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#rockbox log for 2021-10-28

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03:36:19edhelasHi, by trying to compile the USB Audio branch I have an IRAM overflow
03:36:21edhelas/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.9.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld : /home/edhelas/Repositories/rockbox/build/rockbox.elf la section «.stack» ne va pas s'adapter à la région «IRAM»
03:36:21edhelas/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.9.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld : la région «IRAM» est débordée de 648 octets
03:36:21edhelascollect2: erreur: ld a retourné 1 code d'état d'exécution
03:36:43edhelasboth for iPod Video and iPod Mini devices, any ideas how I can fix it ?
03:51:32munkisfigure out ho to make the code footprint smaller, or alternatively remove a feature you don't use
03:53:32edhelasis there a simple way to toggle features ?
03:55:28munkisa lot of features are gated behind #ifdef s if you want to remove something you can carefully change them to #ifdef 0 or remove the #define from the config file
04:02:38edhelaswhich ones did you disabled for example :) ?
04:04:55munkisI am using fuze+ which has 8x the ram and ospace issues
04:05:46munkisalso jst to make sure you know the patch is to let you use your rockbox device as a speaker for a usb host not the otjer wa around.
04:17:47edhelasyes :)
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07:50:56edhelasIt seems that deactivating a few features didn't changed the IRAM overflow limit. I'll try to investigate more
08:20:55speachywhat's in IRAM tends to be things like hot code routines (eg for stuff like display or interrupt handling) and data that is critical for performance
08:21:00speachy(eg audio buffers)
08:27:33sporkwhen playback is stopped you have the option 'clear list & play shuffled', when playback is paused or playing you do not. is there a special reason for that?
08:28:09spork'clear list & play next' does exist in both states
08:31:23amdjspeachy: the ground loop isolator I bought ( has fixed the issue; my multimeter confirms there's no DC continuity between the 2 grounds, and it no longer cuts out audio and clicks (power bank) or crashes almost immediately (car). :)
08:46:44amdjspeachy: :)
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11:04:48chris_sbilgus: ok, thanks!
11:05:17chris_sspork: I could be way off base, but iirc it has something to do with the peculiarities of the implementation to add shuffled tracks to the playlist.
11:05:26chris_s"Insert Shuffled" actually inserts the tracks at random *positions* to the playlist instead of only in random order (i.e. something like "Play Next Shuffled" doesn't currently exit).
11:05:38chris_sThis works fine and makes no difference if you start over with a new playlist anyway, but becomes a problem when the playlist already contains something (during playback or when paused).
11:05:58chris_sMaybe it's not difficult to change, I don't know, but when I looked into it at some point it seemed less than trivial to me, at least at first sight.
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11:52:14sporksure, but the option is to 'clear list'
11:52:28sporkso the existing list should not matter ?
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12:20:08chris_swell, when something is already playing/paused, Clear List & Play Next will continue playing the current track at least, so it's not quite the same as when playback is stopped and a new playlist is immediately created
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12:33:11sporkok, that is a difference indeed
12:33:50sporkbut 'clear list & play next' is there and sounds very similar
12:34:15sporki am trying to play a folder shuffled btw, not a single tracks
12:36:22spork(captain obvious, of course it is a folder. hard to shuffle a single track ..)
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13:08:36chris_scertainly seems useful and possibly more straightforward to implement than I’m imagining.
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13:13:14nihilazohi, I've been making a plugin using the guide on the wiki and it builds for my x3 (which is cool). Once it's built, how do I transfer it to my player? Is there any more to do than just copying the .rock file?
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13:13:55speachyI'd recommend the 'make zip' and then unzip the whole thing to the player. just to make sure everything is in sync.
13:14:54nihilazojust extract over the existing .rockbox?
13:19:08nihilazoayy it runs!
13:19:10nihilazomy plugin works :D
13:19:19nihilazowell, it doesn't do what it's meant to yet. But progress!
