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#rockbox log for 2021-09-27

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06:38:30speachyforgot to enable the nightly build/manual/voice cronjobs...oops! Re-running them by hand now, so far so good.
06:39:28speachythis nightly stuff (especially voice builds) will be where we see the main impact from the reduced CPU performance vs the old host.
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07:15:30speachyall finished. everything took under an hour.
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07:40:50braewoodsspeachy: found the issue. maybe it's time to transition our python scripts to 3. it was complaining about missing python install. debian only ships python3 by default now. it's still available but who knows for much longer.
07:41:57braewoodsok. installed the packages to keep it building.
07:43:15braewoodsi'll clean up after I confirm this is working
07:43:47braewoodsbuilder back online here
07:44:25braewoodsthe distributions i've been using have made it clear they're phasing out python 2.
07:44:40braewoodsit's probably a good idea to make sure we're ready for a python 3 only future.
07:45:29braewoodsi can work on that later this week when i'm done with some more urgent projects
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08:35:42MarcAndersenWill you still be doing voice builds in the future, because if not I'll have to do it when I update.
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08:48:07braewoodsMarcAndersen: i doubt it. they're expensive so they'll probably be done on a different schedule.
08:48:48MarcAndersenMaybe you could set it to only english?
08:52:12braewoodsask speachy; i don't deal with infrastructure stuff like this.
08:52:20braewoodsi just provide some builders.
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08:59:07speachybraewoods nothing in the builds or infra should use python2 −− I don't even have py2 installed on any of my builders at the moment.
08:59:35speachywhat specifically broke? Or was it just a missing symlink to /usr/bin/python ?
08:59:57braewoodsspeachy: missing symlink. i assumed it was expecting python2 since that was python2 for a long time.
09:02:12speachyhmm, it's the script. Really should rewrite that in perl so nothing in the normal build flow needs python.
09:03:07speachyor better yet, ditch it altogether.
09:03:15braewoodswhat does it do even?
09:04:04speachytries to force thumb mode for certain ARM targets, and if it fails, retry without it.
09:04:47braewoodsdoes it help with any of them? it sounds like something we could just configure on a per target basis
09:05:10speachyit's likely a holdover from older toolchains that didn't handle things reliably
09:06:05speachyor, possibly, some specific source files (probably external stuff we pulled in) aren't thumb-clean and this was deemed the simplest way to handle it.
09:07:10braewoodsto put it bluntly, this script looks like something we could do in shell if it was important to keep
09:07:31braewoodsit basically does some argument manipulation and pipeline setup.
09:07:34braewoodsstuff shell is designed for.
09:07:37speachyclipv1, m200v4, c200v2 only (ie really resource-constrained ams v1 targets)
09:11:31speachyso the script always turns on -mthumb-interwork, and tries to compile with -mthumb, and if that fails, recompiles without it.
09:13:18speachyand... boom, yeah, it's inline asm that's getting us in random places.
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09:17:25braewoodsspeachy: i'll see if i can write a shell replacement
09:17:52speachyshell's gonna be pretty ugly
09:18:17braewoodstrue but not many options.
09:18:18speachyperl's going to be a lot closer to a 1:1 mapping of how this already works, and we already need perl.
09:18:46braewoodsok, then you give it a whirl then.
09:19:00braewoodsi don't know perl well enough
09:36:32MarcAndersenI found out that the voice crackling only happens when my clip zip is running on battery and not when it's connected, how can that be?
09:37:59speachy....current draw?
09:39:16MarcAndersenit's on 412e76b487
09:50:24_bilgus_MarcAndersen, likely your device needs the voltage level for the processor increased by a bit, my guess would be that its browning out on high cpu activity
09:53:06MarcAndersenHow do I do that? That sounds like it
10:00:46MarcAndersenWill this be merged into master at some point?
10:01:36MarcAndersenSo that means that from now on I need to build everything myself?
