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#rockbox log for 2021-09-30

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12:20:55MarcAndersenI am having trouble building the manual, this is what I get: ! Package inputenc Error: Unicode character ? (U+0421) (inputenc) not set up for use with LaTeX. Anyone?
12:26:41speachythat shouldn't be a fatal error. IIRC we have a small pile of names in the credits file that LaTeX can't handle.
12:27:37MarcAndersenIt's exactly in credits.tex
12:29:49MarcAndersenIt fails anyway
12:32:10speachythat's probably not be what's causing the whole thing to fail though. I'll bet there's another error message lurking somewhere in the voliminous output
12:33:05MarcAndersenCan you get something out of the rockbox-build.log if I put it up?
12:33:05speachy(On fedora, I had to install these packages: texlive texlive-inputenx texlive-multirow texlive-optional texlive-tex4ht
12:35:13MarcAndersenHere is the log:
12:35:25MarcAndersenI had to install texlive manually though
12:38:47speachybuilding the html manual, that one's a lot more finicky
12:39:03speachywhat target?
12:39:34MarcAndersenJust tried a clip zip I think
12:39:48MarcAndersenBut pdf doesn't work either I think
12:40:03speachycan you re-do it as a pdf and send that instead? There's a lot less noise to wade through
12:40:13speachy(I mean build the manual as pdf)
12:43:01speachyone possibility is that you're using texlive-2021, but we're using -2020
12:43:17MarcAndersenI am
12:43:31speachyyou might have tripped over some incompatibiltiy we hadn't encountered yet
12:43:37MarcAndersenI don't know how to downgrade
12:43:48speachybut the pdf build logs should be more helpful
12:44:20MarcAndersenPdf log:
12:45:12speachy'pdflatex (file ec-lmcsc10): Font ec-lmcsc10 at 864 not found'
12:45:50MarcAndersenWhat does that mean?
12:46:25speachyon the surface it means you're missing a font file
12:47:00MarcAndersenI think I've built it before some months ago
12:47:06speachythat font is part of the 'texlive-lm' package on Fedora
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12:49:01MarcAndersenI have no texlive dir in /usr/share
12:50:01speachyyou're doing this on something other than Fedora Linux, I presume.. but that appears to be why the pdf build is barfing, and perhaps that is why the html version fails too
12:51:28speachyanyone else out there doing manual builds on Ubuntu? installed texlive from source? it looks like ubuntu's packages are also -2020 still
12:52:52MarcAndersenI think I did it with a perl script, but it is so long that I don't remember
12:54:21MarcAndersenPdf built!
12:55:00MarcAndersenBut html still fails
12:55:49MarcAndersenFor the pdf I did: sudo apt install texlive-fonts-extra
12:55:59speachyok, progress!
12:56:08speachythe html log should be difference
12:56:10speachydifferent now
12:57:11MarcAndersenHtml log:
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13:11:36MarcAndersenHmm is it just me or does the site have timeout? I can't access it.
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13:14:27spork_same for me MarcAndersen
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13:18:34MarcAndersenWhat's going on here?
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13:19:16tertudoes anybody know if the M3K has been discontinued or not?
13:19:46tertuit seems like it has, but it wasn't quite clear to me. it seemed like a decent choice for a player if i wanted to run rockbox on it
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13:22:59sporktertu: it is no longer listed on the fiio site, so i would think it is
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13:23:27tertugot it
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13:24:16speachy.., ok, so the new site keels over faster in the face of wiki bot storms. which isn't surprising given the greatly curtailed resources.
13:24:27speachyit's back online now. hopefully wasn't out for too long.
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13:25:11MarcAndersenspeachy: Thanks. Did you find anything in my log?
