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#rockbox log for 2021-10-24

00:14:49rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1cec2c7a73, 303 builds, 11 clients.
00:26:02rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 673 seconds.
00:26:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1cec2c7a73 result: All green
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09:00:31amdjHey! What could the reasons be for a microSD card no longer showing up on my Clip+ after I updated to 3.15?
09:01:36amdjI'm in the middle of pulling all of the files off of it now (fsck.vfat -f said everything was fine) so I can reformat it just in case the card's filesystem is violating some constraint in the new firmware, but that will take a while.
09:02:24amdjIf I go into the System section and View Partitions, I do see a P4 128G partition listed.
09:05:03speachyI'd recommend trying a dev build first; I don't recall what went into 3.15 but since then the FS code has definitely seen robustness improvements.
09:08:35amdjI'll give that a go
09:09:09amdjThe card is 95% emptied at this point so I may as well reformat it too anyway
09:13:18amdjJust to confirm; this is what it expects, right?
09:17:59amdjAha. It's showing up now.
09:18:28amdjNot sure whether reformatting it or installing the dev build from 2021-10-24 did it, but I'll take it.
09:19:19sporki just 'converted' my clip+ to 'multi boot' so rockbox runs from the sd card. hopefully it will last forever now with the internal storage no longer used.
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16:12:21dconradwhat all is needed to use logf? I'm trying to log a value on the m3k touchpad debug screen, but I can't get anything to show up in the log file
16:12:56dconradI'm doing a "logf" build, and it does log if I, for example, play a file
16:13:10dconradnot sure what I'm doing wrong: g#3925
16:13:13rb-bluebotGerrit review #3925 at : [DEBUG] M3K: log touchpad y position on debug screen by Dana Conrad
16:15:10dconradmy ultimate goal is to try to use a lookup table to linearize the scroll strip
16:15:58dconradwhich I don't think should actually be that hard, I'm just stuck trying to get what the curve looks like
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16:20:14amachronicdconrad: #define LOGF_ENABLE at the top of the file
16:20:32dconradoh, I thought that was taken care of by doing a logf build
16:20:37dconradI'll try it a second
16:21:03amachronicits enabled per-file since the ring buffer is quite small and output from every file would easily swamp it.
16:21:46dconradI see, thanks
16:25:07dconradaha, finally got it
16:39:32amachronicso what's your idea to linearize the touchpad? Have you got a way of measuring things accurately?
16:40:01dconradaccurately? no, just trying to drag my finger across it at as even a speed as I can
16:40:25dconradit may not be perfect, but I'm hoping I can improve it
16:41:12amachronicoh. good luck then.
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20:20:01PokeyHey Rockbox, not sure if anyone might take any interest or have any pointers for binaries in the iPod Nano 3G? I'm aware no rockbox port exists however there is a suggestion it can be done and also that custom code can already run yet I cannot find the appropriate tools
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23:32:41__builtinPokey: I'd ask user890104

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