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#rockbox log for 2021-10-03

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01:20:49sporkspeachy, www is unresponsive
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08:52:08_bilgussorry vaps lock
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09:09:04_bilgusfedorafansuper, hi
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09:27:56fedorafansuperi had rockbox installed on my mp3 player and there i played tetris superversion :D
09:28:01fedorafansuperi dont remember it was just cool
09:28:17speachy_bilgus: lovely. at last this time I'm around.
09:28:17fedorafansuperyour page doesnt work
09:30:40speachyhmm, the whole server is offline (!)
09:30:51yanghello fedorafansuper
09:31:26speachy... it was sent SIGKILL and forcibly terminated around 0200
09:31:59 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
09:33:03speachy...due to memory usage
09:33:51speachyok, that was unexpected.
09:34:55yangI see that m3k belongs to unstable ports...Which is the most modern player that is amongst stable ports?
09:36:56 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
09:38:40_bilgusdue to the wiki?
09:38:56speachydon't know yet, still trying to figure out why
09:39:07speachywe dodm
09:39:46speachyok.. so the www server went down at least 30 mintes before the memory watchdog started killing stuff
09:40:50speachyat ~1am the nightly manual and zip stuff happens
09:40:58speachyat ~2am the nightly voice builds happen
09:42:23speachyso it was probably the wiki again
09:43:23_bilgusany way to just throttle the wiki after 10 pm?
09:43:34_bilgussorry closed
09:44:19_bilgusrolling up side walks wiki will down till our maintenance tasks are complete
09:44:40_bilgusbe down..
09:45:52_bilgusnot specific on the time just referencing the towns that do that
09:46:30 Join johnb2 [0] (
09:46:32speachyok, it went down at 00:42
09:46:55speachyYep, Wiki DOS'd by
09:46:58_bilguswhat is that EST CST?
09:47:56speachyno wait, that seems to be a legit user of the themesite.
09:48:41speachy(could it be the themesite that killed us?)
09:49:26_bilgusit seems pretty low impact?
09:49:44_bilguswhat about translate?
09:50:03_bilgusonly bc it crashed for Marc
09:50:09speachytranslate is effectively zero, both from traffic and server load.
09:50:21speachythemesite has an sqlite db behind it
09:50:26 Join johnb3 [0] (
09:50:34speachythat tracks downloads
09:50:43 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
09:51:45speachyI don't have the load instrumentation stuff running on the VPS yet
09:52:44speachywow, this is obviously a fake user agent..."Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/94.0.4606.61 Safari/537.36 Edg/94.0.992.31"
09:53:04fedorafansuperyour webbpage is on
09:53:09fedorafansupermission succeeded
09:54:26speachynothing logged on the themesite that indicates malfesance
09:58:24_bilgushmm theme file names collide on the theme site
09:58:25speachyok, I think the culprit was
09:58:34fedorafansuperi had a cowon d2 do you know it
10:00:45johnb3_bilgus Partial success: ; I can transfer both to internal and SD, but after ejecting, the screen is on (although dark) and blue ring is alight.
10:02:00_bilgusso it basically doesn't boot after
10:02:16_bilgusI assume off and back on then works?
10:02:39johnb3sorry, I pasted the old link. Here is the real one
10:04:30_bilgusso is not exiting usb mode
10:04:31 Quit vup (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:04:53 Join vup [0] (~~~~@
10:04:55Syco54645_sorry i am back, is there anything you need me to test on my end _bilgus ?
10:05:32_bilgusjohnb has it atm it connects but doesn't disconnect
10:05:54Syco54645_that sounds closer
10:07:49_bilgusthe usb transfer works
10:07:56_bilgusso is closer
10:08:19Syco54645_what needed removed from the bootloader to make it fit?
10:08:53 Quit lebellium (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
10:09:10Syco54645_oh that is nice then.
10:09:16 Join lebellium [0] (
10:09:26Syco54645_i had thought that you said you needed to remove stuff. good that you didnt
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10:16:26fedorafansuperits cool good product good luck then
10:16:30 Part fedorafansuper (Textual IRC Client:
10:30:49sporkyang: what do you expect a 'stable' device to do better than an m3k ?
10:32:53_bilgusthis one should allow you to hold the OF button to exit the usb
10:33:55_bilgusI want to verify it will boot after USB connect mostly but I suspect there is probably something missing likely the usb event queue
10:35:44_bilgusI added my changes to gerrit g#3856 consider it WIP
10:37:07johnb3It boots RB properly after unplug
10:37:40johnb3Anything special I should check?
10:37:43_bilgusexcellent, that'll be viable if all else fails
10:38:07_bilgusno I have to go work but I'll revisit it tonight
10:38:48_bilgushopefully amachronic might beat me to it with another great insight but I might stumble to the finish line :P
10:39:41_bilgusit appears it used to poll so I suspect its a missing init or queue
10:40:24_bilgusjohnb thanks.
