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#rockbox log for 2021-10-01

00:12:07_bilgus_braewoods its because the vp is too small for the font
00:15:08_bilgus_not a bug its a feature!
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07:57:55ac_laptopHello people
07:58:51ac_laptopwhat are the status of the Creative ZEN and ZEN X-Fi targets ? it's not clear on the website
07:59:28ac_laptop puts X-Fi under "stable" and says "This port is still unstable, use it at your own risks."
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08:01:05ac_laptopI suppose the main page is wrong ?
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08:09:24sporkunstable is much different to unusable
08:09:37sporkunstable often means you need some skills to get it going
08:09:46sporkor that it lacks a manual
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08:15:02ac_laptopis there still some activity on the Creative targets ? or has the rockbox development shifted towards audiophiles DAPs now ?
08:15:18sporkthe ZEN X-Fi can be installed using the Rockbox Utility, that makes it considerably more 'stable' than the ZEN which cannot
08:16:03sporki am not sure any of the active developers have one, and i do not recall any Creative-specific development recently
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08:21:22sporknot since 2017 it seems
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08:59:52MarcAndersenI had an x-fi some time ago, and I think it was working fine, except a few times where it wouldn't boot and I had to put a pin in the reset hole
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10:04:40MarcAndersenDo anyone have an ipod nano 1g around? I still have the problem with copying files takes very long in rockbox but normal in the OF. It nearly takes 5 minutes to transfer a rockbox build on around 16 mb.
10:09:18MarcAndersenThe problem is mostly with many small files, transfering one big file is fine, but 400 small files with the same total size is really bad.
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14:22:36Syco54645braewoods: i can report that the e200 will not mount if there is no battery
14:22:51Syco54645i can also report that it is full of mlm training material
14:36:42tertuokay so, are there any meaningful differences between the various eros clones? it seems like not really, at least ones that are relevant under rockbox
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16:15:58Syco54645so i am attempting to use multiboot on my sansa e200 v1 but see no way to confirm that it is running from the sd card. i do not see the Bootdata entry that this is talking about.
16:26:47_bilgus_Syco54645, I had to remove the e200v2 due to lack of space, might be ok now but I'd have to revisit it
16:28:29_bilgus_BUT the e200V1 is a different arch PP portal player IIRC that being said assuming there is space and you are willing to test for me and I can figure out how to add boot data after 5 years..
16:36:54_bilgus_oh Syco54645 Nevermind it does have bootdata
16:37:24_bilgus_and likely it needs to be a dev version
16:38:22_bilgus_ah johnB did it
16:38:34_bilgus_maybe I helped don't remember
16:41:47 Join ac_laptop [0] (~ac_laptop@2a01:cb1c:3c8:2700:e29d:31ff:fe2d:a258)
16:43:15_bilgus_yep we enabled it
16:44:13Syco54645_bilgus_: so then i need a dev build for it still? i was not sure about that. the manual did not really say
16:44:29_bilgus_Syco54645, actually it might be that we never updated the bootloader in rbutility
16:44:54_bilgus_but for sure a dev build this was after 3.15 was released
16:45:24_bilgus_let me grab you a link for the bootloader I built for johnb just incase (ill be AFK for 4 more hours)
16:49:48Syco54645i am flashing the devbuild now
16:52:06_bilgus_ah I didn't compile that bootloader and the one on is from 2009 so no we did not update it
16:54:43_bilgus_I shall do this tonight, you can just leave the dev build on there in wait but I will have to compile it unless johnb shows up with the copy he built before I return
16:55:23_bilgus_then you will have to flash a new bootloader won't be much worse than using rbutil
16:57:36Syco54645_bilgus_: thank you. i will be afk for most of the night but try to check back here and there
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20:09:14speachytertu: the OF payloads are different, but otherwise the hardware is identical.
20:19:16speachy_bilgus_: so... do you think checkwps should check that fonts fit within their viewports?
