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#rockbox log for 2021-10-26

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00:04:57_bilgusmunkis what device? there were timing changes to the x1000 too
00:06:09_bilgusamdj I have done the same with the clip+ on external power
00:07:00_bilgusguess what I did.. made an audio transformer isolator and it allowed me to match the impedance between the two as well
00:08:53_bilgusi started with a scoche? i think it was a highlevel to line level convertor but eventually ordered a 32k to something one that was pretty close to my source
00:12:52_bilgussorry 32 OHMS
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02:47:30munkis_bilgus: fuze+
03:05:24munkishuh, adding splash(HZ, set) makes it work commenting out the following logf line makes no difference (it's a logf build)
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11:10:08ac_laptopHello people
11:10:41ac_laptopdoes rockbox support SDXC cards on models that support it, such as the erosq/surfans f20 ?
11:12:24ac_laptopAnd if it does, how does it support it (does it need exFAT or just FAT ?), and is it installable on it (as this is the priviledged method of installation for the surfans) ?
11:27:54munkismicro sdxc works on (I believe) all models with microsd support (my fuze+ reads it fine despite officially only supporting up to sdhc) but it needs to be formatted fat32.
11:37:15ac_laptopmunkis: thanks for the answer, I might try to test on my sansa fuzev2 then. Have you tried filling the whole space on the card (above 32GB, that is)
11:37:49munkisI have ~100 GB used on the card
11:39:03ac_laptopmunkis: nice :)
11:52:06munkishuh I set usb mode to charging only in order to avoid polluting wireshark, and found another way to break it which I have no clue if it predates the api change.
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14:00:55munkishow likely is usb_drv_control_response(USB_CONTROL_ACK, NULL, 0); to get read as a stall?
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16:29:53amachronicmunkis: it depends what you're acking, and what device. control writes were massively broken under the old API and won't work on most.
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20:14:59munkishuh sleep(1) before the ack works
20:32:39munkisI have USB audio working on an up to date build although I think it's using a combination of old and new APIs, should I update the patchset?
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