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#rockbox log for 2021-10-27

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02:25:20edhelasoh nice !
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05:30:03nihilazohi, I want to develop a plugin that will eventually target all devices but I need to chose a device to use as my simulator target for developing/testing it. What device is a good choice as like, an average baseline for players
05:30:53edhelasmunkis on which device did you tried USB Audio ?
05:31:10nihilazothe plugin will involve graphics so I want to pick something with an LCD (my only physical player, an x3, has a 1-bit display. It should work on all devices eventually but I need to pick a simulated one to test with that has an LCD
05:33:15munkisedhelas: it's an experimental feature not even in the dev build.
06:00:17braewoodsnihilazo: why would that matter? afaik the X3 is a monochrome OLED but should work similar to a monochrome LCD.
06:00:37braewoodsnihilazo: but in any case, you want color I assume?
06:00:55braewoodsspeachy would probably recommend one of the ipods.
06:01:12braewoodsi only have experience with mostly HDD units, the older kind.
06:01:27nihilazoyeah I'd like to be able to test something with color too
06:01:38braewoodsmost of the color ones, iirc, are PP units
06:02:13braewoodsthat's the most common type of older player
06:02:40braewoodsit's a good test of how it would work on slower hardware
06:02:52braewoods66mhz dual core, iirc
06:03:20braewoodsthere's only one coldfire with color that i know of
06:03:32braewoodsiriver H300 series
06:04:08braewoodslet me think. the iriver H10 is a decent choice, PP based but last i tried it was freezing up on me.
06:04:16braewoodsi didn't have a chance to look into it more.
06:04:44braewoodsfor higher end, there's the gigabeat S. color screen and a lot of resources for a 2006 player.
06:04:54braewoods64MB of ram
06:05:15braewoodsnot yet officially supported
06:05:19braewoodsfor automatic installers
06:05:30braewoodsbasically just needs minor polishing to be "stable"
06:05:49nihilazoah ok
06:06:05braewoodsnihilazo: most of the sansa devices are probably too weak to be useful, depending on what you're doing
06:06:46braewoodsthey have low ram, slow cpu, or both
06:07:03nihilazoI want to port this VM
06:07:05braewoodsthere's probably some worth using but i don't know them all
06:07:25nihilazoit's very small, it can run on the gba for sure which is my only reference
06:07:42nihilazoand will run on esp32s and such
06:07:50nihilazoso I think pp devices should be able to handle it
06:07:55nihilazo(although I'm not sure)
06:08:06braewoodsso basically something akin to LUA
06:08:20braewoodsmore specialized but same idea
06:09:15nihilazonot really? it's smaller than lua I think? Closer to a NES emulator, but simpler
06:09:18braewoodshuh. this could be a useful tie-in to something else i'm planning.
06:09:58braewoodswell, depends. but MTP is pretty versatile. i'm planning to implement that in time. it could be used to receive a program payload.
06:10:26braewoodsMTP storage doesn't have to be an actual filesystem.
06:11:06braewoodsi have plans for basic device control from the host end using MTP.
06:11:23braewoodsmaybe more, depends what i find.
06:12:59braewoodsit'll need custom client software to work but by using the MTP spec to do it i can leave say i'm using an open standard so to speak
06:13:15braewoodsit's just not many clients really used MTP for more than file access
06:13:25braewoodsbut the spec has support for a fair bit more
06:14:28nihilazoI only know MTP for file access
06:14:50nihilazoalso, I just noticed pdbox - does rockbox have a puredata implementation? That's pretty neat
06:14:52braewoodsyea but you can also check your device battery level and RTC time from it.
06:15:16braewoodsone feature i'd like is to be able to sync the rockbox RTC with the host RTC
06:15:20braewoodsMTP can do that
06:15:36braewoodscould be a boon for RTC devices
06:15:47nihilazooh that's really cool
06:16:32braewoodsbut first stage is making the main feature of MTP work.
