:10speachyspork: We have pretty good basic smoke test coverage at this point; all but hte most esoteric targets are confirmed to at least boot up and play music.
08:47:50speachybut there are still some pretty large functional coverage gaps −− for example, that USB issue wasn't reported until just shy of a year after it was introduced.
08:51:00sporkpeople might be generally consirvative and stick to a release build. so it makes sense to be very sure they work.
08:51:28speachybut we don't know about issues if folks don't test things. :/
08:53:58sporki only have 3 ams v2 sansa's
08:54:03sporkso no help there
08:54:15speachyyeah, my only working sansas are v2s
08:55:01speachyI have a fuzev1 but only the power/hold switch works thanks to a damaged ribbon cable.
08:57:43paulcarrotyspeachy I have fuze1
08:57:56speachyso I get one shot and then I'll never be able to write to the device ever again. :/
08:59:05paulcarrotygot another issue: 10% battery after 1h charging. after charger reconnect: 20%. after another reconnect: 16%.
08:59:50_bilgus_its based on the voltage level
08:59:52speachythat's an issue inherent to rechargable batteries, alas.
09:00:11paulcarrotyso the battery dying?
09:00:11_bilgus_so perhaps the battery is flaky or even the adc
09:00:36speachythere's a voltage bounce around charging/discharging transitions.
09:01:27paulcarrotyanyway, you can ping me when usb fix will arrive to ams1
09:01:37speachypaulcarroty: there were some fixes committed last weekend; I don't think they'd affect UMS but it's worth confirming things are still broken
09:02:17_bilgus_doesn't mean its got no time left but maybe don't discharge it so far down DoD is a very important thing to liion
09:02:31speachy(I really want to get a USB sniff of the failure, but again, whatever I write to my fuzev1 will be the last thing I ever write to it...)
09:02:31_bilgus_depth of discharge
09:02:57_bilgus_why not solder some switches in?
09:03:17paulcarrotyOK, will test the last build later
09:05:59sporkpower switch of my fuze v2 is just about the worst thing about it
09:06:17paulcarrotydoes anybody know where I can find fuze battery width, length & height?
09:06:25sporkthen again, it has been through the laundry twice and still works so i cannot really complain
09:08:53speachy_bilgus_: I don't think I could have ever soldered someting that fine, even in my more misguided youth.
09:10:30speachyand while I think I can bribe someone at work to do this for me, it'll probably cost me more in bribe^H^H^H^H^Hbeer than it would cost to just replace the damn thing.
09:10:40sporkpaulcarroty: i would google a fuze battery replacement video
09:11:29paulcarrotyspork: only fuze+ available
09:12:06speachygimme a seco, I'll measure one of the batteries from my pile of broken dreams.
09:14:08sporkmany fuze+ indeed
09:15:33speachypaulcarroty: 37x42mm, 3.8mm thick. which seems to match what's printed on it.
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09:15:48speachythough the wiki says it's a 35x42mm (perhaps the v1 is slightly smaller?)
09:16:00paulcarrotyspeachy: huge thanks
09:16:26sporkoh, have 4 ams v2's. forgot my clip zip.
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09:19:44MarcAndersenHi. I am trying to build a win32 simulator but get the error /home/marc/rockbox/uisimulator/common/filesystem-sim.c:579: undefined reference to `os_modtime' I remember getting it before and I think there was a patch for it, can someone confirm this?
09:21:31MarcAndersenAnd if so please point me in the right direction?
09:24:15speachycross compiling/mingw, cygwin?
09:24:34MarcAndersenlinux, mingw
09:25:37speachywow, found my orignal clip+ with the fried flash. thought I'd tossed it.
09:26:16speachyMarcAndersen: I recall beating my head against the win32 sim build a while ago but decided I'd rather go scrub the bathrooms.
09:26:42MarcAndersenBut it worked a few months ago
09:26:51MarcAndersenWithout a patch I think
09:28:20speachythe simplest thing to do is create a stub no-op function for os_modtime in the win32 sim code.
