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#rockbox log for 2021-10-25

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04:00:06user890104Pokey: hi, there's an incomplete port to N3G and N4G, the bootloader compiles and sort of works, the actual rockbox firmware port is not started IIRC.
04:01:20user890104i might be able to push it to a git repo, but it mostly contains WIP commits and most of the comments are in spanish
04:01:43PokeyMy stubborn british ass wouldn't be able to read it haha
04:03:18PokeyI'm no low level developer, was just curious what the state of this was and what tools existed
04:03:34user890104I also struggle to read it, but the original author is way too busy at work, to find some spare time and fix/complete it
04:04:11user890104well, it uses Rockbox's toolchain to build, so no special tools required
04:04:36user890104there are the tools (emCORE etc.) which is the base for rockbox's port
04:05:16user890104so basically completing the rockbox port is the way to go, the freemyipod stuff is mostly legacy
04:08:50user890104I would love to find some spare time and create an initial patch with most of the changes, and publish it somewhere e.g. gerrit
04:17:08Pokeyuser890104: I would guess it is all in C?
04:17:19Pokeyand am I right in thinking it is Linux based?
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06:22:00munkisI'm looking at the git log, can anyone give me the highlevel on what change with usb last month?
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06:37:12speachymunkis: a significant rework of how control URBs are handled
06:37:55speachymunkis: the core + "client" code is all done, but of the hw drivers, only dwc2 (used by a lot of ports) has been ported.
06:38:53speachyPokey: and yes, it'll be in C, but the ipod ports are bare-metal, ie no Linux involved.
06:39:20speachy(well, C and assembly for the really low-level stuff)
06:39:44munkisthanks, currently trying to deconflict your usb audio patch
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06:56:15speachyapouly gets all the credit for USB audio. I vaguely recall trying to rebase it but it looks like I never uploaded it to gerrit.
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07:08:21Pokeyspeachy: I assume you can still see my reply considering you joined the channel after I asked and still managed to answer my question: bare metal? Tha'ts pretty neat! Quite a lot of effort goes into something like that I know, impressive
07:09:19munkisPokey: the topic mentions the url where logs are maintained
07:10:07Pokeymunkis: Indeed, I knew logs were visible, however it is rare someone actually bothers to read and then reply based on them
07:10:38munkisspeachy: got you confused with pamaury for a minute sorry.
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11:42:04Solanacean__bilgus: Never had a chance to try 3.15 since by the time I finally decided to install Rockbox, my unit's internal memory was acting up so I went straight for a dev version which allowed running fw from sd.
11:42:48Solanacean__bilgus: Truth be told, I've been an OF user until recently, lazily entertaining the idea of switching to rockbox someday, going over pros and cons in my head countless times and never convincing myself to actually do it. Not that I was happy with OF, but I've grown so accustomed to it over the years, even its quirks and shortcomings. You know how it is. When my Clip+ internal memory started
11:42:49Solanacean_to show off signs of wearing out though it was all the convincing I needed, lol.
11:45:31Solanacean_Multi boot is truly a life saver
12:03:09sporkwhat cons did you come up with ?
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12:27:11Solanacean_Well, minor things. Just a pet peeve of mine as an audiobook listener - Rockbox makes no distinction between an audiobook and say a music album and automatic bookmarking in OF is much more convenient let alone simple than whatever approximation you can get in Rockbox.
12:27:47speachyhmm? specifics, if you don't mind?
12:28:08Solanacean_Also, not very unintuitive navigation - sometimes I have to press Power to cancel, sometimes left, sometimes Home.
12:33:31sporkthe last one is true mostly because of having so many plugins and such
12:34:08sporkrestricting bookmarking to specific genres could be useful
12:34:33sporkor is it because of the audiobooks folder in the OF
12:35:03munkiswell it compiles. that's a start, now to get it working again ...