06:16:35braewoodsfile access.
06:16:49braewoodsall this extra stuff is probably going to be a secondary mode
06:16:58braewoodsat least playback control will be
06:17:11braewoodsbut if i can find a way to make it work
06:17:23braewoodsi would like to see a way to drive rockbox's basic playback from MTP.
06:17:55braewoodsit will provide a "safer" alternative to the regular method
06:18:05braewoodsit may be slower but it will be safer
06:18:18braewoodsobviously MTP won't be usable in bootloader mode
06:18:23braewoodssince, why would you use it there?
06:18:28braewoodsyou want raw access in bootloader mode
06:18:32braewoodsit's the only way to fix some issues
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07:10:05nihilazoI assume rockbox doesn't have SDL?
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07:22:08gevaertsnihilazo: don't ask me about any details, but there is an SDL port (1.2 according to the README) in apps/plugins
07:22:26nihilazoI think I'll use the native APIs
07:22:33nihilazowhat I'm porting is not hard to divorce from SDL
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10:37:14nihilazowhen the graphics api docs at say that the foreground color on color devices is a "packed RGB value", what format is that in?
10:41:20nihilazonvm, found LCD_RGBPACK
10:44:07_bilgusnihilazo, its probably a bit deep but should have everything you need in the lua source rocklib_image does a bunch of image stuff
10:44:58_bilgusit also has generation scripts that might be helpful setting up your eventual env
10:45:52nihilazoI'm writing in C rather than lua
10:45:57nihilazoalthough maybe I'm a bit confused here
10:46:15_bilgusthe source is in C and perl
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10:47:44nihilazoah ok
10:49:28_bilgusas for aquiring the framebuffer lus still has the old way −− new way has a way to pass your own display buffer if needed
10:50:04nihilazooh, how can you pass your own display buffer?
10:50:11nihilazothat seems like it might be useful to me
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10:52:59_bilgusI don't have time to write it up ATM but here is the original commit
10:53:17SkyriderI see most people/channels have moved on from freenode, heh.
10:55:11_bilgusthere is the basic idea, this one references the builtin buffer but you can see the mechanism
10:57:18_bilgusah test_viewports.c has a full example
12:13:13munkisCan someone with a clue take a look at g#1009 and tell me if it's worth trying to update to the new API??
12:13:16rb-bluebotGerrit review #1009 at : Add USB Audio 1.0 support (EXPERIMENTAL) by Amaury Pouly
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14:29:42nihilazowhat's the cheapest rockbox device to get that has a color LCD
14:30:05nihilazofor the sake of testing my plugin on a hardware device with color (my main player, an x3, is 1-bit)
14:31:28nihilazoI'm looking at a fuze+ on ebay right now that is £28
14:31:37nihilazobut I'm not sure if there are others to be had cheaper
14:31:56paulcarrotycheck fuse or clip too
14:32:33nihilazothe clip isn't LCD is it?
14:32:34nihilazoit's text
14:33:12nihilazofuze+ are coming up a lot cheaper than normal fuze (probably because the fuze+ is a bit crappy)
14:34:19paulcarrotyis it crappy for real?
14:34:37munkisnihilazo: clip+ is lcd
14:35:13munkisfuze+ is goo iit's probably cheaper because it was discontinued more recently
14:36:22nihilazopaulcarroty: well I had one for a couple years and the touch on it sucks
14:36:29nihilazothe interface is crappy
14:36:31nihilazothe rest is ok
14:36:59nihilazothe entire reason I upgraded to an xduoo x3 was because of the good tactile buttons on it, and my previous clip+ dying
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15:20:52_bilgusthe fuze+ has nice hardware limited by the touch interface and cheap face plastic
15:21:23_bilgusI do most of my sim stuff in the fuze+ well sim
15:23:13_bilguschris_s logs I have a patch that will probably make a few of your patches not rebase properly, I'll do the legwork if so..
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