09:30:28speachyor #ifdef away the call to os_modtime for windows builds
09:32:23speachyMarcAndersen: try g#3833
09:32:27rb-bluebotGerrit review #3833 at : win32: Add a stub for os_modtime() to make sim builds happy by Solomon Peachy
09:33:27paulcarrotyspeachy found , says 39.40 x 39.80 x 3.90mm, probably this is v2
09:33:41speachywhat probably broke this was adding support to the simulator for modtime().. which happened this past July
09:34:10speachyyep, in commit d6dcb996847
09:34:27speachythat's going to be a bit too large, in every dimension
09:34:42MarcAndersenCan we revert it at some point?
09:35:13MarcAndersenAnd I'm not running wsl, it's ubuntu server
09:35:27speachywith that patch the build gets much further then blows up with strtol issues in the calculator plugin
09:36:01speachypaulcarroty: I wonder if that might not be a fuze+ battery instead.
09:36:16MarcAndersenYes, at that time I couldn't build calculator, that's right.
09:36:37speachywell, some of the reviews claim it's a litlte larger but still fits. so... up to you to take that chance..
09:37:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 38b2648f48, 303 builds, 11 clients.
09:37:34speachyMarcAndersen: I committed the patch, jut grab latest git code and try again.
09:37:59speachyprobably should have held off on this until after the infra move but eh, I guess we'll find out what difference the reworked build scores made.
09:38:40speachyI should probably add a token windows sim build to the regression farm.
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09:39:31MarcAndersenIt's running now
09:40:53MarcAndersenAnd it built!
09:41:08speachywhat target?
09:41:32MarcAndersenI thought it was because i ran rockboxdev yesterday to enable mips in order to compile for my x3
09:41:35sporkwindows sim builds well on wsl on windows 10
09:41:57MarcAndersenI just tried a nano 1g
09:42:00sporkat least for fiio m3k and shanling q1
09:42:21speachythe x3 is what failed in my just-now sim build test
09:48:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 681 seconds.
09:48:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 38b2648f48 result: All green
09:53:52speachymuch better efficiency, yay.
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10:05:56MarcAndersenI can build a win32 sim of the x3 here
10:10:05speachyeveryone: please hold off on any new commits for the time being; I'm starting data syncing early.
10:13:54speachystarting with the buildmaster
10:14:06speachysince it's a pretty large database
10:15:34MarcAndersenWhat is data syncing in this case?
10:16:14speachymigrating databases from one machine to another
10:16:46MarcAndersenSo you are moving the git server or what?
10:16:58speachygit was moved a couple of weeks ago
10:17:16MarcAndersenWhat are you moving now?
10:17:28speachythis is for our automated build system; it gets notified by gerrit when commits occur and generates all of the dev builds (among other per-commit tasks)
10:17:49speachyI'm moving everything accessible via,, and
10:18:05MarcAndersenOh. When do you think it's done and functioning?
10:18:37speachya couple of hours; mostly a matter of waiting for DNS to update.
10:19:07speachybuildmaster is self-contained and is safe to move as long as nobody does a commit to git.
10:19:11MarcAndersenWow. You are moving the domain? That's a lot of work. Why are you moving it?
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10:19:29braewoodsMarcAndersen: hosting changes is the usual reason
10:19:30speachy(actually it's safe to make commits, it's just that the builds won't get triggered)
10:19:51speachyMarcAndersen: the server everything is/was on is getting evicted, and its new home won't have the bandwidth to support rockbox's needs.
10:20:12speachyso all rockbox stuff is getting moved to a cloud-hosted VPS.
10:20:18MarcAndersenWow. Good luck then.
10:34:19yangDo you guys need a packages mirror ?
10:35:37speachynope, we're fine in that regard.
10:35:53yangspeachy: where are the mirrors listed?
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10:38:02yangif you use Fosshost for builds, do they also offer mirorrs ?
10:44:45speachyyep, all of the above
10:45:10speachybuildmaster is now switched btw.
10:46:10speachyso is irc logging.