13:25:47sporkeven the fiio store on aliexpress lists m3k as unavaikable
13:26:32speachychanged the wiki cache wipe cron job to every 12 hours instead of daily now
13:26:37speachyhopefully that'll hold up
13:27:28speachyMarcAndersen: nothing seems to be obvious. All I can suggest is temporarily commenting out that problematic name in docs/CREDITS to see if that lets the build finish
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13:30:22tertui think what happened is if you use search engines the product page is still there, even though it's discontinued, and in 2020 sometime they posted a message that said something like "we're going to discontinue the M3K once it doesn't make sense to make it anymore"
13:30:47tertuthat said it doesn't seem too hard to get one
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13:31:25sporkm3 pro seems its replacement
13:31:31sporkor positioned that way
13:32:03sporksimilar soc/dac
13:32:36tertuthe exact same soc
13:32:37sporkno, completely different dac
13:32:47sporkbut same as in shanling q1
13:32:53tertuah that makes sense
13:33:24sporkbut touchscreen instead of that clumsy strip on the m3k
13:33:27tertuyeah i mean having had fiio players in the past i don't want to get another one if i can't run rockbox on it tbh
13:33:37tertutheir system software is. not great
13:34:23sporkif we buy amachronic or dconrad an m3 pro it could probably run rockbox
13:34:25speachytheir system software is a dumpster fire
13:34:40speachy(well, speaking of the m3k. can't comment on the others though we have no reason to think otherwise)
13:34:53tertuyeah i had an X1
13:35:22tertuthe database equivalent was extremely slow and didn't appear to support partial updates, among other things
13:35:34speachyit's worse behind the scenes
13:36:02tertudoesn't that generation run on some weird rtos also
13:36:35tertualso i haven't used rockbox on touchscreen devices before, what is that like
13:36:48sporki use it daily on the shanling q1
13:36:56sporkworks quite well in most case
13:37:11speachyit's not great (IMO) but getting better.
13:37:42*speachy is not a fan of UIs that can't be navigated without looking
13:38:20tertu(also i would be happy to buy somebody an m3k pro at some point, not now though)
13:41:42speachythe m3k's was/is the only "cheap" rockboxable player still commedcially available
13:42:32tertuyeah i guess i'm looking at the other ones
13:42:33speachyThe Q1 and the other x1000-based targets were $40-50 more expensive.
13:42:46tertui wouldn't mind spending another $50 for eg physical buttons
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13:43:10speachythe xduoo x3ii, and the eros q/k + clones are all great
13:43:17 Join spork_ [0] (
13:43:35speachy(eros q, eros k, hifiwalker h2, agptek h3, surfans/irulu f20...)
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13:44:39tertui mean honestly i figure the capabilities are the same on most of them and i don't have any like, super intensive requirements
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13:45:19speachyall of those are more or less equivalent in functionality, price, size+weight, etc.
13:46:40 Nick spork_ is now known as spork (
13:47:58sporkthose clones have a nice amount of buttons
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14:39:30tertuis the xduoo x3ii smaller?
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14:49:39MarcAndersenThe manual built now. I just emptied out the credits. Can we get this fixed in a way that suits us all?
14:53:01tertualso are there any major differences between native and hosted rockbox
14:54:01speachydepends on the target
14:54:25tertulet's say on the eros
14:55:00speachybut in the case of the erosq, the native port is better in every way, except for some features we get for free from the underlying linux platform −− exfat support, external usb mass storage, usb dac (in theory) and bluetooth (also in theory)
14:55:40MarcAndersenexfat? Can we use that?
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14:55:42speachynative is much faster to boot, more performant in general, has ~4-5x more available RAM for us to use, and we aren't limited by the platform choices.
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14:56:18speachyon those targets, yes, exfat justworks(tm). so does ext4 and probably others too.
14:57:10speachywhreas on the native stuff we'd have to write our own exfat code. which is necessary if we want to support storage with capacities over 2TB.
14:58:44speachyMarcAndersen: wrt the manual failure you're having, we need to understand why it's a hard failure on your environment vs just a warning elsewhere.
15:09:34sporkhow come native has so much more ram ?
15:11:00braewoodsspork: because it'
15:11:09braewoodsit's not being eaten up by the other software
15:11:25braewoodsin hosted rockbox can only use what isn't already in use by something else
15:12:07sporkthat maked a lot of sense
15:13:26speachyyeah, we only have use of about ~6-7MB of RAM out of the 32MB on the player.
15:14:24sporkthat is still a luxury compared some of the older targets
15:14:28speachybut the OS does a lot of stuff for us (eg caches) we'd otherwise need to do ourselves
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15:19:02MarcAndersenHow can I debug this other than giving you the log from before?
15:19:46speachysuss out the changelogs between the -2020 texlive we're using on our builders and the -2021 rollup release? That's a pretty tall order.
15:25:45speachyhtlatex has always been very, very finicky though, and tends to break if we look at it funny.
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16:33:53braewoods Gigabeat S auction if anyone wants one. I've got enough of these.
