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#rockbox log for 2021-10-04

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06:26:27speachygeez, it's still going.
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06:31:30johnb2_bilgus It works.
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08:12:04_bilgusjohnb2 I just don't understand why the timed out wait_for_disconnect but not the regular one
08:12:47_bilgusmaybe a fluke
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08:22:06_bilgusjohnb Syco54645_ here is hopefully the last try same link
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10:43:59johnb2_bilgus: This one also works.
10:52:53_bilgusok I'm going to merge this if at your leisure you can compile a bootloader from head and verify it works there as well
10:57:15_bilgusbluebot must not be around, its pushed just waiting for completion
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11:05:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 536 seconds.
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12:01:42bilgus_phJohnb2 scratch that I just noticed I broke it I'll fix it around lunch time :/
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12:09:35paulcarrotymaybe it worth to build a player based on RPi? 😉
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12:29:43sporkare there not many fine players than run on desktop(-ish) linux ?
12:30:33sporkthe beauty of rockbox is that it targets portable devices
12:30:45sporkone of the beauties, there are more :)
12:37:31paulcarrotyjust posted the example of portable device
12:39:05Syco54645__bilgus: ok just tested your latest. i renamed the .rb dir on the device and it dropped in to the bootloader. if it wasnt plugged in to usb it did the old fail of trying to load various fw that i sent a picture of then just shut off. if i boot then plug it in it drops in to usb mode and i was able to rename the .rb folder.
12:39:18Syco54645_if i rename .rb on the device and leave the sd card in multiboot still works
12:39:41Syco54645_if the device is powered off and i plug it in then i no longer get oom but it boots to the usb mode bl and waits for it to be unplugged to proceed
12:40:05Syco54645_i think that is all of the cases that you had asked to be tested.
12:46:43paulcarrotywell, $40 for battery it's overkill
12:46:59sporkwith a 12.48" display it is not pocket-portable. looks very cool though as it is.
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12:55:08Syco54645_oh also the when off then plug in to power it will boot usb mode regardless of if .rb dir is there or not
12:56:01Syco54645_but i think this gets us the most recovery possible on the e200 series players. worst case we still have recovery mode as well
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13:02:21paulcarrotydisplay out stock now. guess it's possible to find smaller & cheaper display and even capable portable powerbank.
13:23:19Syco54645_just got a NIB e250 for $25 shipped. that is pretty sweet.
13:27:55sporkthat is a good deal
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13:35:45Syco54645_i thought so. will store it away for if the current e250 dies somehow. with the help of bilgus i now have it working with multiboot so i think it should last a good while.
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13:41:44sporkit is amazing to find such old stuff new in box
13:42:25bilgus_phPaulcarroty I like the idea of a raspi media player problem was the price after getting a DAC and screen
13:42:28sporkwhen my timemachine is fixed, i will go back to get me a crate of sansa clip+'s
13:43:42bilgus_phSyco54645_ thanks for testing those cases I have one more patch to merge to fix what I broke and we should be golden
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14:23:54Syco54645__bilgus: np. let me know and i can test it. ;)
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16:03:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e6740ed562, 303 builds, 12 clients.
16:04:33_bilgusSyco54645_, Johnb he is what should be the final bootloader
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16:11:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 481 seconds.
16:11:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e6740ed562 result: All green
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16:16:19chris_sspeachy: I think (?) the theme site upload function may have problems again. I wasn't able to upload a new version of an iPod Video theme – as usual, it asked me to overwrite the existing one after submitting the form,, but after submitting again, I was redirected to a blank page and didn't receive a confirmation mail
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16:16:50chris_s(Tried to update Interpod, fwiw)
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16:23:32johnb2_bilgus BL goes into usb mode on plug, I can transfer data, but after 'eject safely' I am back to my lit screen and blue ring.
16:24:05_bilgusok lets try one other thing
16:24:21johnb2the download prior to this one worked fine ;-)
16:24:40johnb2I used your link here on IRC
16:25:10johnb2always, i.e. haven't compiled myself
16:26:35_bilgushopw about that one, funny thing is when it was 'broken' for the rest it worked for the E200
16:27:09johnb2Hold on, I tried to repeat, this time it worked
16:27:56_bilgusmaybe it just randomly fails?
16:28:54johnb2yes, seems like it. It again worked.
16:29:47_bilguswell this next one should be rather more robust
16:29:57johnb2shall I try the one from :25 above?
16:30:30_bilgusyes please
16:31:57_bilgusthere we do a timeout and check the USB gpio pin every 5 seconds should be more robust (I just got rid of it bc it seemed like the other was working
16:38:22johnb2I tried 4x without breaking it
16:40:04_bilguscool I'll leave it defined for only the E200 for now just so I don't break any others
16:44:10rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0a1d25d27a, 303 builds, 12 clients.
16:45:56_bilgusok Syco54645_, johnb we should be done
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16:46:14johnb2I call it a day then
16:46:28_bilgusThank you
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16:52:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 506 seconds.
16:52:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0a1d25d27a result: All green
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18:14:34Syco54645__bilgus: which one should i load up? or should i just wait for rbutil to do it?
