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#rockbox log for 2021-09-29

00:00:08_bilgusah but now its popped again
00:00:27_bilgusyeah I get the same as you were saying earlier
00:01:17_bilgusI still think its something to do with overwriting te buffer but its not like i'm right enough for that to make it true :P
00:01:29smithjdthanks for testing.
00:01:42_bilgusI'm stuck in it currently
00:01:54smithjdit looks like this runs fine on hosted targets.
00:02:23_bilgusprobbly just not hitting it
00:02:44_bilgusor the extra memory spreads it far enough apart that it works
00:02:58smithjdyou probably need to hard reset
00:03:10_bilgusor the underlying os is stopping it
00:03:13_bilgusyeah I did
00:04:17smithjdok, this is probably broken enough to revert.
00:08:40_bilgussmithjd, playlist_viewer.c ln 333 buffer = plugin_get_buffer(&buffer_size);
00:08:41_bilgus buffer += buffer_size / 2;
00:08:58_bilgusmoving the buffer further in makes it work
00:09:37_bilgusso in theory you could leave an area for the plugin (hacky)
00:09:49_bilgusor you can just treat the viewer as a plugin
00:10:02_bilgusand then make it unload and reload
00:10:28smithjdthat's a little more invasive than i'd hoped.
00:10:35_bilgusor instead copy the properties stuff into it
00:10:48_bilgusbut that inflates quite a bit
00:11:43_bilgusill be making that playlist viewer a plugin
00:12:03_bilgusive already started with the pitch screen
00:21:35smithjdreverted in Gerrit
00:23:48smithjdthanks very much for the help.
00:36:02_bilgussays merge conflict
00:37:23smithjdfix the build first then Playlist Viewer:..
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00:53:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a7f2d1ffb4, 303 builds, 10 clients.
00:54:10_bilgusi'd have just put it as parent probably should have
01:00:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 441 seconds.
01:00:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a7f2d1ffb4 result: 516 errors 0 warnings
01:01:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4f450b6e11, 303 builds, 10 clients.
01:16:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 874 seconds.
01:16:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4f450b6e11 result: All green
01:17:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b662ff945a, 303 builds, 10 clients.
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01:22:49_bilguswell after these two commits the voice issue should be fixed and I think the flyspray report about one of the clips stuttering on startup
01:29:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 729 seconds.
01:29:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b662ff945a result: All green
01:29:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision cb2ee6b6cb, 303 builds, 10 clients.
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03:17:15kugelspeachy: hello. I was notified that my mail doesn't work anymore (and I now see that I don't have a cloak anymore under libera)
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06:12:31MarcAndersenWow a lot of commits while I was asleep...
06:15:25braewoodskugel: were you here for the move? that would be why.
06:17:25kugelNo, I was under some rock apparently
06:24:19sporka box of them ?
06:30:32speachykugel: I can re-create an account for you, just send me the particulars. and it won't be a forwarding alias; you'll need to poll it for mail.
06:32:49speachyoh, _bilgus & smithjd, the mips targets are pretty stack-heavy and are usually the first to overflow things.
06:33:30speachyvastly better since I put interrupts on their own stack but it's still problematic for tight stacks.
06:38:54speachykugel: and yeah, I lost my cloak for some reason, just haven't got around to asking for it to be restored
06:39:06speachyI'll pass onthe requests, just let me know.
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06:59:22braewoodsspeachy: my builder is back up. it went down after some maintenance.
07:10:28kugelspeachy: how would I poll?
07:10:48kugelI can also stop using the alias, not a big deal
07:15:41speachykugel: imap? :)
07:16:01speachykugel: up to you; I was told by the haxx crew that there was nearly zero usage of the aliases
07:16:22speachyand that I should just wait and see who complains. :)
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07:18:29kugellike an ordinary mailbox you mean?
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08:03:27MarcAndersenIs there a way to make a build of only the rockbox.something without any codecs or rocks?
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09:04:13speachykugel: yes, exactly
09:05:00speachyI disabled forwarding-type aliases on my stuff a long time ago because forwarding spam caused a big reputational hit
09:05:29speachy(and tha'ts most of what the aliases ended up collecting/relaying...)
