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#rockbox log for 2021-11-03

01:10:35_bilgusdepends on how fast you refresh and how much area you are still drawing to a buffer
01:11:02_bilguslike if you can store some stuff and not redraw it then yes faster
01:12:10_bilgusthe display device copies the main framebuffer or one of several for double buffering
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11:39:40salty-horsecan I get some eyeballs on this bug? −− I don't think playback should change from "paused" to "resumed" when removing headphones
11:40:29salty-horseI also want to file a feature request to allow headphone button input even when the device is locked. Does it make sense to anyone but me?
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12:39:22bilgus_phSalty_horse, I think there is an auto resume setting for that but it probably doesn't check if there was anything to resume if it even has scope to..
12:39:33munkissalty-horse: I don't have one in front of me, but what is the state of the setting settings->playback settings->pause on headphone unplug?
12:40:17bilgus_phAs far as the buttons it can be added to selective backlight and softlock assuming events come through the normal action system
12:41:32bilgus_phId have to look later when I have source in front of me
12:42:03bilgus_phSounds about right p
12:43:56munkishah I as looking for that commit, forgot you're the one who wrote it.
12:46:36salty-horsemunkis, sorry, confused by the UI. When I go to the "pause on headphones unplug" setting, the current highlight is on "off" - does that mean it's off, or does the item selector always default to the top item?
12:47:19munkisit should default to current item.
12:47:38salty-horseso it's "off", oddly. Because when I unplug the headphones it does pause (if I'm not paused ATM)
12:48:05munkisstrange, what happens if you change the setting?
12:48:32speachywhat happens if you turn it on?
12:48:46speachy(I mean, maybe the logic is inverted accidentally...)
12:48:48bilgus_phTry enabling it might be backwards or it is skipping the setting
12:49:49salty-horsesec. there are two non-off options: "pause" and "pause and resume". I think it behaves like "pause and resume" atm. Will test "pause"
12:50:55salty-horse"pause" behaves as expected! So it's probably just a confusion between "off" and "off and resume"
12:51:10bilgus_phDid you upgrade this install?
12:51:24munkiscan you test "pause and resume" just to be sure?
12:51:50salty-horsewhat does "upgrade" mean? I always compile and unzip the files into the device
12:51:51salty-horsemunkis, sec
12:51:52bilgus_phIt might be a wonky settings file..
12:52:07speachybilgus_ph: yes, they do
12:52:19bilgus_phThat would be an upgrade if you left the settings file..
12:52:29speachybilgus_ph: I mean yes, the remote events come through the input/button driver
12:53:15bilgus_phYeah I can filter them in the selective bl and then
12:54:08munkiswell turning off crossfade during a crossfade sounds weird.
12:54:17salty-horsewhen selecting "pause and resume", then if it's playing and I unplug, it pauses. But if it's paused and I unplug, it resumes then immediately pauses again
12:55:00munkisso "pause and resume" and "pause" both behave like pause and "off" behaves like pause and resume.
12:55:45salty-horseI will try setting it to off explicitly. haven't yet.
12:55:55salty-horsebut the "resume then immediately pause" thing is weird
12:56:19munkisyes it is.
12:56:25bilgus_phCan you also try renaming your current .rockbox folder and copy a fresh install
12:56:55munkisand rename fixed.conf if it exists.
12:56:59bilgus_phJust to rule out a bad settings file..
12:57:23munkisIIRC thats in / not /.rockbox
12:57:52bilgus_phI'll have a look this evening wouldn't be the first time I got math wrong
12:57:54salty-horselooks like "off" acts like "pause and resume"
12:58:08salty-horseshould I look at my settings file?
12:58:15salty-horsebilgus_ph, I can try that later
12:58:55bilgus_phProbably just flipped the settings maybe or we broke it with another commit I have been messing in the menus which would cover settings as well
12:59:51bilgus_phJust rename your current .rockbox and copy a clean one to it then you can always switch back if it acts the same
12:59:53salty-horseI'm having two other issues with xduoo: The bootloader sometimes says "cannot boot rockbox" and I have to restart. happens 3 startups a day or so
13:00:29bilgus_phNo clue on that one bad sd card?
13:00:29munkiscan someone take a look at g#3938 apps/playback.c#2399 and tell me if there are any obvious settings I missed?
13:00:32rb-bluebotGerrit review #3938 at : Add single playback mode by Moshe Piekarski
13:01:20salty-horsespeachy, I disagree with your xduoo binding of the "back" button to be context menu in the OSD, since the same context menu is reached by "long play" in the file view. I think it should be consistent.
13:01:43speachy ok, on my x3ii with whatever binary I last put on it seems to work as expected with hp insert/removal
13:01:50bilgus_phI can this eve munkis
13:02:06speachybut.. heh, removing the hp causes it to pause and skip to the next track. which is.. odd.
13:02:16speachy(missing break in a switch?)
13:02:45speachysalty-horse: x3 or x3ii?
13:03:11salty-horsespeachy, sorry, x3ii
13:03:39speachygrabbing the latest nightly now
13:03:39salty-horsespeachy, I also noticed the skipping. my guess is it thinks it's a double click from the headphones button?
13:04:23salty-horseone feature I wish rockbox had was "go back to where I was before I accidentally track-skipped or track-reset". But I'm not sure how it should operate.
13:04:26speachyhmm, might be a good idea to filter the remote control stuff out when the hp isn't plugged in.
