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#rockbox log for 2021-10-17

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11:39:47celaGuest81 you can boot the OF if you hold the back button and plug the usb, not very useful since you have to also reformat for OF too, x-fi thread here,43626.msg249039.html#msg249039
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20:11:13FroggestSpiritWhat's currently the cheapest device that's easily available, with good RockBox support?
20:16:32braewoodsFroggestSpirit: probably fiio m3k but who knows for how long.
20:16:52FroggestSpiritahh, I just sold mine a while back. is there another in the works?
20:17:54braewoodsi wouldn't know. i mainly work on older ports.
20:18:10braewoodsthere's a lot of options if you're willing to put in some effort.
20:19:14FroggestSpiritAmazon is chalk full of players around the $30-$50 range, but it's hard to tell what kind of cpu they're running without getting one
20:19:14braewoodshuh wow. someone selling a gigabeat S in decent condition. does need repairs though.
20:19:27braewoodsFroggestSpirit: i pretty much guarantee they can't run rockbox.
20:20:59braewoodsyea, the used market has its issues but best option in general from what i've seen.
20:21:36braewoodsdepends what you're looking for
20:22:49FroggestSpiritHonestly looking to get something to play VGMStream on a long lasting battery. Porting it to rockbox seemed like a possibility
20:22:50braewoodsspeachy tells us how most of the cheap players are using ASICs with no real RAM to speak out.
20:23:39braewoodslong lasting... that's one thing i don't know too much about. i own a few gigabeat S units. decent hardware for its age.
20:24:18braewoodshow cpu intensive is it?
20:24:21FroggestSpiritI can't remember if I brought this up in the past, but there's a library for running bare metal code on raspberry pi. There's some bare metal arm ports already, right?
20:24:46braewoodstechnically we've had bare metal ports to arm since the PP days
20:25:00FroggestSpiritI think on one of my SBC, I throttled the cpu to 300mhz, and the test songs played fine (also running lightweight linux)
20:26:07braewoodsthe gigabeat S is an armv6 port
20:26:34FroggestSpiritThat might actually be a good thing for me to look at, the pi zero is armv6 iirc
20:28:53braewoodswell if you manage an actual bare metal port, perhaps we can look into some kind of guide for DIY players lol
20:29:11braewoodsfair chance we would end up using USB Audio.
20:29:25braewoodsunless the Pi Zero has another way to do audio
20:30:06FroggestSpiritThe cool thing with the bare metal on the pi, is just literally drag the files onto a fat32 SD card. Since it's not linux, you don't need to mess with ext4 or anything
20:30:43FroggestSpiritPi zero needs hardware, unless you do pwm out on the gpio. I think most other models have a 3.5mm jack
20:32:53FroggestSpiritOn a separate note, reading the wiki, it looks like the newer Sony NW 393 and stuff is unsupported due to encryption?
20:33:32braewoodsno idea.
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