10:02:02_bilgus_if that works then Ill up it a bit till its reliable that patch maxes em out
10:02:52_bilgus_figure it decreases the playtime of every clip zip so try to keep it minimal, although this would be the reason I wanted to make it a setting
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10:08:03_bilgus_its likely CVDD1 the last item in that patch, currently the zip is at 20 it likely needs to be 22, thats the easy one
10:09:05MarcAndersenSorry, but I don't remember exactly how to apply a patch.
10:11:48_bilgus_dont forget the path stripping -(p0 p1 p2 p3)
10:11:59MarcAndersenI get that, but what do I need to download from the Gerrit page?
10:12:58_bilgus_ah thats chnaged since I last did it in getrrit goto download patch and see the link at lower left?
10:13:18_bilgus_says: patchfile
10:13:29_bilgus_grab the one ending in .zip
10:14:35_bilgus_then unzip that to your rockbox source directory
10:15:22_bilgus_and finally use patch -p[0,1,2] < thatfileyouunzipped.patch
10:15:56_bilgus_or jut do the chnages by hand these aren't big patches or anything
10:17:38MarcAndersenThanks. this Gerrit thing is not that accessible with a screen reader
10:18:39braewoodsMarcAndersen: it's a system for development change management. not too surprised by that unfortunately.
10:19:34_bilgus_its not much more accessible with sight, not much liking the new gerrit but progress!
10:20:35braewoodsisn't it funny how progress can end up being a regress instead
10:22:34speachy_bilgus_: can you fire off a build for him?
10:22:46MarcAndersenIt says patch: **** strip count '[0,1,2]' is not a number
10:22:56_bilgus_sorry its just one of them
10:23:03_bilgus_either p0 p1 p2
10:23:17MarcAndersenWhat's the difference?
10:23:29_bilgus_I can do a build at luch time (4 hours from now
10:23:45_bilgus_it strips the first part of the paths
10:23:53_bilgus_p0 does no stripping
10:24:04_bilgus_p1 strips the first directory p2 the second
10:24:31_bilgus_so /A/b/c -p would be /a/b/c p1 would be /b/c p2 would be /c/
10:25:13MarcAndersenI applied it
10:25:48_bilgus_it'll fail if the paths don't match so if successful it sould sat succeeded
10:26:47_bilgus_then if that works let me know and we can try and minimize the runtime hit while keeping your hardware happy
10:26:50MarcAndersenIt's building now
10:27:17MarcAndersenFrom the latest master + the patch
10:27:35_bilgus_you should be able to use the current voice file then
10:28:09MarcAndersenI don't think so because that was the build that started with 412
10:28:10_bilgus_really you just need to copy the .sansa file to the .rocbox directory
10:28:38MarcAndersenBut I can build one myself
10:29:06_bilgus_not sure what 412 means but if you are on master we didn't change enough to make it not match the stuff up on
10:29:58_bilgus_likely you don't even need to use the zip file just copying the .sansa file to the .rockbox directory is enough
10:30:13speachyhe's referring to commit 412e76b
10:30:13_bilgus_(with small chnages)
10:30:39speachy(not sure what previously worked. but very little has meaningfully changed on a performance front in a while...)
10:31:04_bilgus_ah its not been built yet, then yes probably need to do your own
10:31:31MarcAndersenIt's building all the rocks, it takes a lot of time.
10:32:22_bilgus_yes I used to do my own builds like the build server to test things but itd take me 6-8 hours
10:32:51_bilgus_my new rig is probably a bit faster than that but still
10:36:06MarcAndersenIt didn't work
10:36:27MarcAndersenI mean it still has some crackling
10:44:47_bilgus_well thats not it then
10:46:38_bilgus_I didn't hear any artifacts in my build on the player (likely a month old or so)
10:46:52_bilgus_I'll try tonight an reproduce it at head
10:47:48MarcAndersenIt's mostly when it reads long things like playing time or version number
10:48:21_bilgus_maybe a buffer underrun IDK
10:48:38speachywonder if we're not boosting the CPU?
