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#rockbox log for 2021-09-28

00:03:59_bilgusshutdowns are now taking forever :/
00:04:30_bilgusI'm going to have to figure out a better way
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01:28:09rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fe5c1c8126, 303 builds, 10 clients.
01:28:54_bilgusI'm reverting this for now, it appears to be a red herring as its clearly calling for boost and something else is killing that boost
01:29:24_bilguswe have something thats maybe over clearing the boost counter
01:39:50rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 702 seconds.
01:39:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fe5c1c8126 result: All green
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06:17:27speachyyay, nightly stuff all ran properly.
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07:57:35braewoods_bilgus: maybe logging calls to the boost would be helpful, especially if you can identify the caller
08:18:03speachymailing list rsync script isn't working properly... le sigh.
08:29:42edhelasscripts are meant to break, this is necessary to keep admins busy
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10:31:19_bilgusbraewoods, yes we have boost logging i'll have to make a build doing so
11:12:41sporkis this 'jonus' forum user one of those bots/trolls or more human ?
11:13:32braewoodsdefinitely a bot
11:13:55braewoodsthey include random links to places that make no sense
11:14:04sporkthe questions seem almost legit
11:14:21speachythey've been known to scrape previous questions
11:14:27braewoodswell, if they were legit, why would they have random links that aren't even topic related?
11:15:09sporkthat is why i asked
11:15:23sporkscraping old questions is a good explanation
11:15:39sporkmuch better than generating new ones
11:15:52braewoodseither that or they secretly created an AI and they've enslaved it to create more plausible spam
11:16:28speachyanother possibility is a browser with a malicious plugin, but the latter question is nonsensical on its face.
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11:18:29speachybanned the user, all posts removed.
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11:46:03bilgus_phThere is probably still a lot of posts that s d
11:46:37bilgus_phThat sound plausible then later edited to include those links
11:47:28bilgus_phI catch them in the changes log occasionally I'm sure there are plenty more lying in wait
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12:01:50speachythis is why we can't have nice things...
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13:48:02MarcAndersenWhy isn't there a battery time indicator on the gigabeat s? It just says battery 94% and no time?
14:02:26braewoodsspeachy: :D
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16:28:59speachyMarcAndersen: I'd like to add a working example of the voiced number reworking, I think you said you wanted Dutch? What should I put in as the tens separator? (eg "three hundred five AND twenty")
16:48:37MarcAndersenspeachy: I don't exactly know what you mean.
16:48:59speachyI need to know what word to put into the language file
16:49:05speachy(ie instead of the english AND)
16:49:26speachyand that's danish, as spork indicated?
16:49:36MarcAndersenIt sure is
16:49:44speachyawesome, thank you
16:52:06speachyIf you're willing to give this a test, what target should I build the firmware and voice files for?
16:53:09MarcAndersenC200, clip zip, nano 1g, gigabeat s or xduoo x3
16:54:03_bilgusMarcAndersen, not too familar with the gigabeast but I'm guessing the battery time is either a setting or perhaps a lack of data for the calculation?
16:58:32speachygenerating now.
17:04:31speachyI'd recommend backing up your existing .rockbox directory just in case
17:04:47speachybut this has the updated code (for the X3), and english + danish voice files.
17:05:18speachy(Danish is only 75% translated, so I make no promises...)
17:08:47speachyIt's what I used, though I mangled the english-us voice so I could make sure the logic worked.
17:14:07MarcAndersenWe have some errors: when it should say twenty, it says nothing, and at thirty it says "and thirty" as well as "and forty" and so on.
17:17:08speachydoes (eg) 1-20, 21, 31, etc work?
17:17:38MarcAndersen1 to 19 does, 20 is silent
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17:17:53MarcAndersen21 to 39 and 31 to 39 and so on works
17:17:54speachyok, found the error with 20.
17:18:27MarcAndersenand at 30, 40, 50 you just need to remove the "and" at the beginning.
17:18:38speachyand .. I think I have the "and.." error too
17:19:18MarcAndersenHey is there a way for me to set which sd it boots from? that way I could use one for the experiment.
17:19:56speachyno.. it'll boot from SD1 if both are populated.
17:20:03speachyotherwise it'll boot from whichever
17:20:08MarcAndersenOk thanks
17:21:03MarcAndersenDoes your one also make some clicks from the hardware itself when you turn it on and off?
17:21:22MarcAndersenWhat's that, lights?
17:22:13speachyrelays for the power supply, I think.