20:19:28_bilgus_i'm looking into it
20:19:33speachy(I mean, we can't help it if the user selects a different font, but...)
20:19:58_bilgus_I think I can clip them but I need to make sure it won't kill everything else
20:20:24speachyhad a lot of fun in that respect with the statusbar
20:26:04 Join massiveH [0] (
20:47:07Syco54645_bilgus_: i dont know if it is correct but after flashing the latest dev build i have the "Boot data" but i dont think it loaded from sd correctly, researching to understand what i am seeing on the screen
20:48:23 Join MarcAndersen [0] (~no_znepna@
20:49:13MarcAndersenHi. Why does the h key in the ipod simulator only lock the buttons and not the scroll wheel when it does that on a physical target?
20:49:38MarcAndersenI mean the hold switch
20:53:11_bilgus_Syco54645, if it works it should state CRC_OK and probablt list vol <1>
20:54:23_bilgus_the bootloader has a date of 2009 on whick rbutil uses
20:54:58_bilgus_and johnb and I just 2020 added this so..
20:55:37_bilgus_MarcAndersen, likely someone forgot to do so
20:55:44Syco54645yeah it reports crc bad and boot volume 0
20:55:56_bilgus_that wheel is a pita too so might play a role
20:56:16_bilgus_Syco54645, yeah i'll have to build you a bootloader
20:56:52_bilgus_first I have to relearn how to
20:58:09MarcAndersenIs it correct that some of the usb settings under general - system are missing in the simulator?
21:00:42Syco54645_bilgus_: i have done that many times. "i will NEVER forget this. i have done it a bajillion times"... dont do it for a while and uhhhhh
21:01:30_bilgus_we have so many ports that use different methods
21:02:18Syco54645i can imagine that would be difficult to keep straight
21:07:59speachy_bilgus_: I don't know if we've explicitly tested any bootloaders (other than the mips targets) since the gcc 4.9 migration
21:08:24braewoodsspeachy: we tested the iriver coldfire ones.
21:08:31braewoodsremember? i built them after the 4.9 toolchain
21:08:36speachyah yeah
21:08:55braewoodsthe gigabeat S bootloader was also tested by me after
21:09:02speachybut Syco54645 is referring to a sansa ams (or is it a PP?) one
21:10:11 Join Moriar [0] (
21:14:51_bilgus_its pp
21:15:23_bilgus_and I don't see the steps for building the actual bootloader
21:16:25speachyI recall having to tweak the linker script for the PP targets to boot properly. I don't remember if I ever checked the bootloader build too
21:16:52speachy(the linker helpfully overlapped two regions for us, causing crashy crashy fun)
21:17:33_bilgus_it appears to have just spit out the file
21:18:47_bilgus_25% larger hope it fits
21:19:25Syco54645_bilgus_: reading the logs that you linked before i dont know if it will
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21:20:13_bilgus_I did some fixing since for the clip+ to fity should apply here too
21:20:23Syco54645the manual for the e200 contains a multiboot section, which is why i thought it was supported
21:20:48_bilgus_oh it is we just forgot to update the bootloader for everyone else
21:21:54Syco54645what info do i need to read to learn how to flash this file?
21:22:13speachy_bilgus_: I _think_ the bootloader linker script is ok.
21:22:44speachyor at least the ncbss/ncdata sections don't overlap with anything else.
21:23:00_bilgus_be back in a bit
21:24:20speachyyeah, looks good
21:24:45speachyI don't know if I fixed that linker script too or it just didn't have the same problem as the main app's..
21:25:07speachy(I really don't want to brick their player by handing them something completely untested...)
21:26:43Syco54645speachy: wouldnt the recovery mode still work on the e200?
21:27:59 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
21:28:03Syco54645yeah i mean recovery comes up in rockbox, so unless i am misunderstanding this bootloader provided by _bilgus_ is the rockbox bootloader and should be ok?