10:48:51speachybut when we're plugged in we're always (or more often) boosted?
10:48:55_bilgus_I think it does automatically
10:50:08_bilgus_but idk about the plugged vs unplugged I dont think it has that logic inbuilt
10:50:35_bilgus_but the cpu boost / unboost might be a possibility
11:11:27braewoodsspeachy: very plausible. i recall dmix causing crackling if the host cpu couldn't handle it.
11:12:45braewoodscrackling could also mean trying to do more than the cpu can handle in realtime
11:13:05braewoodsMarcAndersen: what kind of audio files are you trying to play
11:13:15braewoodsmaybe we could formats that are known to be less demanding
11:13:54MarcAndersenIt does it even when nothing is playing, that was the first thing I tried.
11:14:19braewoodsoh, ok that means it's either not present or an issue in addition to another.
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11:35:47saratogaI think audio problems are more likely to be an analog voltage problem than a CPU core voltage, since if the CPU isn't getting enough voltage you are going to crash really quickly
11:36:30saratogavoltage are generated from internal regulators, so they should not matter if you are on battery or external power unless something has gone very wrong
11:36:55saratogado any of the voltages in the debug screen actually measure different when on internal vs external power?
11:37:03saratogaand does the distortion depend on the player's volume level?
11:37:42MarcAndersenWe don't have speech in the debug menu, so I can't tell. We really should have that.
11:38:04MarcAndersenAnd it's not destortion, it's small pauses in the speech
11:38:29saratogathat sounds like a CPU load issue
11:39:21saratogai can't think of any reason that would depend on the external power though
11:41:19MarcAndersenIt works perfectly when plugged in, but as soon as I disconnect it it does it again, even in the middle of a speakout
11:43:12saratoga_bilgus_: does the boost behavior change when running on external power?
11:44:04saratogaMarcAndersen: if you push a button or similar to wake up the UI does the effect change?
11:44:42MarcAndersenWhat do you mean to wake up the ui?
11:45:09saratogawhen you push a button the screen will turn on and the CPU will boost up to a higher speed (unless that has changed)
11:45:51MarcAndersenBut I have to be in a menu to make it happen, it's while it reads some numbers and stuff
11:46:38saratogai see, so should already be boosted
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13:36:26speachyamachronic's usb control api rework is quite nice
13:36:37speachyabout halfway through it, finally getting to the meat
13:37:21edhelasis there some impact on stability/performances ?
13:46:50speachyperformance, no, but there were a lot of corner cases in the old code that didn't quite work properly, leading to flaky initial USB enumeration and so forth
13:47:07speachyif nothing else the new code is far cleaner and maintainable.
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14:07:32sporkfor the x1000's there is performance
14:08:40whatfordifferent browser, different OS, same IP address, and the forbidden complaints from the website go away. so now I have to use chrome on windows instead of firefox on linux to access the site. it's a different iceberg, but it's still wrong.
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14:14:53speachyyep, whatfor, it's wrong, but it's not rockbox's wrong. You would be well advised to get your own house in order before casting shade on others.
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14:28:02bilgus_phI've been using Firefox on Linux to access and I'll for at least the last 2 year
14:28:44bilgus_phSaratoga I don't think we boost more on external power I'll double check this evening when I try and repro and ILK* I guess my phone doesn't like that word
14:40:08speachyyeah, that's all I ever access it with.
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14:41:42speachyand besides, still hasn't provided an IP for us to investigate anything on our end. so, whatever.
14:55:11paulcarrotyfound a battery for fuze (maybe good for + too) -
15:01:27speachythe '41' is supposed to be the thickness. :D
15:04:01paulcarrotySize: 3.83541mm
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15:53:59braewoodsspeachy: evidently 'whatfor' isn't interested in getting to the bottom of it. oh wow.
15:54:43braewoodsif a different browser works it's probably not an IP block.