10:40:36johnb3Thank you!
10:46:10speachyyang: m3k isn't "stable" because we don't have an automated installer (ie rbutil) yet.
10:46:12johnb3To be clear: I did not have to use the OF button.
10:46:44speachy(gotta so some family stuff so further forensic root-causing for a bit)
10:58:33 Quit dconrad (Remote host closed the connection)
11:22:48Syco54645_yang: given my research the m3k is stable enough that i drunk bought one. but you have to manually install it. as speachy pointed out that is why it is not stable
11:23:33speachyyeah. "stable" basically means "supported by rbutil and has a manual"
11:23:44Syco54645_afaik the one "real" issue is that usb transfers are slow. everything else is working more or less. recording and dac are not. i know recording is planned
11:23:57Syco54645_dont know if dac is planned at this point
11:24:28yangok, I have m3k
11:25:02yangspeachy: If your website will still getting ddos-ed, maybe you want to move it to Cloudflare hosting?
11:25:17yangthey can mitigate ddos
11:25:31speachyit's only a DOS in the technical sense
11:25:40Syco54645_oh is that why was down the otherday? whotf would want to DOS!
11:26:00speachythe problem is the wiki, even for read-only access, keels over when faced with even small loads.
11:26:19Syco54645_is the wiki custom @speachy ?
11:27:00speachyno, but it's based on a pretty old system (foswiki 1.x) that has long since been EOL'd.
11:27:37speachyfoswiki 2.x (in theory much better) would probably be the least PITA of the upgrade options but it still requires what amounts to a ground-up migration.
11:27:51 Quit johnb3 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
11:29:44 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
11:30:07Syco54645_i found a few links that went to edit page rather than view on the wiki that i wanted to fix but registrations are disabled. and now i cant find it again. it was something sansa related i am sure.
11:36:42 Join bilgus_ph [0] (~bilgus_ph@
11:38:10bilgus_phJohn if you didn't have to use the OF button did it just drop out of USB or did it actually wait till you removed the USB?
11:38:27bilgus_phJohnb2 logs?
11:38:56Syco54645_of course i am unable to find the page now... if i come across it again i will raise it here
11:40:03Syco54645_bilgus_ph: if i can help just let me know. i can test what ever you want and report back too. since it is my fault you are down this rabbit hole
11:40:50 Join johnb3 [0] (
11:41:10johnb3bilgus_ph it waited until I uplugged.
11:50:07 Quit bilgus_ph (Quit: Connection closed)
12:04:29 Quit johnb3 (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
12:06:42 Join johnb2 [0] (
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12:38:37speachyI have a foswiki2 data migration in progress right now, as an experiment.
12:41:59 Join johnb3 [0] (
12:47:57 Quit braewoods (Quit: WeeChat 2.8)
12:48:16 Join braewoods [0] (~braewoods@user/braewoods)
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14:32:10chris_sspeachy: I didn't realize/check that you were migrating stuff and tried to upload something which came back with this error:
14:32:15chris_sSome internal internal errors occured. This is very unlikely to be your fault.
14:32:15chris_sCouldn't move
14:32:33chris_sSorry, tried to upload a *theme*, I meant
14:32:37speachychris_s: ah, ok
14:32:42speachygimme a sec
14:32:53speachywhat resolution?
14:33:11chris_siPod Video (320x240)
14:33:36speachytry again now please
14:33:54speachythe themesite migration was a couple weeks back now
14:34:31chris_ssame error
14:34:40speachyok, hold on
14:36:21speachytry again, please.
14:37:09chris_swent through – thanks a lot!
14:37:19 Quit johnb2 (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
14:38:19speachymissed a directory when fixing up permissions
14:49:40Syco54645_speachy: i am a developer with specialization in lamp stack. i see foswiki is perl and js. if you need any assistance or to bounce ideas let me know.
14:50:36speachywhat also needs doing is porting the themesite (php) from sqlite to proper PDO
14:51:19 Join tomato2 [0] (~tomato@user/tomato)
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16:03:27braewoodsspeachy: is the theme site custom or what?
16:03:45braewoodsi've converted sites to PDO before
16:03:56 Join LambdaCalculus37 [0] (~robert@
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17:39:12 Join MarcAndersen [0] (~no_znepna@
17:47:25MarcAndersenHi. Can we support codec2 in rockbox? It's an excelent way to store speech, maybe we could also use it for the voice files to save memory on small targets?
