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#rockbox log for 2021-10-09

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07:49:27amachronicthe site is down again
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09:20:55speachysite's back up.
09:22:23speachywhen I get back to civilization I'll resume working on the wiki migration which should stop this from happening
09:27:45speachyIn the mean time I changed the existing wiki to no longer use mod_perl; it'll hurt the wiki performance but should keep it from taking down everything else, at least as quickly.
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09:34:42speachyoh, _bilgus and __builtin both have credentials on the new box; the same as the old one
09:42:39speachyI'll check on this as often as I can.
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10:59:34braewoodsspeachy: time to switch to ed25519 keys? assuming your sshd supports it by now.
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14:18:02Syco54645_is there a way to use a different font on wps than any other screen? i cant find anything but i may be searching for the wrong terms.
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14:29:07braewoods_bilgus: i think i'm going to try something different with MTP..
14:29:23braewoodsthe protocol can do more than transfer files
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14:29:39braewoodsi can use the other half to setup a remote control mode for MTP that disallows regular file access
14:29:51braewoodsat least if i'm reading the spec right this should be allowed
14:30:05braewoodsobject handles don't need to correspond to actual files
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18:11:34_bilgusbraewoods, doesnt the USB driver already present as a keyboard or do you mean in the other direction"
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18:14:38braewoods_bilgus: other direction.
18:15:00braewoods_bilgus: i was considering trying to use MTP to allow basic remote control of rockbox.
18:15:22braewoodsit would require me to write a client side app but not too much to ask for that i can tell
18:15:49_bilgusthat could be interesting you could also make a user facing app to set up stuff
18:16:12braewoodsyea, and i wanted the ability to do stuff like sync the RTC with host rime
18:16:19braewoodssomething MTP also exposes
18:16:41_bilgushow does it do it currently?
18:16:48braewoodsit may not be widely used but if it's part of the spec, why not? we may end up the only user but it's a good place to start from rather than write our own spec.
18:17:08braewoods_bilgus: what do you mean? afaik rockbox RTC has to be set manually to date.
18:17:29_bilgusmy clip zip generally has pretty close to the right time maybe it just carries the config through?
18:17:48braewoodsno idea. i just thought i could hook up MTP to the RTC module we have.
18:18:02braewoodsallow clients modifying the DateTime MTP device property to set the RTC
18:18:23_bilgusyeah nice feature
18:18:42braewoodsmost obvious use is to sync the clocks since we have no other convenient way to do it
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18:19:08braewoodsthe other thing i was considering was basic multimedia control
18:19:19braewoodsthe ability to manipulate current playback
18:19:31_bilguswhy not just use the pc audio though
18:20:10braewoodswell, there's no way to do that currently. we'd probably want to use USB Audio for that.
18:20:22braewoodsMTP doesn't really like streaming audio.
18:20:42_bilgusI meant use the PC and not the device
18:21:11_bilgusyou couls use a TSR program like the alpine plugin did
18:21:13braewoodswell mtp does have device properites for current playback
18:21:34_bilgushave USB start your plugin and drop into wps
18:22:07braewoodsinteresting. well it's something to discuss later when i've made more progress.
18:22:40braewoodsi've been considering trying some kind of setup where MTP can be used to fully or mostly control rockbox in a kind of exclusivity state
18:23:02_bilgushook it up to the sim
18:23:03braewoodsthe standard allows for multiple function modes
18:23:14braewoodsoh wait
18:23:22braewoodsthat's an idea.
18:23:29_bilgusyou could test for differences
18:24:16braewoodsnot a bad idea.
18:24:19_bilgusmight be able to send back display updates even if slow enough
18:24:49braewoodswe could just send events and let the UI respond appropriately
18:25:05braewoodsbut this is a great idea, one i hadn'
18:25:08_bilguscrc the display buffer and check vs the sim
18:25:09braewoodshadn't considered
18:25:42braewoodsbut remote control is one of the example usages for MTP in the spec
18:26:10braewoodsthe spec allows you to define modes of operation
18:26:18braewoodsi'll probably make the default file transfer mode
18:26:22braewoodsand the other will be playback mode
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