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#rockbox log for 2021-10-29

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00:52:26hombrelaserHello. I'm trying to install rockbox to an iPod Classic 6th Gen, but everytime I try to do it, rockbox tells me to make sure that no program is accessing the device's files. I'm on linux, so running lsof | grep /mountpoint/of/my/ipod doesn't yield anything, so I guess nothing is truly accessing the iPod's files? I installed an iflash quad adapter on it, and its name in the filesystem is IPOD. So any of these things have any influence on
00:52:26hombrelaser the issue? I installed rockbox already to an ipod 5g with no problems (and with the same iflash quad adapter) but this one had a different name.
00:53:17hombrelaserI'll go to sleep, and let the bouncer notify me of any answer! So if I don't answer I'll do it first hour tomorrow. Any help is appreciated.
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10:14:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dc24a18cef, 303 builds, 12 clients.
10:16:27_bilgusWoot resumable-able plugin browser amd fixed menu enter callbacks for MT_FUNCTION_CALL
10:17:51_bilgusInterested to see the size hit across the targets
10:24:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 619 seconds.
10:24:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision dc24a18cef result: All green
10:30:25_bilgushmm around 2x what I was expecting :/
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14:00:33munkisis there a convenient way to make two settings from different menus conflict?
14:09:30speachynot that I'm aware of.
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15:44:26_bilgusmunkis what do you mean make them share the same variable between them?
15:46:34munkisMy specific usecase I am adding a setting which should not be able to be enabled at the same time as crossfade is set to automatic.
15:46:51munkis(specifically fs#482)
15:59:20_bilgusso several already allow it but all the items can use a callback and on EXIT_MENU_ITEM check and return t/f
15:59:49_bilgusif you look in the settings there are a few that already act like that
16:00:25_bilgusor you can go whole hog and even remove the item with a callback on the root
16:00:39_bilgus(like never even draw it)
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17:02:51_bilgusin the formatter fn I forgot to add return else str(LANG_ON);
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