09:06:39speachyMarcAndersen: last night I committed support for language-specific date readback ordering. Default is "21 September 2021" and US-English is set to the old behaviour of "September 21 2021"
09:07:27speachyIdeally textual representation would also be localizable but that's a much more complicated mess to sort out
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09:20:35_bilgusMarcAndersen, you should actually find your device more responsive if my hunches are correct
09:22:28_bilgus...without boosting it always :p
09:22:57speachy_bilgus, that ought to apply to a bunch of other devices too, eh?
09:23:32_bilgusno only the as3525 it had the usb unboosting someon elses boost
09:25:16_bilgusthe voice issue will apply to other devices but I doubt you'd feel it like you feel this one
09:27:15speachyearly ipods, maybe; they're probably the most underpowered devices we have
09:29:09_bilguswhat was happening with voice was it unboosted but when you switched items not enough time passed to have it reboost so yeah they will probably notice
09:31:28speachyguess I'm spolied with my daily driver being the second-most-powerful CPU (and lacking reclocking) of the SoCs we support. :D
09:32:14_bilgusyeah i love the clip(s) but they are not very powerful
09:34:55MarcAndersenIt was not because of the cpu thing, I just wanted to know if there is a way to build just the binary?
09:35:42_bilgusyou can do builds w/o plugins (amaCHRONI C?)
09:36:54speachyMarcAndersen, there's an Advanced build options in the configure script that lets you disable plugins.
09:37:00speachyIIRC codecs are still built though
09:37:10MarcAndersenOk. That's also the most expensive part, the codecs only takes about a minute or so.
09:37:43MarcAndersenAnd thanks for the date thing speachy.
09:37:53speachyyou need to be careful though, plugins can depend on the language/voice enumerations too, so you don't want to get out of sync
09:38:13MarcAndersenI see
09:38:43speachy(the plugin API/ABI doesn't change too often and IIRC we have some checks in place to prevent loading plugins that are now incompatible..)
09:39:22MarcAndersenIs it hard to update the translations, because if not I would be happy to help with danish.
09:39:27_bilgusyeah merged by amachronic g#3711
09:39:30rb-bluebotGerrit review #3711 at : Add advanced build option to omit building plugins by Aidan MacDonald
09:39:44speachyMarcAndersen, you can visit
09:39:52MarcAndersenWill do
09:40:16speachyI dnon't know how well the site works with a reader but it doesn't do anything fancy (or any javascript) so should be okay.
09:42:59MarcAndersenDoes this thing only list things that are not translated?
09:43:02braewoodsdo SPAs even work with screen readers?
09:44:15speachythe upadate form linked from the language name loads up every item it finds problematic (missing translations, source text changed, identical translation to english, etc)
09:45:42speachyso basically everything that shows up in one of the columns next to the progress bar will end up on the form.
09:45:49MarcAndersenBut some words like stereo and mono are the same anyway
09:46:30speachyThat is sometimes (often?) the case, but there's no way for the software to tell if it's a mistake or not.
09:46:54MarcAndersenI will try to do it now
09:48:07speachywhen you submit the form it'll save a patch which can be sent to us or otherwise committed
09:49:03MarcAndersenI'm not sure about the displayed strings, but I will try anyway
09:50:08speachythere's not really a good way to do partial updates; if you decide to just go with what you've worked on the missing things will be copied from English. which may or may not be correct.
09:50:18speachybut they'll no longer show up as "untranslated"
09:51:31speachy(This is not ideal, but when there are legitimate "word/phrase is the same as english" cases we can't just treat "identical" as "untranslated")
09:56:11speachyhmm. this is something I should fix −− when the voice for a phrase is blank, we copy it from english, even if the phrase has been translated.
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10:18:30MarcAndersenAfter translating some stuff I see there are tuns of stuff waiting. Is there a way to save what I've done so far and continue another time?
10:18:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 757766e807, 303 builds, 12 clients.
10:20:26speachyMarcAndersen: no, unfortunately. it's a relatively dumb/simple web form.
10:20:51 Quit massiveH (Quit: Leaving)
10:21:03MarcAndersenNow after you made that commit, will a patch using the form I have opened still work or should I start from scratch?
10:23:50speachyit will still work
10:24:15speachyI'm trying to improve some of the automatic heuristics
10:24:40MarcAndersenIf I reload the form, will the new voice strings then be filled in, because if so it would be a bit easier for me to translate the rest
10:25:07speachyif you reload the form any work you've done will be lost.
10:25:29MarcAndersenI know, but will the new voice strings be filled in instead?
10:26:23speachyI'm not sure; if the browser sends a new request to the server then it'll return the form pre-filled with whatever the server sends back.