15:55:01braewoodsstill without knowing more
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17:28:40speachybraewoods: there are some rules blacklisting firefox versions older than v60 (thank you, bots) but anyone using a >3 year-old browser to do anything online is asking for a world of hurt.
17:29:05speachy(heck, I don't think v60 will work with our SSL certificate anyway!)
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19:12:29amachronici wonder if supporting UASP would be a good idea.
19:12:56amachronicin addition to our current mass storage driver
19:14:21speachythe main reason to support USAP with it is offers better theoretical performance. But we're not exactly limited by MSP's bottlenecks.
19:15:35amachronicfrom some basic profiling I did it seems about 60% of the time is spent in IO with the USB bus idle.
19:16:24amachronici can't understand how linux is pipelining the IO on the M3K's OF. unless it just sits in cache?
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20:18:07dconradis there an easy way to get a rough benchmark of usb speeds?
20:18:14dconradon linux/macos
20:22:59dconradfio seems to be the popular tool
20:31:19speachydconrad: running 'dd' is probably a good start for raw throughput.
20:31:28speachyit won't get any faster than that
20:32:03dconradI'm historically pretty wary of dd, do you have an easy test command?
20:32:14dconrad(pretty sure you can do some real damage with it)
20:32:18speachyas long as you don't swap the input and output.. :)
20:32:47speachyeg 'dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null bs=2K count=1024K'
20:33:09speachy(1024 2K blocks, for a total of 2MB)
20:33:31speachythat'll give you read speeds. obviously writes are more difficult to benchmark
20:33:37dconradhmm, I'll try it
20:33:41speachydue to inherent destructiveness
20:34:04speachyoh, one caveat −− Linux will cache reads, so if you run the exact thing again you'll find it magically FAST
20:34:04dconradI tried fio but got like 54 B/s, which can't be right
20:34:16dconradwe'll see what happens on macos
20:34:48speachyyou can add skip=NNN to pick a different starting block offset
20:35:12dconrad9.5 MB/s, it gave me
20:35:17dconradseems low?
20:35:57 Join ZincAlloy [0] (
20:36:43dconradlooks like macos caches same as linux, subsequent reads gave 229 MB/s and then 437 MB/s
20:37:17speachythat's not too bad, actually
20:38:48dconradlet's try 4MB... 9.7 MB/s again
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20:54:54_bilgusMarcAndersen, I think I hear it its like bit of sizzle on the end of some of the words?
20:58:01_bilgusIdk it doesn't change for me when I put it on charge though
20:58:38_bilgusI wonder if it could be a bad sd card?
20:58:48MarcAndersenLet me take it out
20:59:22MarcAndersenNo change
21:00:06_bilgusIf I really listen hard I can hear a electrical noise like the sound a motor makes when stalled
21:00:21_bilgusjust sometimes though
21:00:21MarcAndersenCan you try to let it read the system info?
21:01:04MarcAndersenTry the build number for example, or the free space
21:01:12_bilguswhen it did battery level from system I heard a hesitation lets see if it does it again
21:01:40_bilgusyeah on first entry to the menu I can hear a click
21:01:49_bilguslets see if it changes on charge
21:03:44_bilgusMarcAndersen, if you put it on charge and exit the menu then re enter does it do it
21:04:08_bilgusthe first plug it didn't but I exited the menu and tried again it then did it
21:04:20_bilgusand it sounds like the player is bogging down
21:04:42MarcAndersenSo you get it now?
21:05:18_bilgusyeah exiting the menu and returning to it seems to make it stutter and miss a bit
21:05:34_bilgusthe disk space one works best for me
21:05:43_bilgus(or worst rather)
21:05:53MarcAndersenAnd there are small pauses in the speech right?
21:06:11_bilgusyeah like its bogging down
21:06:19braewoodsMarcAndersen: I didn't know we had a william shatner voice.