12:43:51munkisusb_drv_recv(EP_CONTROL, NULL, 0); /* ack */ \n usb_drv_send(EP_CONTROL, response_data, 1); can be safely replaced by "usb_drv_control_response(USB_CONTROL_ACK, response_data, 1);" correct?
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12:54:00Solanacean_speachy: OF remembers playback position for each audiobook folder. It updates the position automatically when you switch to another book and when you return to the one you were listening the chapter you were at is highlighted and you're presented with an option to resume playback or start from the beginning of that chapter.
12:55:38speachyrockbox doesn't work that way by default, but it can be configured to do so.
12:56:18speachywell, per-folder/playlist bookmarks, I mean. there's no option to resume at the start of a given track though that's easy enough to do at runtime
12:56:31speachy(I use rockbox primarily for audio books, and that's how I have it configured too)
12:58:33sporkit might depend on how your audiobooks come
12:58:58sporki.e. one file per book or small files in a folder for each boom
13:01:36Solanacean_My setup for audiobooks in Rockbox is "maintain the list of recent bookmarks" / "one per playlist".
13:02:46speachythere's also a "bookmark on stop" option
13:03:08speachyrecent is just that, the X most recent, and that'll eventually drop off.
13:03:14munkisjust great, I added a debug splash and poof it works.
13:04:06spork'recent only / one per playlist' for me
13:04:28sporkmunkis: 'poof' is often not the sound of something working :)
13:04:49speachyspork: quit the opposite, in fact...
13:05:29munkisI guessing it's some kind of timing thing.
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13:09:18Solanacean_I guess what I need is to keep the single most recent bookmark per playlist. I need to UPDATE a playlist bookmark (if it already exists), not to create a new one.
13:09:43Solanacean_Is it possible in Rockbox?
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13:12:53spork'update on stop':
13:15:12sporkbut 'bookmark on stop, yes - recent only' might work for you too
13:15:46sporkwith 'one per playlist' you already use
13:16:41Solanacean_Thanks! Now comes a really embarrassing question: how do I actually stop playback on my Sansa Clip+? Apart from powering off the device, I mean.
13:17:21sporkshort-press the power button
13:17:43sporki think i always press pause first
13:18:24Solanacean_Ah, I see. Thank you so much spork
13:19:53speachySolanacean_: those keymaps are all in the manual, btw.
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14:01:56ac_laptophello people
14:02:15ac_laptopI'm trying to build rbutil dev version
14:03:11ac_laptopI get 'make: *** No rule to make target 'lang/rbutil_fi.qm', needed by 'build/rcc/qrc_rbutilqt-lang.cpp'.' but I don't know what's missing
14:05:13ac_laptopthe final binary is supposed to be called 'RockboxUtility', right ?
14:11:02bluebrotherwhat os are you on?
14:12:33bluebrotherand are there other problems during the build? Seems like a translation wasn't created, and now make doesn't find that file. You can try to run "lrelease"
14:13:59bluebrotherand then run make again. Guess I really need to convert things to cmake ...
14:21:06ac_laptopbluebrother: I'm on debian testing
14:21:27ac_laptopI get 'lrelease: could not exec '/usr/lib/qt5/bin/lrelease': No such file or directory'
14:21:30ac_laptopbut also
14:21:39ac_laptopwhich lrelease
14:25:33ac_laptopok I need to install qttools5-dev-tools
14:26:25ac_laptopseems to work. building now
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14:55:03ac_laptopit worked, I'm going to try to install rockbox on a Surfans F20 now
14:58:21amdjso I have an interesting problem.... I can't quite figure out how on earth this could possibly manifest, but it does. when my clip+ is plugged into my usb power bank and my desktop's speakers, it will play all day. it's currently on its 29th track. however, when I put it in my car, powered by a usb cigarette lighter socket adapter and plugged into my car's aux port, it stops playing and panics
14:58:21amdjafter ~20 seconds. I'll get the panic message next time, it's a bit too late now.