10:26:37MarcAndersenI'm going to try
10:26:51speachy(if you want to do that, please wait until I tell you −− this build round needs to finish before the changes I just committed will get passed to the translate site)
10:28:11speachythe other thing I still want to do is for where the <dest> is translated properly but the <voice> is identical to english. I can't think of any scenario where this would be the desired outcome
10:28:31speachyin that scenario, just copy over <dest> to <voice>
10:28:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 605 seconds.
10:28:57rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 757766e807 result: All green
10:29:59MarcAndersenDo I need to translate everything at once, or is it ok with just some of it?
10:30:18speachyok, you can reload the form if you want.
10:33:01speachyyou can translate as much as you want, but whatever you don't translate will get automatically filled in with English phrases, which will screw up the coverage numbers.
10:35:45speachy(but they will be flagged in the translation site for subsequent update attempts)
10:36:24MarcAndersenWhat do you mean with the coverage numbers?
10:37:24speachythe patch generated will have full coverage; ie every phrase will be in there so it will be "100%" coverage. however, if a large number of those are untranslated copies of English phrases, it's not really "complete"
10:37:27speachydoes that make sense?
10:38:31MarcAndersenSure. I'm going to take care of the whole thing at some point in the next few days then, that will make my friend happy.
10:38:50_bilgusmakes us happy too :)
10:42:23speachydamnit, there are some scenarios where the voiced text might be the same as english, but the display text might not
10:43:38_bilguscorner cases?
10:47:39speachyno.. I think I'm wrong. display text is the same, voiced is not. phew.
10:53:25MarcAndersenspeachy: It seams that the feature with the voice strings in your commit works, that makes it easier for me, thanks!
10:56:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5883cb4a52, 303 builds, 12 clients.
10:57:41speachyOk, this commit running will prefer the translated <dest> strings over <voice> strings that are identical to English.
10:58:27speachywon't affect Danish much as there are only 105 identical strings.
10:59:08MarcAndersenI'm not going to reload the form again, I'm working on it
10:59:56speachy(I am so glad I refactored all of this crap last summer... so much easier to maintain and enhance)
11:04:18speachyyeah, I reworked how language files are parsed/generated, how the voice strings were extracted and processed, greatly improved the cmdline tooling, and generally made the whole infrastructure stack much faster, and more robust. It's what enabled non-English voicefile generation.
11:04:27MarcAndersenI've done about 23% of it now
11:04:32speachy(on the www site, I mean)
11:05:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 520 seconds.
11:05:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5883cb4a52 result: All green
11:07:31speachysweet, it's live and works.
11:08:12speachytonight's voice builds will represent a considerable improvement
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11:19:09MarcAndersenI have no idea how to translate the LANG_FILTER_SHORT_SLOW string
11:19:32MarcAndersenHow can something both be short and slow?
11:20:36speachyshort delay slow roll-off
11:27:40speachyalso updated the translate site template to flag translations that have a large number of "same as English" phrases.
11:37:27MarcAndersenWhat is Auditory Fatigue Reduction exactly?
11:44:03speachyI can't do much beyond pointing you at the wikipedia page for Audio Fatigue.
11:45:01speachywe have some dsp functionality that tries to minimize it, but I don't know what it does at a technical level.
11:45:49speachymight just prevent rapid volume changes
12:01:17MarcAndersenWhat is Exempt Play?
12:29:40MarcAndersenI'm nearly halfway through
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13:57:48bilgus_phMarcandersen sounds like selective backlight and lock
13:58:37bilgus_phExempting a button makes it no enable backlight on press or allows it to not be locked while other keys are locked
13:59:09MarcAndersenOn which targets?
14:00:00bilgus_phThe lock stuff is only for targets without a real dedicated key lock switch
14:01:34 Quit bilgus_ph (Client Quit)
14:27:38MarcAndersenOh no! My browser crashed and I was almost finished!
14:28:03MarcAndersenI'm not gonna start over right now, but I will do it soon.
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14:33:01speachyMarcAndersen: well, crap. I think that happened to someone trying to update the Hungarian translation a while back.
14:50:27paulcarrotyavoid typing anything big in browser
14:51:04MarcAndersenI will do it tomorrow then
14:53:17speachyI wonder how hard it would be to adapt our language files to weblate or something like that
14:57:49_bilguslook intriguing and its FOSS
15:01:39speachyI could spin up an instance and point it at rbutil initially.
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