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19:11:32_bilgusjohnb Syco54645_ here is another try without the button_read, hopefully it Just Works Tm
19:25:35 Quit wisperwind (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
19:49:52 Join reductum [0] (
19:53:45speachybraewoods: yeah, it's all custom. but in the end it's a lot less special than most everything else we have.
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21:18:06_bilgusI guess I had no clue there were separate ones too ^^
21:19:20_bilgusMarcAndersen, Looks like the license is compatible
21:20:51_bilgusIs this something you are planning on attempting or are you looking for someone who is interested in doing so?
21:21:15MarcAndersenI'm not sure that it will work for rockbox voice, but as a normal audio codec it would be nice. I have been testing it a lot lately
21:21:45_bilgusI see that it use a model of voices I wonder how close it is to being a speech generator
21:21:50MarcAndersenI can't do c programming really
21:22:31speachyMarcAndersen: one problem is that the reference implementation uses floating-point math
21:22:50_bilgusI was kinda researching how to do speech synthesis using trinomes? I think
21:22:54MarcAndersenAnd we can only do fixed or_
21:23:17_bilguswe can only do fixed efficiently for most targets
21:24:14_bilgusIn the sense that a late result is a useless result I suppose
21:24:56_bilgusnot that the conversion isn't possible its just a lot of extra work
21:25:05_bilgusto fixed mth..
21:26:08_bilgusIIRC the voicing is mp3?
21:26:14MarcAndersenOpus is also good at what it does, so it was just a thought I had, it doesn't need to be high priority
21:26:33_bilgusspeex so its not going to be much smaller
21:27:11_bilgusI would encourage you to work towards it and ask for help when you get stuck that the only way it will reliably get done
21:27:13MarcAndersenWell it can go down to 450 bps but it doesn't sound that good. I encoded 20 minutes of audio to a 100 kb file earlier
21:27:49_bilgusC is really not that hard versus other languages
21:28:42speachyso it'll result in about voice files about 50% smaller
21:28:56speachybut I haven't found a good comparison of runtime complexity
21:28:59MarcAndersenNot for you maybe, but all you rockbox guys are also quite hardcore
21:29:31speachyMarcAndersen: actually C is really simple, language-wise, compared to nearly everything else. There's just not all that much to it.
21:29:51_bilgushow do you figure 50%
21:30:05speachybut it doesn't hold your hand (much) and if you try to shoot yourself in both left feet it'll happily let you
21:30:11MarcAndersenI know about blocks and statements from working with angelscript
21:30:13speachy_bilgus: 3.2Kbps vs 8Kbps
21:31:52MarcAndersenI'm going to bed now. Good night.
21:36:30_bilgusspeachy if thats at comparable quality then might be worth it depending on decode
21:36:58speachyyeah, decode overhead is the key. but a lack of a reference integer implementation is a major strike against it.
21:37:32_bilgustrue would be pretty hard to do the conversion on something thats already black magic
21:38:55speachythe foswiki1.x->2.x conversion script is up to 'SansaFuze' now (alphabetical)
21:51:34_bilgusthis your experiment?
21:51:54_bilgusor on to not a drill?
21:52:56speachyit's a long overdue experiment
21:53:13speachythough to be honest it looks like the worst part will be porting the theme
21:53:29speachy(the new version supports using a real database for caching, sessions, etc)
21:58:06_bilgusthere was a self hosted captcha using proof of work somewhere maybe we can use something like that to bankrupt the bots
21:58:43speachyhuh, I think I just got the themesite working in PDO::SQLite form
21:59:14_bilgusnice blazing towards the 2010s :)
21:59:30_bilgusis it up somewhere?
22:00:01speachythe next step is to dump the data into the shared mariadb instance, and see if changing the DSN will make it a seamless switch.
22:00:09speachy_bilgus: it's live
22:00:36speachy(required changing a whopping 3 lines of code...)
22:02:30_bilgusreport button is brk
22:04:48speachythat was already broken, IIRC
22:05:38_bilgushad no clue
22:08:10_bilgusyep and you lost me DSN? moving it to the database from?
22:09:47_bilguswhats it currently blob?
22:12:41speachymoving it from sqlite-specific PHP bindins to more generic PHP Database Objects
22:13:01speachyI think DSN means Data Source Name (Notation?)
22:14:38speachythe reCAPTCHA API key looks like it no longer works. I'll add that to the list..
22:16:05***No seen item changed, no save performed.
22:18:09speachythe problem with sqlite in this context is that each request causs the db to be loaded/mapped into the web request handler's process context.
22:18:35speachyand if a lot of concurrent requests come in that can mean a _lot_ of memory
22:22:07speachyand on that note, time to face-plant into bed. looooong weekend and I have jury duty at the ass-crack of dawn.
22:23:19_bilgusnn, may your deliberations be non existing
23:32:58 Quit dconrad ()

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