17:22:33MarcAndersenI've never had a player that did that before
17:22:35speachysafe to unzip over the old one
17:22:41speachyover the first one
17:26:15MarcAndersenspeachy: I think that's it.
17:28:11speachyok, gonna commit it now.
17:28:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 70e72e01d2, 303 builds, 11 clients.
17:28:30MarcAndersenCommit? wow
17:29:03MarcAndersenI just got the email
17:29:43braewoodsspeachy: my worker won't be contributing as much this time. i'm building chromium.
17:31:19MarcAndersenMy friend who got my old classic will be excited about this
17:35:03speachyDanish voice files aren't part of the nightly set still, due to <75% coverage
17:35:32speachybut all other translations that need to use this new rule need to be updated appropriately.
17:35:48MarcAndersenDid you use the make voice command then in the experiment?
17:36:37MarcAndersenOk. I'm going to git pull now and try it out.
17:37:19yangspeachy: where can I translate the audio files ?
17:38:06speachyonce this build round is finished I'll check to see if I need to tweak the translate site backend to handle the special case..
17:38:15speachybut that won't interfere with anything else.
17:40:39yangspeachy: so I don't neeed to record my language audio files? I only neeed to translate words/letters into my language by typing ?
17:40:54 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
17:41:04speachyjust written, yes. we use text-to-speech systems to synthesize things.
17:41:09yangok nice
17:41:24speachyof course one could just record a large pile of sounds and assemble that up but it's hard to justify that level of effort.
17:42:14MarcAndersenI actually wanted to try it at some point, but gave up again.
17:42:29yangI did it for Wikipedia
17:42:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 862 seconds.
17:42:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 70e72e01d2 result: All green
17:42:48MarcAndersenyang: Spoken articles?
17:42:51speachyI don't know offhand how well the exiting tooling handles the manual recording scenario
17:43:10MarcAndersenYang: which ones?
17:43:16yangSlovenian towns
17:43:46yangso people can pronounce our towns
17:44:30MarcAndersenI actually make my own talk clips with rbspeexenc and my own voice
17:44:46yangit was a bit time consuming, but actually once you have the setup done, it's easy to record and do multiple words and save audio files, I mean it could even be faster with some scripting tools
17:44:51MarcAndersenSo the normal voice file would be awesome too.
17:45:26MarcAndersenI use sox for almost all the editing
17:45:43yangI figured that I can record multiple names of the towns into a large .wav and then just cut the sound out with audacity and transcode them to .oga
17:45:54yangMarcAndersen: did you do it for PBX?
17:45:58MarcAndersenOh, audacity is cool too
17:46:16MarcAndersenwhat's pbx?
17:46:26yangPBX VoIP like Asterisk or similar
17:46:34yangfor guided menus
17:47:01MarcAndersenNo, only marcs talking clock, my own little thing for windows
17:47:49yangit's midnight here, I better go to sleep
17:47:56yanggood night
17:47:59MarcAndersenI think I'm getting a bit off topic here as well
17:49:24yangMarcAndersen: I even bought some more advanced studio microphone aand even a "stand" for microphone, but later I didn't proceed with recordings anymore....too much other stuff to do
17:49:28 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:943f:d824:74fc:ee4:aefd:3fca)
17:49:48MarcAndersenYang: I see
17:50:07yangI don't do video blogs like on Youtube or such
17:50:17yangwas o nly doing files for wikipedia
17:51:01yangI think if wikipedia had some kind of funding
17:51:14yangso the people could earn while submitting
17:51:24yanga lot more work could be done
17:51:38yangon the other side...anyone can contribute in free time
17:51:40speachyok, fixed the translate site, now VOICE_NUMERIC_TENS_SWAP_SEPARATOR can be specified.
17:51:43yangbut it's quite adictive
17:52:03 Quit ZincAlloy (Client Quit)
17:53:06yangok GN, afk
17:54:22MarcAndersenI forgot something, but it's not urgent: Is there a way to make the date said as date month year instead of month date year?
17:55:09speachyMarcAndersen: I don't know, but I'll look into it.
17:55:28MarcAndersenspeachy: Thanks
17:57:14speachycan you give me an example where it speaks dates?
17:57:30MarcAndersenThe rockbox info screen
17:57:39speachyok, thanks
17:58:01MarcAndersenAnd if you hold down select in the time and date settings menu
17:59:44 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
18:04:42speachythere are mutiple places where different logic is used for speaking dates
18:05:11speachybut the good news is that this should be relatively easy to augment.