21:07:00braewoodswilliam shatner, he was well known for pauses in his speech
21:07:03_bilgusmarc anderson boosting the cpu makes it isappear for me
21:07:28_bilguslet me make you a boosted build and lets see how that works
21:11:47_bilgusMarcAndersen, are you using english.voice or some other language
21:11:56MarcAndersenenglish right now
21:13:08MarcAndersenThe fun thing is that it only happens when reading long things with numbers, and only on battery.
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21:17:58_bilgusyeah lets see if this makes it work properly I already included the voice file so just unzip over your existing install or rename the existing..
21:21:20MarcAndersenIt sure does! Thanks! Can you send the patch, or will it be put into master soon?
21:21:30_bilgusno I won't do that
21:21:40_bilgusthats gonna really sap the runtime
21:21:59_bilgusbut I can use that info to decide where to focus next lol
21:22:10MarcAndersenBut can you send the source?
21:22:18_bilguslike maybe see why its not staying boosted
21:22:29speachyso it's voltage-related?
21:22:36_bilgusno cpu speed
21:22:43speachywe do un-boost after being "idle" for a while
21:23:01_bilgusI'm thinking its unboosting before its done talking
21:23:02speachykeystrokes reset the idle counter
21:23:11speachyso longer spoken stuff exceeds the timeout
21:23:18speachy(just a theory)
21:23:22_bilgusagrre sounds plausible
21:23:25saratogathe audio buffer getting low should boost the CPU
21:23:47saratogaeven for speech, although maybe that is broken at some point
21:24:14_bilgusmy thought as well esp with all the churn lately
21:24:16saratogai'm pretty sure it once worked since we could do audio playback and voice on 80 MHz iPods
21:24:16speachythis happens when stuff isn't playing so perhaps the check for "low buffer" that doesn't kick in?
21:24:39_bilgusor its just too late
21:24:43speachys/that doesn't kick/isn't kicking/
21:25:14_bilguswonder if its related to the bug report that sometime on startup the player stutters
21:25:18speachywell, for all we know the PP500x iPods are fine.
21:25:40_bilgusIve seen that one like 1/75 boots
21:26:34speachyonly thing I have handy is the x3 which doesn't downclock
21:27:14MarcAndersenBut what are you going to do with it now? What did you change?
21:27:35_bilgusMarcAndersen, all I did was make it stay at full clock speed
21:27:38speachyMarcAndersen: IIUC he just maxed the CPU speed at all tmies
21:27:59_bilgusI literally commented out the low speed and left only fullspeed
21:28:32_bilgusI was going to tell you how to do it manually but it doesn't voice prompt in that menu
21:29:00_bilgusFWIW you just go into the cpu speed debug menu and upclock it a few and itll stay boosted
21:29:03MarcAndersenThat's another thing, we need voice in the debug menu
21:29:11_bilgusnever going to happen
21:29:35_bilgustoo much text to add to the voice files for seldom used stuff
21:29:49_bilgusnow dumping it to disk I could agree with
21:29:54speachyand we'd end up having to add a non-voiced debug menu so we can then debug the debug menu
21:30:11MarcAndersenI am going to do it anyway at some point, and now seams to be the right time when I need it myself
21:30:38_bilgusproblem being is that all these targets have TERRIBLE debug menus
21:30:56_bilgusall hard coded because it was never intended for the end user
21:31:47_bilgusI wonder how hard it would be to build a english lang for the debug menu though
21:32:06_bilgusI mean in theory we have the ability to load several sets of clips
21:32:28_bilguslike a english_debug.lang file and associated voice
21:32:33MarcAndersenSorry but I can use debug menus in android and other systems with speech, why shouldn't everyone have access to it here also? Sorry if I'm getting caught up but I don't like being put down that way
21:33:10_bilgusits not a question of why as much as how much work for little benefit to the end user
21:33:34MarcAndersenI see, sorry.