13:06:26speachysalty-horse: yeah, I think the skip is from a false read from the "remote" when things are unplugged
13:07:21munkisthat probably also explains your resume and immediately pause behaviour
13:07:46munkisthanks bilgus
13:07:51speachy...and exactly, was about to suggest that
13:13:03salty-horseI updated my bug suggesting it's a misread headphones button signal
13:13:21speachyI have a workaround, I think.
13:13:35salty-horsespeachy, have you experienced my "could not load rockbox" bootloader issue?
13:13:48speachythe slowest part of testing this is unzipping the new .zip
13:13:57speachysalty-horse: nope
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13:15:17salty-horseany idea how I could diagnose it?
13:15:57speachyok, that's fixed.
13:16:22speachyI don't always get a successful playback resume but at least there are no more false remote triggerss
13:17:30salty-horseplease close my bug. I don't think I have permissions.
13:18:05rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5e663f0420, 303 builds, 11 clients.
13:18:13speachysalty-horse: this build will include that fix.
13:18:29speachyor if you don't want to wait 10 minutes I can upload my binary somewhere
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13:20:00salty-horseI compile my own :D
13:20:00 Join JanC [0] (~janc@user/janc)
13:23:33speachyas far as the buttonmap is concerned, it's mostly a cut-n-paste from the original X3. Suggestions (or better yet, patches!) welcome.
13:25:19salty-horseI'm not familiar with the X3, but I think both devices should use the same button in "open context menu", whether in file view or OSD. I think "long play" makes the most sense. That's how it is in the file view, and how it was in was on sansa e200 in both the file view and OSD (and in xduoo before your commit that changed it :) )
13:25:47salty-horseI will try to tweak it for my tastes and submit a patch
13:26:59speachymy daily driver is a (really beat up) original X3.
13:27:28speachywhich remainds me, I have to port the USB driver still. Grr.
13:28:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 633 seconds.
13:28:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5e663f0420 result: All green
13:28:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 22c2e0a7c2, 303 builds, 10 clients.
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13:30:37salty-horsespeachy, this commit is the one I don't understand, changing WPS_CONTEXT from PLAY to HOME. It should be the same as ACTION_STD_CONTEXT. 914114fd21a126be36435e7b0bc3a9f2685149c6
13:32:53speachyI think them being out of sync was an oversight. IIRC I was trying to emulate the OF behaivor
13:33:36salty-horseI'm switching ACTION_WPS_STOP and ACTION_WPS_CONTEXT back to their old values. Will test tomorrow
13:33:56speachykeep in mind that WPS_STOP is longplay already
13:34:27speachyI had to pull WPS_STOP from the long power press in order to emulate softlock
13:35:45speachylongpress on play/pause == stop is what a lot of other targets do
13:36:00salty-horsethat's why I switched them both. WPS_STOP is now BUTTON_POWER
13:36:20speachyPOWER with no REPEAT ?
13:36:38speachyPOWER|REL I guess
13:36:50DBUGEnqueued KICK salty-horse
13:36:58salty-horse+ is my change
13:37:47speachyok, that's going to conflict with softlock
13:38:01speachy(we can't do long-power, as that'll power down the device)
13:38:28salty-horseah. I don't use softlock atm. I don't like it's "short-power" binding. It feels wrong to me
13:38:52speachyit's what the OF does IIRC
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13:39:28salty-horseI do hate how the xduoo buttons are "outies". it keeps getting pressed in my pocket. never happened on sansa e200 where the buttons were flush with the device
13:40:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 675 seconds.
13:40:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 22c2e0a7c2 result: All green
13:40:25salty-horseso I do need the lock. Can I just delete the STOP entry (locally for me) or will it break anything?
13:41:13 Join Piece_Maker [0] (
13:41:30speachynope, it won't break anything other than perhaps expectations
13:49:00speachy(and make baby otters cry)
13:49:29salty-horseI always wondered what it sounds like
13:50:34salty-horseso I have no suggestion on how to fix the inconsistency in button mapping, unless STOP is ok to be removed. I originally added it as part of my own patch, but maybe it's not worth it
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17:20:10_bilgusSalty so is the reversed selection fixed then too?
17:23:02speachy_bilgus: I think so; it wasn't reversed but the plug/unplug caused spurious "remote" reads.
17:23:32_bilgusodd that they bypassed the setting though
17:23:59speachywell, the spurious read was a play/pause trigger, so...
17:25:09_bilgusIDK I also noticed an extra keyclick in the settings>database>folder_select menu that I don't remember being there in the sim I might have broken something
17:26:38_bilgusmunkis your code looks fine I'll compile it later, I see you decided to just block on the back end with explanation in the manual sounds good to me but its an odd combo in my mind
17:26:57_bilgussingle mode versus crossfade
17:29:28_bilgusI'd almost make it just disable crossfade when active I think
17:29:45speachyyeah, I think I'd agree with that.
17:30:05speachyI mean, in single-shot mode there shouldn't be anything to crossfade with, logically
17:30:33_bilgusso id say make single mode the precedent
17:31:49_bilgusan aside, only the database file selector uses folder_select and it already uses the plugin buffer I think it might be the first plugin that takes arguments
17:34:52_bilgusglobal_settings is available in the plugin so I just need to think of another user that might want to use it on their own buffer
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17:40:54munkisI did it this way because I only have to change one thing :)
17:41:40munkisbut you agree party should precede single
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18:31:47munkisI uploaded a new patchset which as far as I cann tell works as expected on fuze+
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20:32:08_bilgusI think party mode trumps all atm
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23:12:45speachyok... not quite how I should respond to this
23:14:42speachyI mean, it's technically correct, we do have git repos, but I question the general usefulness of the test.
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