18:06:35braewoodsspeachy: maybe something akin to strftime would help
18:09:46 Join Moriar [0] (
18:11:14speachyI'll only implement enough to read out the full year, numeric and month name, and day.
18:59:44 Join smithjd [0] (
19:02:46smithjdI'm having trouble building the sim for the fioo m3k.
19:03:31smithjd buffering.c:174:13: error: variably modified ‘buffering_stack’ at file scope
19:04:50smithjdi just upgraded my compiler and got rid of some old versions of gcc and clang. i tried restoring the old versions of gcc, no change.
19:05:42smithjdgcc ver: GCCVER=11
19:06:18smithjdgcc num: GCCNUM=1102
19:06:41smithjdi also tried trimming down the compile options. still no compile.
19:06:45smithjdany suggestions?
19:07:37smithjdp.s. also voice_thread.c:93:13: error: variably modified ‘voice_stack’ at file scope
19:08:27MarcAndersensmithjd: I'm compiling an m3k sim now to test
19:08:53MarcAndersenHmm could the voice thing be remains from the reverted voice thread commit from yesterday?
19:11:34MarcAndersenI just compiled an m3k sim on ubuntu
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19:19:43smithjdwhat compiler?
19:20:29MarcAndersengcc (Ubuntu 10.3.0-1ubuntu1) 10.3.0
19:27:52_bilgusnah but speaking of I need a boost logging build lets see how this goes
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19:40:33 Join JanC [0] (~janc@user/janc)
19:48:34smithjdstill no luck :(
19:57:06_bilgussmithjd you might wanna nuke everything and start over
19:57:42_bilgusdelete the whole directory if make clean doesn't help
19:58:43smithjdjust tried. same compile error.
19:59:30smithjdcommit 67716c6b causes a panic on my player, though it worked flawlessly in the simulator. i don't have a sim build with the correct patch applied and my toolchain (at least for the sim build) doesn't compile master anymore, so I can't verify this.
20:01:33smithjdso i'm fixing this up without the simulator. i've got it partially working, but it loses the fd for the playlist currently viewed, which also never happened in the simulator.
20:02:06smithjd<* this aso only happens when the player is playing.
20:10:49_bilgussmithjd, the simulator works fine for some things but even if you are running something like the address sanitizer the sim is just no substitute for certain situations
20:11:13speachysmithjd: did you pick the native or hosted m3k when you ran configure?
20:11:41speachyjust had a clean m3k sim build with git master, gcc 11.2.1
20:12:11smithjdtried the linux build, same error.
20:12:33speachyso something is janky with your tree or build evironment
20:13:32speachy.. I mean, the build farm has built everything fine, and while I can't speak for the m3k specifically quite a few of us have used builds since 67716c6b on various players...
20:14:22 Quit _bilgus (Quit: Leaving)
20:14:43smithjdi had also installed the device-specific compiler. i tried moving the compiler outside my path, still nothing.
20:17:33speachywhat's in the generated rockbox-info.txt?
20:18:41 Join _bilgus [0] (~bilgus@
20:19:19 Quit MarcAndersen (Quit: I was using NightOwl 0.2.)
20:19:38_bilguswell the boost log sucks i need to add a way to dump it to disk or trim the mile long director path list
20:20:14smithjdspeachy: doesn't get that far.
20:20:19speachy(well, if you're moving away the cross-compiler and it's still "building" then there's sometihng _very_ wonky indeed...
20:23:02smithjdthat looks like a fairly mundane gcc code error, anyway. is anyone else using gcc 11.2.1 with any success?
20:23:09smithjdhow would i compile with llvm?
20:27:37smithjd(or can it be done?)
20:27:42speachyat least two of the builders are using gcc 11, and one is using gcc 10. However the cross compilers are all gcc 4.9.4
20:27:50braewoodswe don't really support CLANG.
20:28:10speachywe haven't tried to use clang, but there's no inherent reason why it shouldn't work for simulator builds.
20:29:10speachywe will eventually move to newer cross compilers but we still haven't knocked out all the bugs from the last bump.
20:34:03smithjdany idea why the playlist viewer loses the fd for the playlist while in the loop?
20:53:12_bilgusstack overflow?
20:57:33_bilgusmmm smithjd I recently added extra error checking in that area so its probably something that has been a problem..