16:35:25 Join bilgus_ph [0] (~bilgus_ph@
16:35:41bilgus_phOr even if we don't look at it apparently
16:36:47bilgus_phI build on Ubuntu but my laptop is way out of date my main rig has new stuff but it's been a few months since it went to storage so no current builds there
16:38:22bilgus_phMarcandersen have you tried out the new builds since I fixed the CPUboost?
16:45:42MarcAndersenOh, yes. My c200 is also better now, thanks a lot man!
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17:05:19speachyyay, stumbling towards perfection
17:09:15MarcAndersenspeachy: What do you mean?
17:10:23speachywe make incremental progress in small fits and starts, rather than concerted steady effort
17:10:39speachyand it does seem that we
17:11:08speachywe destabilize things as part of bigger improvements.
17:12:00speachywe'll eventually get to our goal of a perfect digital audio player, but it's going to be a very twisty path there involving a fair amount of tripping over rocks and skinning our knees...
17:12:57speachyit'll probably happen about the same time we can use our flying cars to hop over to our job on the moon
17:13:15MarcAndersenAre you going to create a hardware unit?
17:14:22speachyOh I'd love to. But I'm nowhere near wealthy enough to fund it myself. :/
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18:21:39_bilgus_MarcAndersen, excellent and no problem
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18:55:26braewoodsspeachy: maybe we can come up with something using existing connectable parts. 3d printed case or so.
18:58:01braewoodsonly problem is it might end up being too bulky lol
19:05:32MarcAndersenCan we get rockbox to play tta files with password?
19:07:13braewoodsMarcAndersen: true audio format?
19:08:14braewoodsi doubt it as that would require the ability to enter the password
19:10:02braewoodsMarcAndersen: none of the known TTA encoders let you enter a password
19:10:12braewoodswhat made you think this is a thing?
19:10:30MarcAndersenThe tta I have here can do it.
19:10:40MarcAndersenversion 2.3
19:12:54braewoodsseems it's only available in the libtta variant
19:13:29braewoodsMarcAndersen: i would say probably not. encryption isn't something rockbox really deals with.
19:14:05braewoodsthere's not much reason to encrypt audio files normally anyway
19:15:04MarcAndersenThat's ok, just found out about it while looking at lossless codecs. Ape is btw really slow, except on the gigabeat. On the other players it's fun to just listen to it when it splits it up in peaces :)
19:15:44braewoodsMarcAndersen: ape is notorious for heavy cpu load. don't expect otherwise.
19:16:04braewoodstta and flac are both pretty speedy
19:16:24braewoodsflac is generally better. lots of compatibility and different ways to use it.
19:16:45braewoodsit also has a mode of encoding for encoding an entire audio CD's data stream into one file
19:17:04MarcAndersenSure, all my archiving stuff is flac, and if I need it smaller I use vorbis or opus.
19:17:07braewoodsit uses metadata blocks to enable seeking the individual tracks as if they were separate files
19:17:47MarcAndersenYou mean with exact audio copy or what?
19:18:02braewoodswell you can use other tools like cuetools
19:18:21braewoodswindows only though
19:18:47braewoodsbut it's a swiss army knife of audio stuff
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19:19:07braewoodsi used to use it for audio rips since it does a lot in one bundle and doesn't cost money
19:19:08MarcAndersenOh I heard about that before, doesn't EAC use that internally?
19:19:15braewoodsno, EAC is separate
19:19:29braewoodscuetools just happens to implement many of the same features
19:19:47MarcAndersenSo EAC doesn't use cuetools?
19:20:04MarcAndersenI'll check it out
19:20:08braewoodsone of the modes cuetools can use is single file rips
19:20:17braewoodsmight also support TTAs
19:20:26braewoodsbeen awhile
19:20:40braewoodsit also supports accuraterip
19:20:48MarcAndersenCan cuetools rip via the command line?
19:20:56braewoodsit has one, for windows only
19:21:11braewoodsi think the GUI is better though. more options.
19:21:23braewoodsit's a .NET application
19:22:34braewoodsi doubt it'll ever work anywhere but windows due to its dependency on native DLLs
19:22:50braewoodsnamely windows specific libraries
19:23:33braewoodsMarcAndersen: i don't know of many players that support the single file rips. RockBox does, i only know of foobar 2000 doing so on windows.
19:23:44braewoodson linux deadbeef and maybe audacious supportit
19:25:09MarcAndersenBut you'd need a cue file as well, right?