21:33:35speachyMarcAndersen: much of it is target specific too, literally things like register dumps that are refreshed in realtime
21:33:48_bilguslike if you wanna do that more power to you but I'm telling you its a tall order
21:34:21_bilgusbut like I said I can see dumping it to a file that you could parse on a machine
21:34:26_bilguswith a screen reader
21:34:47speachy(for example, getting the kinks worked out of alternative numeric voice orderings is a lot less work, for far more benefit)
21:35:12MarcAndersenIt's more the settings I'm interested in
21:37:21 Quit saratoga (Ping timeout: 265 seconds)
21:40:37MarcAndersenSo what you're saying is that I can use a normal build if I could access that menu?
21:40:39_bilgusmost of them are of little use in day to day use in my experience
21:41:08_bilgusits more of a temporary way to test things
21:41:15MarcAndersenIs it then saved in the cfg file?
21:41:29_bilgusI wouldn't want a build that I had to go into the debug menu to use
21:41:40_bilgusno thats why I say its a temporary way
21:42:41_bilgusalready that build will be about 20-30% less runtime I wouldn't want it boosted constantly unless it wasn't on battery
21:43:22_bilgusno ill have a look in the next few days and see what I can see
21:46:10_bilgushmm it already has the logic to boost the cpu in the voice thread queue
22:06:17MarcAndersenWould you be able to send the source file?
22:17:47 Quit _bilgus (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
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22:34:23_bilgusInterestingly if I first play a file and stop it I can't reproduce the issue
22:34:54_bilgusI think what is happening is that there is a default buffer the voice system tries to alloc if it doesn't have one available
22:35:11_bilgusI bet its quite small
22:36:02_bilgusMarcAndersen, If you play and stop a file first does the issue disappear?
22:37:48_bilgusnope nevermind
22:39:12MarcAndersenWith a normal bhuild, yes. but not with yous of course
22:42:21_bilgusits weird I can see what is happening it gets a call to stop the boost and never boosts back
22:50:26_bilgusok so I added a delay till unboost and it seems to help I'll try a few more times
22:50:50MarcAndersen_bilgus: In which file did you change it?
22:51:30_bilgusgive me a few Ill put up a patch if i can't reproduce it again
22:52:04MarcAndersenWhat about the first boost thing? My player got faster by that
22:53:30_bilguswe of course it did
22:53:48_bilgusbut it eats battery!
22:55:33MarcAndersenThat's not that big a deal
22:55:48_bilgusfor that its firmware/target/arm/as3525/system-as3525.c
22:58:51_bilgusMarcAndersen, there you go
22:58:55speachyokay, it works! g#3832
22:58:57rb-bluebotGerrit review #3832 at : talk: Add support for languages that swap the tens position in numbers by Solomon Peachy
22:59:31speachyI tested it with the english-us "Translation"
22:59:35_bilgusthat is the cpu boost file on pastein
23:00:59speachyinstead of hardcoding the exception to the language update rules I need to make someting more general (eg repurpose the 'user' field?) and also fix the translate site to not flag/fix it.
23:01:49MarcAndersenThanks everyone for all the help! I'm going to bed now, it's 5 AM
23:06:26speachyok, what's up is ready for review, barring any necessary fixes to the translate site.
23:17:28***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:21:40_bilgusspeachy, whats the + 18 at line 1210 of talk.c?
23:25:42_bilgusnm I see whats its doing ick
23:42:39_bilgus#g3846 asppears to fix the stuttering
23:42:49_bilgus g#3846
23:42:52rb-bluebotGerrit review #3846 at : voice_thread.c ensure cpu gets re-boosted after Q_VOICE_STOP event by William Wilgus
23:43:59_bilguswhat I was seeing was the force_enque function calls Q_VOICE_STOP which cancels the cpu boost but quiet_count >0 so next run it didn't reboost the voice thread
23:44:53_bilgusit actually appears to have made the player much more responsive when voice is enabled
23:45:10_bilguswhich makes plenty of sense
23:47:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4695f80230, 303 builds, 10 clients.
23:58:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 655 seconds.
23:58:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4695f80230 result: All green

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