21:04:32smithjdwhen the properties view of an unrelated playlist is exited while a track is playing, i get the error 'accessing playlist control file', and then after repeated presses of the back button 'error accessing playlist file' which goes away back to the first error after a timeout. the view is stuck at the error message until a track change, at which the the screen is redrawn with multiple entries of the same track overlaid by the
21:04:33smithjdfirst message. everything works fine if there is no playback ocurring, OR the properties plugin was opened onto the currently playling playlist, provided a redraw is issued after the properties window is dismissed.
21:16:31_bilgusdoes error accessing playlist error go away on its own if you don't press any buttons?
21:17:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:19:44smithjdonly 'error accessing playlist file'
21:24:25_bilgusodd that the control file one shows, is this after a usb plug event or on a COLD BOOT?
21:24:42smithjddoesn't seem to matter
21:30:02_bilgusah you recently changed g#3824 so i assume you never had this option prior?
21:30:05rb-bluebotGerrit review #3824 at : Playlist Viewer: Add file properties to playlist entry menu. by James D. Smith
21:31:47_bilguslikely its got some assumption that isn't immediately obvious
21:33:56smithjdcorrect. iirc everything (inc. during playback) worked in the sim build. i can't verify this right now. there was a build fix because the sim build allowed defining variables in-switch which the cross-compilers apparently didn't like .
21:34:53smithjd g#3827
21:34:56rb-bluebotGerrit review #3827 at : Fix the build for 67716c6b. by James D. Smith
21:37:14smithjdperhaps someone could try to reproduce this in the simulator? that would be a big help.
21:43:26_bilgusmight also want to check playlist_get_track_info() for the return value
21:44:25_bilgusill try it on the fuze+
21:50:16_bilgussmithjd do i just file browse to the playlist and open it?
21:50:25_bilgusview excuse me
21:51:04smithjdyep. view and then there's the new properties item per entry. try with and without playing back a different playlist.
21:56:09_bilgusit works fine as far as I can tell while playing
21:56:28_bilgusno issues with current or other playlist
21:56:35_bilgusill try with no music
21:57:58_bilgusstill fine with music stopped
21:58:09_bilgusyou said you issue was in the m3k sim?
21:58:20smithjdno, everything's fine in the sim
21:58:41smithjdi just can't build a sim build.
21:59:27smithjdyou went into the main menu to playlist catalogue, not the currently playing playlist menu, correct?
21:59:41smithjdto a different playlist and opened the viewer?
21:59:49_bilgusno i went through file browser to playlist dir
22:00:14smithjdthanks very much.
22:01:41smithjdnow the next question i guess is whether to revert this for now, or patch it to the point where it works mostly except for during playback.
22:02:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision eeacffbd15, 303 builds, 10 clients.
22:05:09 Quit Moriar (Quit: Leaving.)
22:06:36speachywhat's building allows per-language overriding of the voiced date strings
22:06:48speachymaking displayable dates localized will be a bit more work though
22:07:24speachyI'm sure after a few more of these thigns I'll have to go back and rework some stuff.
22:12:47_bilgusup to you whats going to be cleaner?
22:14:07_bilgusMarcAndersen on the boost unboost during voice the reason I didn't hear it the first times I tried is that there are other threads boosting the device (dircache) so that masks the issue
22:14:22_bilgusuntil the cache is built
22:14:35_bilgusthen it becomes v. apparent
22:15:12smithjdi'd hate to leave it knowing it's in a broken state. i also wonder if it's only broken on the m3k.
22:16:19_bilgusand I see lots of churn boost unboost between the button code and the voice thread but it doesn't appear to by in an improper state although I wonder if some might be due to the refresh rate of the loop being faster than the time it takes to do all this speaking
22:16:52_bilgussmithjd we always try to leave things in a working state in case you get hit by a bus tomorrow
22:18:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 942 seconds.
22:18:09rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision eeacffbd15 result: All green
22:20:14smithjd@bilgus: do you run a recent dev build on your fuze+?
22:23:24_bilgusno the device is currently in a box its usually in my truck but I haven't driven it for a few months
22:23:49_bilgusI use the clip zip daily though and its usually a few days to weeks behind
22:24:26smithjdcan you try the steps you followed in the simulator on your clip zip?
22:26:05smithjdif it's not too much trouble...
22:27:52_bilgusyeah its got a logf build currently but its at head
22:29:31_bilgussmithjd, works well
22:29:44smithjdeven during playback?
22:29:55_bilgusit was a bit slow to load the properties but thats all I noticed
22:30:08_bilgusyeah only during pb and with voice
22:30:22smithjdok, well no sense reverting this then.