19:26:25braewoodsdepends, it can be embedded
19:26:42braewoodsthe issue is not all players work with embedded cuesheets
19:38:38MarcAndersenBut what will the difference be if using cuetools or eac?
19:39:39braewoodshonestly no clue other than EAC being proprietary and cuetools not
19:40:07MarcAndersenOh that's right eac is not open source.
19:42:18MarcAndersenI've played about a bit with it now, and with a screen reader cuetools is not easy, almost every control is unlabeled.
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19:49:50Syco54645hello. i have a sansa e200 v1 that i bought that just came in today. the battery does not hold a charge (another is on the way) but it does power on via the usb cable. the issue i am having is it does not mount. it is in msc mode, debian does not even see it according to dmesg and windows 10 it does not appear in the device manage. i am able to get to recovery and it mounts as expected. i have tried both mtp and msc mode and none of my machines see it.
19:49:50Syco54645could this be because of the dead battery and some initialization the player does at connection that occurs after a boot?
19:50:04Syco54645that is the best that i can come up with as to why it may not be mounting
19:51:22Syco54645also i swear i found somewhere last night something about FW supported and was curious if i imagined that it exists and is still correct. i was thinking of upgrading the fw on it to see if that resolves the mounting issue.
19:52:35Syco54645i forgot to mention this is vanilla sansa and not rockbox yet.
19:52:44MarcAndersenI have a sansa connect which had been connected for several hours, the sandisk logo appears and then disapperas in an endless loop, though it is not an e200 it might be the same case here
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19:53:44 Nick mendel_munkis is now known as munkis (
19:53:52munkisearlier today I unplugged a fuze+ from my pc and it remained in bootloader usb mode (although it correctly updated to disconnected) until i hard powered down, any thoughts as to cause?
19:54:19Syco54645MarcAndersen: well this one boots for me and will even play the songs that the previous owner loaded on it. though i thiunk i read about what is happening to you and you just hold the power button for 30+ seconds. i could be wrong but worth a shot
19:57:30MarcAndersenI tried everything with this player, it's dead.
19:58:34MarcAndersenBut it was never used so it must be because it just lost it's power during all those years
20:00:35braewoodsSyco54645: is your cable power only? some usb cables are modified to only provide power which might explain why it doesn't enumerate ("show up")
20:01:22MarcAndersenOh, I hate these cables. I know exactly what you mean.
20:02:35braewoodsSyco54645: a bad battery can cause a lot of weird things. at the very least it means it won't be able to charge and the battery may not show up. i can't say for sure what else can occur as it varies
20:03:04braewoodsit could also be the internal flash is dying
20:03:31braewoodslet me see... the e200...
20:04:15braewoodsSyco54645: it appears the battery is easily replaced. you could try doing that to see if it helps.
20:04:39Syco54645braewoods: well it is the sansa cable. i didnt think to check if the cable on it but just did. all pins are intact. the player appears to be quite new, the lock sticker isnt damaged at all. no heavy damage to the case scratch wise.
20:04:53braewoodstry another cable.
20:04:58Syco54645and yes the battery is on its way to be delivered tomorrow. of course they couldnt come at the same time.
20:05:17braewoodsan xduoo x3 i had shipped with a power only cable and i was wondering why usb data didn't work
20:05:25Syco54645i do not have another cable. it is that proprietary wide connector like an ipod
20:05:31braewoodsOh, right.
20:05:52braewoodsyou may also want to try a replacement cable. that can also be a factor.
20:05:56Syco54645also in recovery it mounts fine
20:06:10braewoodsthat should be enough to install RB then
20:06:27Syco54645guides say not to flash in recovery mode
20:06:41braewoodswait for the battery
20:06:49braewoodsi wouldn't attempt this without a working on
20:07:09braewoodsthen you can evaluate better what is working and what isn't
20:07:33Syco54645oh for sure. i am not going to install anything on it when it doesnt have a battery that works. i just wanted to make sure it "worked" otherwise i would start a return on it
20:07:39MarcAndersenOh so it had no battery inside, I didn't catch that.
20:07:48braewoodsMarcAndersen: correction, "Dead battery"
20:07:53Syco54645well there is a battery but it is nice and fat ;)
20:08:28braewoodsMarcAndersen: it's why i sold you one with a replaced battery. it's not easy to replace if you can't see but the E200 is probably doable.
20:08:46MarcAndersenYes, but in the connect it isn't replaceable, is it?