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11:02:12paulcarrotyalso sourceforge, osdn
11:07:36yangsourceforge and osdn also provide mirrors ?
11:07:45yanghm ok
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11:18:05speachyyang: mirrors aren't really necessary at this point in time, at least not enough to be worth the admin overhead.
11:19:05speachyafter capping off the worst of the bots (which we needed to do for DoS purposes) we're about 250-300GB/mo typically.
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11:20:08yangI am thinking about starting a mirroring project on a hobbyist scale (I would eventually like to expand it with more servers and harddrives)
11:20:36yangit's probably something that doesn't bring any value
11:20:44yangso, it cannot be commercialised
11:21:25speachydoing anything on a small scale these days is nearly impossible to commercialize.
11:22:29yangI already sponsor a few mirror, but I would like to cluster all of them later under one big directory, so the user could just click directories and be able to browse files
11:23:25yangthere are however fosshost, SF etc. which managed to get sponsorships, so they could expand their service, they provide some monetary value
11:24:05yangI could prbably only get sponsorships in the terms of sponsored hardware or bandwidth or such....
11:24:31yangI haven't really tried launching the project, but it's on my mind
11:34:09speachybest of luck
11:36:34nephihrm, ideas from the peanut gallery, but, how hard would it be to build a purpose built mp3 player with the intention of running rockbox on it? kinda like the pine64 projects....
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11:38:05speachytl;dr: quite hard. :)
11:38:07yangthanks speachy
11:38:32speachythe really expensive part is the physical enclousure.
11:38:55speachysince you have to pay for the tooling costs upfront.
11:39:04paulcarrotyyang "it cannot be commercialised" you can sell your traffic to advertisers. doubt you can earn a lot, probably cover your internet bill plus couple $ over
11:39:24speachy3d printing is okay for prototypes but doesn't scale (economically) for serial production
11:39:58nephiserial production wasnt in the plans
11:40:17nephithe idea was more a parts list. i dont care about selling them really
11:40:41nephii just have an emotional attachment to this project and dont want to ever not have a rockbox pmp
11:40:47speachyin that case you're probably best off starting with the likes of an RPi Zero and bolting on some accessories (dac, display, buttons, battery)
11:41:15nephiyeah thats huge tho
11:42:08speachybut rhere are devices stillb eing produced that work fine.
11:43:01speachy....okay, all data is synchronized. just waiting for the clock to strike 12 to flip DNS and mark the old sites as retired.
11:43:48nephihrm, the unipi zulu is tiny
11:50:56speachytemporary redirect rules and DNS changes staged. 10 minutes until go.
11:53:09paulcarrotypine64 cheating with production. they do hardware releases with alpha-stage software. well, anyway better than nothing.
12:04:03yangpaulcarroty: how do you sell traffic to advertisers? like placing banner on the main site ?
12:13:57speachyok, everything is done. now it's just a matter of DNS.
12:19:40yangpaulcarroty: nevermind the question
12:34:13paulcarrotyyang: stuff like
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13:58:30dconradI wonder if the best option for longetivity is really the ipod 5g... parts are plentiful, relatively easy to open, and afaik, no parts that tend to wear out beyond the battery, which is easy to source
13:58:51dconradprobably serviceable for many years to come
14:10:44_bilgus_nephi we need coders, documentation, helpers on the forums, new blood in any area is welcome :)
14:11:54nephii can help with docu, helping on forums. i am not a programmer though.
14:14:25_bilgus_the documentation is so out of sorts between manuals, forums, wiki plenty of things that no longer apply or have changed since 3.1
14:17:34nephii cannot start on anything today, as ive got a toddler but i can start looking at it this week
14:19:47_bilgus_what you work on is your choice :)
14:21:49nephikinda a funny thing, some of the sansa e250r branded boxes actually contained regular e250
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15:03:29amachronici've got USB DMA working on the M3K and Q1. hopefully I didn't break anything else in the process :)
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15:26:16paulcarrotyspeachy: tested master build on fuze - still no USB mass storage
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15:51:05yangamachronic: when sticking in the Sony headphones into m3k, I need to push quite hard that it connects, do I have the right jack for the plug ?