21:28:17Syco54645then again i am wrong quite often
21:29:21Syco54645oh but the rockbox bootloader replaces the sansa fw completely so i suppose it could be dangerous
21:32:34Syco54645speachy: so i placed the PP5022.mi4 on my sd card and ran it from the files menu and it worked fine. dont know if that helps in any way. also crc is reported as ok so the multiboot works in that regard
21:38:58speachyif it worked, great! I just wanted to confirm the same issue we had with the main PP firmwares wasn't (still) an issue for the bootloader, because of the general bricking potential
21:39:21speachya bif of well-deserved paranoia on my part
21:39:59Syco54645speachy: well i didnt get it flashed on to the device at this point. but running it and it seems safe
21:48:22Syco54645i will hold for now from flashing but initially it at least runs. i do not know if that means it is safe to flash at this point. i will defer to the experts for that
21:52:01_bilgus_interesting that it allowed you to run it like that
21:53:48Syco54645_bilgus_: well i read the ROLO section right above multiboot and it said i could so i figured couldnt hurt ;)
21:54:38_bilgus_it appears to have a recovery 'mode' as well
21:55:34Syco54645_bilgus_: if you mean the e200 yes it does.
21:56:17_bilgus_yeah I made sure it did an wasn't jtag lol
21:56:55Syco54645i am ok with jtag recovery as long as i have a documented process
21:58:07_bilgus_can we get rbutil to do this for us?
21:58:19_bilgus_install the new bootloadr?
21:58:47_bilgus_Syco54645, windows or linux?
21:58:51Syco54645_bilgus_: it looks like i can copy the mi4 file to the device when in recovery mode and it _should_ flash it
21:59:01_bilgus_ah ok
21:59:04Syco54645which ever, i have both. windows may be better my linux is basically hozed
22:00:24 Quit dconrad (Remote host closed the connection)
22:00:36Syco54645actually the appimage for the rbutil was being REALLY complainy so i used windows. it is a different machine and i can rdp in to it so it really isnt an issue to use that. then i dont have to worry about udev rules or anything funky.
22:01:06_bilgus_I'm not sure where the files are stored on windows
22:01:22Syco54645which files am i looking for?
22:01:43_bilgus_but I presume you can copy the new one into the working dir and get rbutil to stuff it for you but IDK I don't use rbutil
22:01:56_bilgus_the pp.mi4 one
22:02:45Syco54645well the other option seems to be sansapatcher but i do not understand what mi4 file it is using
22:03:03_bilgus_if you have that we can do it manually
22:04:05Syco54645yeah i can get that on my windows machine
22:05:42Syco54645ok, so not to be daft but what file is this flashing?
22:05:54_bilgus_hmm IDK it looks like it might have the bootloader embedded in it
22:06:10Syco54645haha, that makes sense then
22:06:14_bilgus_I'd say try your recovery mode
22:06:36Syco54645rbutil is also all in one on windows
22:07:35_bilgus_I hope we can just upload the new bootloader to and it all just works but it never seems to go like that
22:11:24Syco54645it caught on fire... FROM WORKING!
22:11:34Syco54645it worked. booted from the sd card as well
22:11:46Syco54645anything else i need to test for this _bilgus_ ?
22:12:12_bilgus_bootdata says CRC OK and <!>?
22:13:46Syco54645yes it does
22:13:55_bilgus_thanks for playing
22:14:14Syco54645i meant is there anything else i can help to test with this before it is uploaded for general consumption
22:14:40_bilgus_you can try usb mode from the bootloader
22:14:45Syco54645i had already checked that it booted from sd before saying it worked ;)
22:15:05_bilgus_need to eject sd card and rename the .rockbox dir on internal
22:15:33_bilgus_then try to connect by usb and copy a ne .rockbox to internal
22:15:43_bilgus_(dev build)
22:15:58_bilgus_and if that works then we can say its a successful bootloader
22:16:41_bilgus_speachy you think of anything else?
