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#rockbox log for 2021-10-31

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07:29:40nihilazois there any way to do a nonblocking rb->get_custom_action in a plugin? I want to use the pluginlib_action in my plugin (an emulator) but the emulator is running in a loop and blocking for inputs means the display isn't refreshed as it should be
07:30:26nihilazoor do I need to use rb->button_get and define mappings myself for all the devices like chip8.c does?
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10:48:59speachyI'd check to see how (eg) rockboy does it.
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11:09:21nihilazorockboy and chip8 both use the rb->button-get method and have a ton of IFDEFs for different devices
11:09:51nihilazowhich I suppose I could base mine on
11:10:27speachypretty sure teh SDL port has smoeting similar too
11:12:40nihilazoI just feel like having to have so many manually specified keymaps for every device
11:12:47nihilazobut I suppose it's pretty much required
11:13:03nihilazousing pluginlib, that's just moved from your code to the library
11:18:30speachyyeah, given the sheer variety of device layouts thre's not much we can really do if your plugin requires more than a handful of keys
11:21:38nihilazomaybe I can start by borrowing rockboy's keybindings
11:21:42nihilazothen modify them as needed
11:21:51nihilazovarvara's controller is very similar to the gameboy
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13:39:53__builtinin response to the conversation above about plugin button maps:
13:40:17__builtinthere's plugins/lib/keymaps.h
13:40:46__builtinit provides macros for up/down/left/right, action, and menu
13:41:07__builtinI also recommend looking at the SDL port's button input driver
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