15:51:39yangI get the sound though
15:53:36amachronicit's a normal 3.5mm jack, as far as I know.
16:18:51amachronicspeachy, _bilgus: USB stuff is up on gerrit now, review / testing would be appreciated! everything appears to work good on my end.
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17:01:21_bilgus_amachronic I have the Clip+ zip and fuze v2 I should be able to get testing by mid week
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17:09:20braewoods_bilgus_: you seem to know the Rockbox ui better than most. how well would it translate to a widget based system like GTK+
17:09:30braewoodsor does it need a low level drawing canvas to even work?
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17:22:36speachyjust as a quick sanity check, the www site working for everyone?
17:23:05speachyamachronic: awesome, thanks for a nice split-up series
17:23:45MarcAndersenIt works here.
17:25:47nephiworks here
17:31:47_bilgus_braewoods, No idea how you would use a windowed GUI on most of these devices I'm sure you could leverage your own widgets but by the time you did all that i'm not so sure itd be worth it .. Not that I haven't considered options, buttons and checkboxes
17:32:17braewoods_bilgus_: ah, i was asking for a new port. an alternative to SDL I guess.
17:33:01braewoodsi wasn't sure how flexible the existing setup is for mapping to a widget based toolkit.
17:33:31braewoodssome people are asking for a pinephone / pinetab port of rockbox. GTK+ is one way to achieve that.
17:35:40_bilgus_It probably wouldnt be too terrible once you got the differences between device displays smoothed out ( a lot still spills out needs better abstraction)
17:36:24speachythey don't want a "port" of rockbox, they want rockbox with a native UI appropriate to that sort of device.
17:38:08speachybut it's probably worth redoing our SDL port to use SDL2 now.
17:38:27*speachy pages Mr. Somebody.
17:39:43braewoodsspeachy: which for a pinephone would best be done with a toolkit that can be modified by the regular themes at work.
17:39:52MarcAndersenI am having a bit of crackling sound from the voice on my clip zip which is not on my other players, like very small pause clicks in the speech. Can you reproduce this?
17:41:34MarcAndersenIt mostly happens when reading long things, like the playing time screen or the rockbox info screen.
17:42:15braewoodsalthough to be honest i don't see a lot of value in what amounts to a desktop port
17:42:34braewoodsthere's plenty of other good audio players for desktop Linux
17:43:20speachyit's the same argument against a port to that bluetooth SoC −− it's a lot of work, for something that shares little commonality with the rest of the codebase.
17:44:53speachyand you might as well use native widgets for the WPS too, with proper native touchscreen interfacing instead of what we do.
17:45:46braewoodswell if doing GTK+, the toolkit handles all that crap for us.
17:46:29speachywhy put our own absractions on top of gtk's?
17:46:49braewoodseven so i'd prefer to just use deadbeef
17:47:19braewoodsit basically does everything rockbox does in a desktop app
17:47:43speachyit'll be less work to build a new media player from scratch using GTK/QT/whatever.
17:47:57speachythey also have their own accessibility approaches
17:48:17speachythe entire user interaction paradigm is different from what we target.
17:48:36braewoodsi still appreciate pine's efforts though. we do have a legitimate problem with finding new hardware to target.
17:49:50braewoodsthe SoC they showed us had more RAM than I expected.
17:49:56braewoods1MB rougjhly.
17:50:27braewoodsprobably enough for a stripped down core but not much else.
17:51:08braewoodsi'm just puzzled. 1MB is the best they can do? i know router SOCs with more RAM than that.
17:51:28braewoodsmy microuter n300 has 128MB ...
17:51:38braewoodsit's a mediatek chip even.
17:51:41speachyis it on-package?