20:09:02braewoodsit probably is but even harder than the gigabeat S
20:09:04Syco54645it is with a soldering iron
20:09:20braewoodsgigabeat S is socketed; just a bit of a hassle to take apart
20:09:41MarcAndersenSo the gigabeat I got has a new battery?
20:09:51braewoodsyes, i told you that before I sold it to you.
20:09:59braewoodsi replaced the storage and battery.
20:10:02braewoodsas part of my repairs
20:10:26braewoodswell as new as can be had right now
20:10:41MarcAndersenOh. It also has a scratch somewhere on the left side in the middle, did it also have that when you shipped it?
20:10:57braewoodsi forget.
20:11:01braewoodsit probably did.
20:11:04Syco54645braewoods: you brought up flash dying. i was wondering once rockbox is on it is there a way to minimize writing to the flash?
20:11:05braewoodsthese aren't mint condition
20:11:16braewoodsSyco54645: see the manual, "multiboot"
20:11:21MarcAndersenBut it's nothing that keeps me from enjoying it
20:11:22braewoodsit puts all writes on the removable sd card
20:12:01Syco54645that is exactly what i want to do. thanks
20:12:45MarcAndersenDoes the e200 use a normal sd, or also a micro?
20:12:48Syco54645should preserve this for many many years.
20:12:51braewoodsprobably a micro
20:12:53Syco54645it is micro
20:13:07braewoodsi think none of rockbox ports use full size sd cards
20:13:19MarcAndersenBut as far as I can tell from the chart it's bigger than the c200
20:13:20Syco54645sdhc/xc compatible so technically i can have a 2tb mp3 player
20:13:31MarcAndersenthe zen x-fi d oes
20:13:36Syco54645it is larger than the c200 yes
20:13:45braewoodsSyco54645: the rockbox with the most capacity potential is probably the xduoo x3
20:13:48braewoodsdual sd cards
20:14:05braewoodsso up to 4TB if you had 2TB cards
20:14:42MarcAndersenOh yes, fat32 can't get higher anyway, but are 2 tb micro sd's for sale yet?
20:14:50Syco54645well the limitation of 2tb is because of fat32 i believe. so if some other fs would ever be implemented then it could go larger. but yes dual sd beats it
20:15:01Syco54645MarcAndersen: no there are not, just 1tb right now
20:15:15Syco54645or i suppose dual partition a 4tb card?
20:15:40MarcAndersenThen it's not sdxc anymore
20:15:59Syco54645i was unsure if the limitation was fat or sdxc. i couldnt recall
20:16:45MarcAndersenThere is no need to support the new sd cards if we can't support other file systems though
20:17:24Syco54645so the xDuoo X3 is still being produced. i will have to look at that one. the sansa was nice because of reported battery life of 17-21 hours
20:25:24Syco54645i will report back once the battery arrives tomorrow. thanks for the help thus far MarcAndersen and braewoods
20:26:58braewoodsSyco54645: not really, you just sometimes find it on ebay.
20:27:10braewoodsthere's 4 new ones for sale out of the UK last i saw.
20:27:12braewoodsold stock.
20:27:49braewoodsMarcAndersen, Syco54645: also the limit comes not only from FAT32 but also the limits of the partition table.
20:28:07braewoodsunless larger cards have a larger sector size.
20:28:19braewoodsthey'll be stuck at 2TB for the older partition table we use
20:28:27speachynope, SD addressing is 512 byte sectors.
20:28:34braewoodsI thought so.
20:28:45speachySDUC adds more address bits, but still 512 bytes.
20:29:24braewoodsspeachy: question. is it possible to issue a block erase to rockbox SD cards?
20:29:42braewoodslinux can do this if the sd card is exposed under the right interface type, usually mmc
20:30:12braewoodsi would like more ways to properly erase sd cards and the xduoo x3 could do that for me
20:30:21braewoodsif the hardware gives proper access
20:30:48speachywe can issue any sd command the card supports
20:31:07braewoodsok. i think i'd like to add that as a feature in debug or so.
20:31:20braewoodsi'll look into it later.