22:17:12Syco54645ok so basically force it to a panic state. i assume when it cant find .rockbox it drops in to some sort of a flash drive esque mode to put the .rockbox dir back
22:17:53_bilgus_yeah and if you put the sd in it should work too
22:18:10_bilgus_but it'll say something like no .rb dir plug usb
22:18:29_bilgus_assuming it has usb support I suppose
22:18:40Syco54645should i try putting the sd card back in before restoring the .rb dir on the device?
22:19:01_bilgus_I'm confident it'll work due to the fact it booted from it
22:19:07Syco54645figure try every permeation
22:19:22_bilgus_the mb stuff fails safe
22:19:51Syco54645didnt even get to renaming and hit a panic
22:19:53_bilgus_its amazing how much I managed to delete from that code to make it fit
22:20:36_bilgus_whats the message?
22:21:15Syco54645so _bilgus_ i had the device off, plugged usb in to computer, plugged cable in to e200 and it paniced. i took a picture for you. i will upload it in a moment
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22:21:32 Join S|h|a|w|n [0] (~shawn156@user/shawn/x-4432647)
22:21:37_bilgus_likely thats in the fw not the bootloader
22:22:19_bilgus_depends on who had control
22:23:31_bilgus_hmm OOM
22:24:22Syco54645it tried to fail over to the stock fw when the .rb folder isnt found. then it turns off when it cant fail over
22:24:41_bilgus_its the bootloader
22:24:59_bilgus_I verified in the map vs the PC
22:25:34 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
22:25:46_bilgus_so I think our best bet is probably to contact johnb4 and ask him to give us the one from last year
22:25:50Syco54645ok, so here is what happens when i rename the folder. it gives me no way to recover
22:26:57_bilgus_put in the sd and reboot
22:27:11Syco54645_bilgus_: already ahead of you ;)
22:27:26Syco54645i was going to grab the of and drop it in system and see what happens
22:28:00_bilgus_Wait till we talk to johnb
22:28:30_bilgus_You are fine to use the device as is but he is familar with the device
22:29:05Syco54645_bilgus_: will do. i will restore the .rb directory and just idle in here. i never reboot this machine.
22:29:10Syco54645thanks for helping so far
22:29:43Syco54645also if you need help testing i do not mind. i am a software engineer so know how important it is to get accurate bug reports
22:29:51Syco54645and testing complete for that matter
22:29:59_bilgus_yeah I'm sorry I don't have more experience with this device but I just came up with the multiboot ideal for a few devices I owned
22:30:55_bilgus_john probably knows a bit more about it but i'll see if I can tell what chnaged from last year
22:31:07_bilgus_hope its not the tool chain upgrade
22:31:46_bilgus_and testing is paramount in the bootloaders before we release them
22:32:07Syco54645_bilgus_: nbd. i loved this device when i was in college. then i won a zune at some conference my uni sent me to. it was meh and needed windows. not great when you have 1 pc it is running linux. i was looking for a rb device for playing my live recordings and then i saw the e200 was supported and knew my destiny
22:32:33Syco54645oh i did not own this in college. kinda sounds like i did. my gf did and it was great
22:34:39Syco54645oh and live concert recordings are released in flac. should have specified why i was seeking out rockbox in the first place.
22:36:16Syco54645regardless, thank you for your help. this fixes the player so that the flash will not degrade further from writes at least.
22:45:12_bilgus_there is johns version could you try that?
22:48:50_bilgus_hopefull the usb worked back then and it wasn't just missed
22:54:27_bilgus_also I presume that the firmware would have this issue as well...
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23:28:13johnb2_bilgus_ I will have to fetch the e200 from my son tomorrow to confirm the behaviour. I will post the results here.
23:29:10_bilgus_awesome, thanks
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23:37:51 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~robert@
23:41:50_bilgus_hmm I don't actually see the audiobuffer in the map file
23:42:20_bilgus_I'd think that wouldbe a compile time error maybe I'm missing something

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