13:19:36speachyhey, getting it running at all is 90% of the effort
13:19:50speachynow you just have to finish the second 90%.
13:22:41nihilazoalso, is there a more convenient way to develop a rockbox plugin than having a fork of all of rockbox?
13:23:11nihilazorn I'm developing my plugin inside the apps/plugins/ dir of a clone of the entire rockbox source
13:23:25speachythat's how pretty much all development happens...?
13:23:29nihilazook on
13:23:34nihilazos/ok on/oh ok/
13:23:42nihilazojust wondering if there is a different plugin dev environment or smth
13:23:53speachypatches proposed for inclusion (or not) get shoved into gerrit for review
13:24:22nihilazooh, I'm not really planning to have this made part of rockbox proper, it's an experiment more than anything rn
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15:00:27nihilazowhat type are the values returned by LCD_RGBPACK()?
15:07:28nihilazomaybe I'm XY-questioning. I want to store a color pallete, what's the best way to do that
15:08:47nihilazoI could do an array of arrays of 3 values for r, g, and b
15:08:59nihilazobut I thought using a more native format would be better
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16:09:44_bilgusnihilazo, unsigned int
16:10:36nihilazocool thanks
16:25:58nihilazoI'm getting an odd bug with building my plugin (for either the simulator or x3) where somehow the linker doesn't seem to find realloc
16:26:11nihilazoI can't think of why this could be because I thought this was a very standard function
16:29:48nihilazo(my code is just being uploaded rn if anybody needs to look at it)
16:31:38nihilazonihilazo/rockbox/src/branch/varvara/apps/plugins/varvara/devices/ppu.c"> this is where the offending realloc is
16:32:46_bilgusthe plugins don't do realloc or alloc
16:33:11_bilgusmight be mapped already but IIRC you have to do your own wrapper using buflib
16:33:49_bilgusyou feed it a mempool and it allocs and shuffles for you
16:34:11nihilazomempool? sorry I'm confused by all of this
16:34:14_bilgusi think the helper is in plugins/lib
16:34:20nihilazoso rockbox has all its own memory management stuff?
16:34:28nihilazofor plugins
16:34:42_bilgusok so rockbox doesn't use malloc or alloc you are probably blowing the heap
16:35:18nihilazowait I don't think I even need alloc here
16:35:21nihilazoone sec
16:36:42_bilgusyou get a plugin buffer that your program runs from you get the rest of pluginbuf
16:37:00_bilgusyou can also take over the audio playback buffer
16:37:37nihilazoI will eventually need to do audio playback from within my plugin
16:38:23_bilgusthe pcm buffer likely
16:39:07_bilgusthere should be enough source material in the other plugins but keep in mind that most functions are provided through the plugin struct (rb->)
16:39:34nihilazook thanks
16:39:53_bilgusyou have to provide them if they aren't (or possibly pull them in from core) makes duplicated code
16:40:29_bilguskeep inmind that static allocs don't really cost you more in the plugins
16:40:41_bilgusinfaxct they cost less..
16:41:04nihilazoyeah I'm rewriting my thing to just need static ones
16:41:12nihilazono dynamic alloc should be needed
16:41:13_bilgusfigure the file gets processed and the whole shebang gets copied to the pluginbuf
16:44:45_bilgusour plugins are technically a big compiled block of data that has offsets aligned to run in the pluginbuf at a specific offset in ram they are not position independent
16:45:23_bilgusso to compile a plugin its locked to that specific version of core
16:45:56_bilgusessentially each of the plugins occupy the same place (from the view of the compiler)
16:47:31_bilgusthink of it like this if it weren't for the plugin buffer your rockbox install would just have your plugin buffer occupying the binary
16:48:17_bilgusinstead each plugin gets compiled as if it were the only code then we shuffle them in and out
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16:49:33_bilguswhatever is left after your binary data is the plugin_buf presented in the rb->pluginbuf fn
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