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#rockbox log for 2021-10-18

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07:26:22speachyFroggestSpirit: There's not much of an advantage doing a bare metal (vs just plain hosted) port to the RPi series; they have plenty of resources and are very well supported upstream.
07:27:52speachybut while the non-zero ones have a line out, the audio quality is really crappy. Lots of electrical noise etc, so if you want things to sound good an external DAC is necessary.
07:33:37speachybut the real issue with a RPi port is one of physicality −− ie screen+buttons+case, plus power/battery management since IIRC none of the RPi series has built-in provisions for such things.
07:35:45speachyhere's an example of what's necessary:
07:37:38paulcarrotycool! I like it
07:44:30speachythis is just the start of what it would take to design/build a player from scratch. :D
07:45:33paulcarrotywill be sad if rockbock die one day together with last hardware. so Pi port is needed.
07:58:20paulcarroty> Amazon is chalk full of players around the $30-$50 range
07:58:21paulcarrotyAudiobooks and directory ordered playback sucks in 99% of them. Maybe 'cause vendors forcing people to pay more for features.
07:59:47gevaertsI doubt it. The cheap players all just have poor firmware because you don't need anything good to compete
08:17:39speachygevaerts: and they don't have the resources for anything better.
08:20:11gevaertsThey sell at that price with those features, so the manufacturers are happy
08:20:41speachyyep. I'd bet they have better profit margins than sansa had with the older clip series back in the day.
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23:58:19saratogacan someone move the Shanling Q1 thread out of the Trash folder? I tried to move it back to New Ports but accidentally hit the wrong folder and now I don't see a way to get it back out
23:58:26saratogamaybe you have to be a forums mod to do that?
23:58:36saratogashould be back in New Ports

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