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#rockbox log for 2021-10-05

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02:03:01paulcarrotyopus is the best, even better than speex
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09:11:12speachy_bilgus: logins work on wiki2 now.
09:11:34speachyI'd neglected to copy the credentials file over
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10:18:57greengameplayerHi all. I recently installed rockbox 3.15 on my iPod 3rd generation (Grayscale) and it worked great. I then decided to install an iFlash Solo into my iPod, again, worked great. Had issues initially getting it to recognise the card, but after some wiggling of the adapter cable, the iPod recognised the disk in the debug menu. iTunes restored it just fine, no issues there, it boots lightning fast now. I then went to install
10:18:58greengameplayerrockbox on it with the installer, which completed without issue. I transferred a few test .flac files on to the iPod (ex: "/Music/Artist/Album/01 Name.flac") to test how it works. Upon attempting to initialize the database, it never finishes. I have attempted this several times, and it just hangs and does nothing, attempting to cancel also does nothing. If I initialize the database immediately upon booting, it finishes
10:18:59greengameplayersuccessfully. If I then rush to play a song, it plays for about 30 seconds until it starts stuttering, about 20-30ms of sound and then 5s of that sound repeating. This is repeatable. Once, I got a panic when I did that. Here's the details:
10:19:04greengameplayer- Could not write sector 80326 (error -3, []
10:19:05greengameplayerpc:00070524 sp:000d44c0
10:19:07greengameplayer A: 00078c78
10:19:08greengameplayerbt end
10:19:10greengameplayerThank you in advance and sorry about the wall of text. I wanted to be as detailed as possible so I don't waste your time.
10:19:48speachygreengameplayer: use the most nightly build.
10:19:52speachymost recent
10:20:30greengameplayerspeachy: Will do thanks
10:20:47speachythe 2-year-old 3.15 release has some severe data corruption problems with the iflash adapters due to them not quite following the ATA spec properly.
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10:35:27greengameplayerspeachy: It works for longer now, but playback froze at 2:17 and then started stuttering again. Settings also won't save. Latest dev release.
10:35:41speachyhave you run a full disk check?
10:36:02speachythe odds are there's a lot of corruption.
10:36:06greengameplayerI have not. How do I do that? From the debug menu on the iPod?
10:36:38speachyplug it into a proper computer and do the chkdsk/fsck equivalent for the OS
10:36:48greengameplayerOkay. Disk mode or normal?
10:37:41greengameplayerAnd thanks again, I would be clueless.
10:40:45greengameplayerRan it through fsck while iPod was in disk mode. Lots of corruption.
10:59:20_bilgusspeachy, the sandbox doesn't appear to listing new topics, not sure where they went
11:00:01_bilgusoh nm just had to regen it
11:04:37greengameplayerMy iPod still appears to be corrupted after a fsck, do I need to pull out the SD card and reformat it on a machine rather than disk mode?
11:05:28speachyreformatting the data partition in disk mode should be all you need.
11:06:39greengameplayerReformat the partition in disk mode, then put Rockbox on it? (also, is a restore with itunes required?)
11:07:40speachyyes to the first. you only need to do an itunes restore if you care about using itunes.
11:08:03speachy(itunes and the original apple firmware, that is)
12:02:00greengameplayerUsing the rockbox utility after a fat32 format with the bootloader selected causes a folder with an exclaimation mark
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12:17:17greengameplayerI will find a computer with iTunes on it and attempt to restore.
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13:54:10johnb3_bilgus: RbUtil installation worked like a charm. For e200v1 you don't need the OF for installing the BL.
13:54:43johnb3in contrast to amspatcher
13:56:36 Join bilgus_ph [0] (~bilgus_ph@
13:57:19bilgus_phJohnb2 thank you, wonder why rbitil complained about syco' s
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15:45:51johnb2maybe he had selected v2?
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16:08:18_bilgus<Syco54645_> _bilgus: error in rbutil
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16:10:09_bilgus'Old Rockbox installation detected you must reinstall the original Sansa Firmware before running sansa patcher fot yhe first time''
16:15:33johnb2I used RbUtil to deinstall the existing BL and install afterwards.
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16:31:46_bilgusweird, well I guess if it works for syco and has usb to recover it will be ok
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20:35:26speachy_bilgus: I think the new wiki is working well enough that it's worth trying to port over the theme
20:35:59speachyand then the old one can be forcibly retired. (all data+history has been migrated!)
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21:01:13_bilgusis that something I can help you with?
21:08:47speachyI wouldn't say no to someone else doing it for me. :D
21:09:18speachybut IMO at this point foswiki 2.x is vastly better than 1.x
21:10:05speachy(and once I turn on mod_perl and mysql-backed caching it'll scale far, far better too)
21:12:11greengameplayerOkay, I have tried doing a fat32 format with linux, windows, and an exfat format with mac. I have attempted an iPod restore from Windows. Each time it has worked, then Rockbox hangs on the database init. In addition, I have gotten two more panics, one was error -2 and one was error -3. Latest dev build from installer. Also tried getting a sandisk card, as I thought it may have been a bad flash card. No dice. Any other ideas?
21:12:11greengameplayerShould I try any specific build numbers?
21:27:52_bilgusI guess I don't have the permission on the old wiki to look
21:28:11_bilgusReading about the new one though
21:31:18_bilgusah found it
21:33:50_bilgusand nope lol
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22:06:43greengameplayerWell, I finally figured it out. Turns out the ribbon cable wasn't fully in, but I couldn't tell that from the angle I was looking at. So, for anyone who wants to rockbox their iPod 3/4, please check, double check, and triple check that the converter is fully seated into the SD slot. I hate ribbon cables, this is not the first time they have caused no end of trouble for me.
22:10:43_bilgusgreengameplayer, glad you got it figured out
22:10:50_bilguswere you on the forums as well?
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