14:59:35ac_laptophm it can't find the rockbox-fonts-*.zip on the server for the last revision
14:59:42ac_laptopI'll try with the daily build
15:00:50ac_laptoplooks like everything works
15:03:29amdjthe only thing I can think of is some kind of electrical gremlin; ground loop with bad adapter maybe. I'll try plugging my speakers into the powerbank too (they're usb-powered).
15:04:37ac_laptopI don't know how to make it boot on rockbox though
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15:05:21amdjyeah... interesting. if I plug the speakers into the powerbank, the audio stops and I get only clicking. if I plug the clip+ from the powerbank the audio plays normally.
15:05:31amdjunplug the clip+ from *
15:06:10amdjhardware problem looks like.
15:07:01amdjprobably means I need a new player >_>
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15:10:21speachymight just be a crappy battery..?
15:14:10amdjreads as full and 4.059V, keeps playing for minutes after disconnecting its power.
15:14:31amdjthe minute I tie its audio and power grounds together, it misbehaves.
15:15:06speachy...causes more current drain than the battery can sustain...
15:16:03amdjthat doesn't make sense; plugging it into a power source should result in a current flowing in, not out.
15:16:38speachyflowing in, yes, but is enough flowing in?
15:17:15speachybut yeah, it's probably not much longer for this world.
15:17:17amdjI don't understand. it plays back on its battery just fine. plugging it into a power source shouldn't make it worse, no matter how little current it consumes from it.
15:17:34amdjI'll record a video demonstrating it.
15:26:39amdjhave to re-shoot; caught a letter with my address in the video :P
15:28:42ac_laptopwell I don't get it, µSD card is inserted, but when I reboot after selecting Firmware update as in , I don't have a menu, just a message saying 'Updater V 1.1 - Insert TF Pls'
15:29:12ac_laptopI try to remove the microSD card and insert it again, nothing changes, pressing the buttons doesn't do anything
15:29:33ac_laptopI can only reboot and then it boots on the original firmware again
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15:53:59DHRour sansa devices have finally worn out. We like the Sansa Clip family. Is there something inexpensive that runs rockbox and is small, has physical buttons, and is reasonably priced?
16:07:18ac_laptopI've tried to "force" somehow the display of the bootloader screen with jztool but all I get is an error
16:07:21ac_laptop[ ERROR] cannot open file bootloader.erosq (tar error: -9)
16:07:22ac_laptop[ ERROR] Boot failed: -2
16:09:45amdjspeachy: (I gave up after 20 mins waiting for an HD version) −− after I recorded this, I figured I could confirm my theory by testing a ground loop isolator on the audio output, before having to go to the expense of buying another clip+, so I've ordered one of those and will see if that fixes the issue. it will arrive in a couple of days.
16:21:45ac_laptopI flashed rockbox again but this time by selecting the F20-v22-patched.upt file instead of bootloader.erosq when rbutil asked me to select the bootloader
16:21:58ac_laptopand the selected firmware update and rebooted
16:22:17ac_laptopthe bootloader screen wasn't stuck on "insert TF"
16:23:06ac_laptopit printed two other messages after that : something like "no update file" and "v_v failed"
16:23:13ac_laptopand then rebooted normally
16:23:51speachythe file needs to be called update.upt
16:24:20speachy.... it does seem that you're not following the various written instructions on how to go about this
16:26:28ac_laptopspeachy: but rbutil renames it to update.upt when copying it to the card it seems
16:26:56speachyrbutil should do everything correctly, start to finish.
16:27:03speachyor at least it did when I tested it. :D
16:27:22ac_laptopspeachy: did you test it with a surfans f20 too ?
16:27:35speachynope, though I'm told others have
16:28:28ac_laptopanyway, the bootloader now finds the card, it just doesn't find the file on it
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16:53:29ac_laptopI've copied the F20-v22-patched.upt onto the card and renamed it to update.upt and now it seems to work
16:54:21ac_laptopso, don' tuse the files produced by rbutil, they're crap
16:56:04ac_laptoplet's see if I can flash again using rbutil over that
17:03:38ac_laptopseems to work
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