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19:12:31_bilgusrbutil doesn't have it yet
19:36:58speachychris_s: please give it another try; fixed one problem related to the PDO move, but that's secondary to whatever the root cause is
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19:41:18_bilgusspeachy csan you put the E200 bootloader on d.r.o please?
19:42:22speachy_bilgus: what directory should I put it in?
19:42:33speachyback up the old one?
19:42:56_bilgusprobably a good idea for a bit .old
19:43:09chris_sspeachy: thanks for looking into it. upload.php is still responding with an HTTP 500 error and a blank page
19:43:21speachyif's up
19:43:30_bilgusthank you
19:44:07speachychris_s: ok, another PDO-related issue.
19:44:12_bilgusSyco54645_ rbutil should now do it for you if you can give it a test
19:45:37speachytry again please
19:50:47chris_ssuccess, thank you very much, it worked! The only thing I noticed (and I could be wrong about this) is that after I clicked on the email verification link, there used to be some kind of message whereas now it simply displays a blank page. Still seems to have done the job.
19:59:00chris_syeah, verify.php is responding with 500, but the upload and confirmation work
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20:05:25Syco54645__bilgus: sure let me boot the ole "steam machine". my debian box is blown to crap. appimages are funky and id rather not cause a false issue by using it
20:09:33Syco54645_to make sure i do this correctly _bilgus am i just selecting "bootloader" and unselecting the rest?
20:16:31***No seen item changed, no save performed.
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20:49:42speachychris_s: one more PDOism not right. should be fixed now.
20:52:35speachy_bilgus: if you want to try it out
20:52:45speachyneed to port the theme over still
20:52:46 Join chris_s [0] (
20:53:17chris_sspeachy: Nice! :)
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21:07:05_bilgusSyco54645_, yes sorry i'm in and out
21:10:53Syco54645__bilgus: error in rbutil
21:13:24MarcAndersenWhich (if any) of the rockbox targets other than the archos run on normal aa or aaa batteries?
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21:25:42_bilgusSyco54645_ its looking for the OF I don't think its able to do upgrades maybe?
21:25:55 Join bluebrother [0] (~dom@user/bluebrother)
21:26:09_bilgusso probably need to copy the OF file using the recovery method
21:26:22_bilgusthe try
21:27:07_bilgusprobably bc sansa patcher does the OF dual boot?
21:27:46_bilgusspeachy it looks v nice
21:28:30_bilguscan't login though
21:30:18_bilgusInternal Server Error
21:30:18_bilgusThe server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
21:30:18_bilgusPlease contact the server administrator at root@localhost <−−lol
21:34:15Syco54645__bilgus: id prefer not to flash it back to stock if i can avoid. we know it can be upgraded in recovery mode at the very least. this seems more like rbutil is scared
21:34:47_bilguswell I'm not going to force you or anything so np
21:35:00Syco54645_considering i flashed rb to this the first time 4 days ago and most recently 2 days ago and flashed a dev build i can say that it is not correct in that regard
21:35:14_bilgusif it doesn't work at least it'll fail nice and early
21:35:16Syco54645__bilgus: oh no i didnt think you were. i mean if that is what must be done to test i am willing to do it
21:35:58Syco54645_but it seems kinda odd that i would have to flash stock to upgrade rb. i will have to check later. heading to bed now. i didnt read the section of flashing back because who in their right mind would want to :P
21:36:29_bilgusI'm guessing its a safety and like I saID IT MERGES THE FW FOR DUAL BOOT
21:36:37_bilgussorry caps
21:37:24 Join rb-bluebot [0] (~rb-bluebo@rockbox/bot/utility)
21:37:51Syco54645_i wonder if it would let me if i remove the sd card
21:39:14_bilgusI don't think its picking up the rb FW its picking up that bootloader sitting where its looking for OF
21:39:17Syco54645_it does not. wonder if that is because of some check it does to the bl
21:40:10Syco54645_oh. thats right when i upgraded to a dev build i did not check bootloader. so it would be different functionality now.
21:41:59_bilgusI'm pretty sure what sansapatcher does is takes the OF and RB and merges them to give you dual boot
21:42:09_bilgussee we don't supply those files
21:42:21_bilgusbc of license
21:42:33Syco54645_oh i assumed it just moved the ofw somewhere and then watched for a button hold and point to it
21:42:52_bilgusmore likely it patches a hook
21:43:02_bilgusand just redirects it to our BL
21:43:05Syco54645_i swear i read somewhere instructions for rolling it back to stock
21:46:38_bilgushmm but we don't have an OF file
21:47:12Syco54645_i mean workaround i guess is flash the bl in recovery mode right. but that is kind of manual and make rbutil less easy for people
21:52:45_bilguswell we went around it and now...
22:02:35_bilgusand an older version too
22:08:49 Quit dconrad ()
22:12:46_bilgusjohnb do you have a way to test rbutil given supplied OF?
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23:26:16_bilgusMarcAndersen, did you end up checking out that voicing patch for debug?

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