20:31:36braewoodsmostly useful for devices with more than one SD card slot
20:31:50braewoodsit's basically TRIM for sd cards
20:32:29Syco54645oh that is right, i now remember the reason for the card size limits. regardless 2tb is a lot of lossy music and a good amount of lossless ;)
20:32:45braewoodsi can't see us needing to worry about that limit
20:32:48braewoodsit's far in the future
20:33:15braewoodsand to bypass it we would need a new FS and possibly a new partition table system too
20:33:48braewoodsthe only other way to expand the limits is to enlarge the sector size
20:34:01braewoodsnot generally applicable
20:34:12braewoodsabout the only 4K native devices i've ever seen are nvme drives
20:37:35MarcAndersenCan rockbox format the other sd card in the x3, or is that what you're trying to add?
20:38:39MarcAndersenIt would also be cool in devices with internal storage to format the micro sd
20:42:09braewoodsMarcAndersen: it can't. this would mostly just be to clear the memory so the host can do so from a fresh slate.
20:42:28braewoodsobviously we wouldn't want this enabled for internal unremovable storage.
20:42:51braewoodsi wouldn't want to have an option that could brick a device like that
20:42:55MarcAndersenNo, but it would be cool if I could format my sd in i.e. my sansa or something
20:43:29braewoodsi've been thinking of adding an option to erase all attached storage (if isn't permanently affixed) so you can reinstall from a fresh slate
20:43:37braewoodsand then shutdown
20:44:06braewoodsadvantage is clearing cells to improve future writes, mainly
20:45:03braewoodsit would be useful only for flash storage
20:45:16braewoodssince there's no quick erase for spinning rust
21:13:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 95b10ac74e, 303 builds, 11 clients.
21:13:55_bilgus_doubtful we have any logf builds
21:15:16MarcAndersenWhere do I go to dump it when it's built? It sounds nice.
21:16:18_bilgus_the debug menu
21:16:39MarcAndersenOh. I need sighted assistance then
21:17:15_bilgus_we could probably make it voice numbers for the menus
21:17:29_bilgus_or even spell the top level ones
21:18:55MarcAndersenIt would be cool to have, but it doesn't need to be the highest priority
21:19:01***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:19:02_bilgus_It appears it has support for it
21:24:09rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 645 seconds.
21:24:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 95b10ac74e result: All green
21:27:15_bilgus_testing now lets see
21:27:31_bilgus_oh hear I suppose
21:32:08_bilgus_its kinda clunky as everything gets spelled but its something..
21:32:37MarcAndersenHow did you make that so quickly?
21:32:57_bilgus_I copypastad from my last voice enabling adventure
21:33:24_bilgus_its the nice thing about commit history
21:33:53_bilgus_or rather once you have one thats kinda long and everywhere in the codebase
21:34:17_bilgus_I'm sure speachys is far more impressive
21:35:15MarcAndersenWas it a commit you made some time ago that you revived?
21:37:28_bilgus_line 210
21:38:44MarcAndersenCan you give me a direct link to the patch? I can't get gerrit to work
21:39:02_bilgus_the new one?
21:39:02MarcAndersenI mean find the download button
21:40:49_bilgus_bth you need a logf build to see the boost logs
21:41:22MarcAndersenSo I need to pull master first, and then apply the patch, right?
21:42:03_bilgus_yes but really its simple enough that you don't really need to pull master
21:42:18_bilgus_but always a good idea anyway
21:42:39_bilgus_also depends on your voice file I suppose
21:42:45MarcAndersenBut if I don't pull I won't get the log thing, will i?
21:43:00_bilgus_ah yea you'd need to pull to get that
21:43:20_bilgus_I haven't changed voice strings so its probably fine
21:44:24MarcAndersenI will do it tomorrow. It's 3:43 AM. Good night. Btw, I have not started translating again yet after my browser crashed yesterday, but I will do it at some point. But I got really angry.
21:44:45_bilgus_let me know how it works for you
21:45:17_bilgus_we should in theory be able to add voicing for other interest menus as long as they aren't fast changing
21:45:40_bilgus_fast chnaging and voice would be bad but maybe we can dump to disk
21:49:27 Quit MarcAndersen (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
21:59:13 Quit Moriar (Ping timeout: 250 seconds)
23:09:20braewoodsman i'm glad i have gigabit lan some days. these file transfers would take an eternity without it.
23:13:48braewoodsmight be LCD related
23:19:04***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:25:53 Quit scorche (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
23:40:31_bilgus_I can reproduce it in the sim
23:40:55_bilgus_on my clipzip it just cut it off
23:51:18_bilgus_braewoods, cabbie appears to use this font just fine
23:51:48_bilgus_also the font in question is not even in the releases its in an extras list somewhere too

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