22:30:48_bilgusI do see a bug
22:31:11_bilgusyeah when it returns the lit is wiped out
22:31:46_bilgusand got a data abort
22:31:53_bilguslet me try again
22:32:00 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
22:32:19 Quit cockroach (Quit: leaving)
22:32:37_bilgusworks fine when playing
22:32:47_bilgusits when its not playing thatit appears
22:33:37_bilgusyeah it falls apart if I stop the music and then do it (different playlist too)
22:34:20_bilgussame if I start from a non playing state cold boot
22:34:55_bilgusit returns a mostly blank list with a few bits of data and a bunch of the no char unicode boxes
22:35:12smithjdi need to call playlist_buffer_load_entries_screen() for the fiio hardware to avoid a panic.
22:35:14_bilgusI think yu have a stack ovfl most likely and i'm seeing data
22:35:49_bilgusone of them says 0B I bet the playlist viewer is blowing the stack
22:35:56_bilgussorry properties
22:36:02_bilgusproperties viewer
22:37:40_bilgusis the properties viewer inbuilt to core or is it a plugin?
22:40:42_bilgushaha it has a crap ton of stuff maxpath size
22:41:02_bilgusbut i think that should be staticly allocd to the plugin buffer
22:43:39_bilgusI don't see anything else on the heap though
22:46:05_bilgusyeah I'm not seeing anything that jumps out
22:47:47_bilgussmithjd, the playlist viewer is using the plugin buffer
22:48:06_bilgusthat bit me a few weeks ago
22:48:22_bilgusI hate that shit core shouldn't get the plugin buffer :/
22:50:09_bilgusone option would be to svae state dump the buffer and start over when you return
22:53:03smithjdplaylist_buffer_load_entries_screen() seems to work for this. i wonder what's causing my error during playback on the m3k?
22:54:27_bilgusit just happens to overwrite something else
22:56:30_bilgusIf you manually invoked it I could see that working basically saving state
22:57:41_bilgusIDk it looks like it has logic for when something is playing
22:58:35_bilgusalso I think i'd try and figure out a way to leave the buffer in a clean state rather than trying to smear it back over the top
23:00:27_bilgusbeyond that the plugin buffer is used when playing (if at all possible) so you might be running into some other bug too
23:01:18_bilguslike the plugin buffer improperly overlapping something in the (crt?) file
23:01:52_bilgusor it could be a improper aligned address even
23:03:30smithjdmaster works correctly on my agptek rocker. i don't use it so it slipped my mind to check with.
23:03:40smithjdno redraw issues.
23:05:18_bilgusthats just because the plugin buffer is bigger
23:05:40smithjdthan the m3k?
23:05:56_bilgusno than my clipzip
23:06:58_bilgusim not sure the m3k one is the same, maybe but ATM that code is sharing the buffer and its kinda last one wins?\
23:07:25smithjdcould be.
23:07:36_bilgusoh no question
23:07:44_bilgusline 333 shows it
23:08:47_bilgusand I recieved the formatted string in the list pretty much told me where to look
23:09:39_bilgusnow your work around of reloading the buffer sounds plausible
23:10:28smithjdyes, very frustrating to find working and non-working players with the same code.
23:11:06smithjdthe m3k is a very young port tho.
23:11:42smithjdwould you like an updated patch with the playlist reoad?
23:12:35_bilgussure I'll test it if ya got it
23:14:00smithjddo yuo want a build or just the patch?
23:14:20_bilgusput it on gerrit i can build it
23:14:51_bilgusI just found where the clipzip is under boosting
23:14:53smithjdok, i'm just goingto verify the build.
23:16:02_bilgus0.) B 0 rockbox/apps/main.c:405
23:16:02_bilgus1.) U 1 rockbox/firmware/target/arm/as3525/usb-as3525.c:61 <the usb code unboosts without first boosting
23:16:18_bilguswonder if amachronics patch as this
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23:25:28_bilgusgive me a few
23:37:04 Join rb-bluebot [0] (~rb-bluebo@rockbox/bot/utility)
23:49:44_bilgusok compiling now
23:50:26_bilgusmu only concern is that the entry prior could still get corrupted I imagine
23:57:23_bilgussmithjd, yes it appear to work
23:58:13_bilguserror accessimg playlist control file on exit
23:58:27_bilgusI wonder if its using the plugin buffer too lol
23:58:32smithjdyes, that's what i got during playback.
23:58:57_bilgusI wasn't getting that before

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