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#rockbox log for 2021-10-14

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02:04:42johnb3_bilgus yes, I do
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07:00:47speachy_bilgus: so checkwps should fail more skins now, in theory?
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09:13:05_bilgusjohnb3 does USB work @ head for you and do you know of differences between e280 etx.
09:13:54_bilgusspeachy no checkwps still doesn't check but the targets should fail less
09:14:10speachycheckwps should..
09:14:31_bilgusit says something about no lang files in checkwps
09:14:41speachy... IIRC the usb on amsv1 is busted with master, due to -Os
09:15:19_bilgusOh! I thought that was fixed
09:15:37_bilgusand the e200V2 is AMSv1
09:15:46speachyhaven't had the time to pursue it further, though there's not a lot of amsv1 vs amsv2 differences in the USB driver.
09:16:24speachyamachronic's USB control URB rework might have an effect though
09:16:38_bilgusI knew I should have bought a clip
09:18:58_bilgusSpeachy if we could get lang files into ChecKWPS I agree we should check for missing LANG
09:20:27_bilguswell I already wasted that persons time with an issue that was known :? Ill spin up a build with amachronics patches maybe we get lucky
09:20:41speachyall we really need is lang_enum.h
09:21:28_bilgusNO becuase the theme uses English strings to index
09:21:48_bilgusit literally does a reverse search of the text
09:22:20_bilgussomething like english_to_ID
09:23:34speachyI'm sure it was a good idea at the time..
09:24:01_bilgusI would really like to rework that theme engine but its .. something else and very daunting
09:25:09_bilgusWell returning <ERR> instead of outright failing with no indication seemed like a good idea at this time too :P
09:25:23speachyit's definitely an improvement
09:26:29_bilgusI just have no idea how nmayn potentially *broken* themes we have
09:36:18speachyand making checkwps lang aware is ... quite a rabbit hole too
09:37:02speachyI wonder how many skins use SKIN_TOKEN_TRANSLATEDSTRING
09:38:06_bilgusI suppose we just uncomment the check and make it return -1, they will all fail
09:42:24speachywell, even our default Cabbiev2 uses %Sx
09:44:03_bilgusI did a bit of testing making it take a fallback string but it was not a small amount of code
09:46:53speachythinking about this a bit more, I don't see how it could have been implemented any other way. but we need to make checkwps validate things or otherwise extract a list of all strings from themes so we can be sure
09:48:58_bilgusmaybe we could have it spit the list and later check it from the lang build??)another build
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09:50:19speachythe themesite runs checkwps on each one individually; I could have it grep out a list of string tokens
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09:58:54johnb4_bilgus No, v2 doesn't connect (device not recognized)
09:59:27_bilgusjohnb Have you tried the new USB driver on that device?
09:59:28johnb4what do you mean by 'special about 280'?
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09:59:58johnb4just on gerrit, right?
10:00:00_bilgusI wasn't awayre the e200V2 was a V1 sansa
10:00:38_bilgusI have to add the config for the device if you want to test the build
10:00:55johnb4I can, later today.
10:01:33_bilgusill post it once I get it built
10:01:44johnb4speachy had provided 'optimization disabled' build for fuzeV1 and e200v2: that works
10:02:03johnb4will be back in 3h
10:02:30_bilgusjohnB I might do that for the user too since they need a fix at head
10:02:45_bilgus(the one with the e280)
10:04:21_bilgusamachronic do I just need to add the CPU for my device in usb_designware.c or am I missing something?
10:05:02speachyamsv1 doesn't use a designware core, I thought.
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10:11:37_bilgusIn that case what do I need to disable optimizations for the build just remove -Os from make?
10:12:30speachychange -Os in the Makefile to -O or -O1
10:20:01_bilgusOk got that sorted I guess I'll keep my eye out for a V1
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13:20:05johnb4_bilgus I am back online, if you want me to test something.
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13:55:56bilgus_phJohnb2 I think removing -Os will work for the user thanks for the hint
13:57:19bilgus_phI'll try and procure a v1 of some sort before I bother going real deep,
13:58:00bilgus_phIf we are lucky anachronism efforts will pay off faster ;)
13:58:21bilgus_phAmachronic D auto correct
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14:20:52johnb4you mean a v2?
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14:28:12speachyok, finished my review of the usb control urb rewrite. we still need to port the non-dwc2 usb drivers over though
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15:20:12_bilgusJohnb A v1 AMS (e200 v1 & V2) are AMS V1 yeah I was confused slightly as well
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