17:51:48speachythere ya go
17:51:51braewoodsi believe
17:51:57speachythis is 1MB on-chip SRAM
17:52:04braewoodswith no option for external ram
17:52:19braewoodsmost of the time DRAM is external anyway
17:52:27speachythere are SoCs that have on-package DRAM (eg the ingenic ones, allwinner FC1xx and V3/V3s)
17:52:38speachybut they all cost more
17:53:09braewoodswell we basically need a modest amount of RAM to give the full experience
17:53:49speachythere are SoCs that use stacked RAM-on-top-of-package (eg the SoC used by the RPi)
17:54:22braewoodsit's funny how the RPi has 2GB of RAM but the board only costs $35
17:54:27braewoodsgo figur
17:54:48speachythey've cost-optimized the heck out of it, managed to get preferential pricing, and of course, have pretty large volumes
17:55:14braewoodsyea, a lot more of those floating around than pine stuff
17:55:38braewoodsalmost makes me wonder if a pi zero would be a good board for rockbox
17:56:15speachyit's a good start, but needs a lot more to be usable.
17:56:46braewoodsporting rockbox to work on a rpi to replace a regular linux setup would be a good start to developing a custom hardware solution
17:57:11braewoodslots of accessories and options for them
17:57:32braewoodspi zero being the end goal, ideally.
17:57:47braewoodsthe existing video stuff could be used to drive a screen
17:57:54braewoodsgpio for buttons
17:58:05speachyover hdmi sure, but that's expensive.
18:01:30speachyI do think that in the end it's going to take arranging for an exising OEM to crank out a large batch that we pay for in advance, and eventually sell to whomever wants it.
18:02:04speachya sufficiently large order and we'll probably get complete schematics and our logo on the case.
18:02:33speachyand then we'll find out just how much of a market there truly is for a rockbox player.
18:03:46braewoodsprobably not enough if existing data is anything to go by
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18:15:09speachymy wild-ass guess is a few hundred units.
18:15:49speachymaybe more if it's in the $60-80 range.
18:23:56speachythe only things still hitting the old site are bots
18:27:09nephiid buy 2
18:27:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d98c9e6b2, 303 builds, 11 clients.
18:28:06speachyok, let's see how everything fares. :D
18:29:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 86 seconds.
18:29:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6d98c9e6b2 result: 303 errors 0 warnings
18:29:28speachy....quite badly!
18:33:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d98c9e6b2, 303 builds, 11 clients.
18:34:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 69 seconds.
18:34:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6d98c9e6b2 result: All green
18:35:14MarcAndersenHow could it build so fast? Doesn't it normaly take 10 minutes?
18:36:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d98c9e6b2, 303 builds, 8 clients.
18:36:31speachya permission problem in the upload directory
18:40:38 Quit TorC (Quit: Vanishing into the mist)
18:40:53 Join TorC [0] (~Tor@fsf/member/TorC)
18:45:34speachyit's still screwed up, working on fixing. there will be another attempt on this in a bit.
18:47:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 691 seconds.
18:47:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6d98c9e6b2 result: All green
19:03:23rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d98c9e6b2, 303 builds, 11 clients.
19:03:29speachythird try's the charm, I hope.
19:12:59 Quit petur (Remote host closed the connection)
19:13:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 616 seconds.
19:13:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6d98c9e6b2 result: All green
19:16:54***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
19:30:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6d98c9e6b2, 303 builds, 11 clients.
19:31:32speachybraewoods: you're getting a fatal error to build some stuff. sansaclipboot was what blocked you
19:31:53braewoodsspeachy: log?
19:32:04speachythat's what the server reported based on what your client reported.
19:32:34speachy" Fatal build error: Command not found. Blocking meh-braewoods. " when handed 'sansaclipboot'
19:32:54speachyso try to build that by hand and see what pops out
19:38:24braewoodsi'll wait for an idle period
19:41:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 645 seconds.
19:41:28rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6d98c9e6b2 result: All green
19:49:38speachythere, fixed the last straggler.
19:50:00speachyall future builds will be fine
21:07:24 Quit MarcAndersen (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:16:57 Quit nephi (Remote host closed the connection)
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22:45:10 Quit Moriar (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
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