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#rockbox log for 2021-11-06

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09:31:27ac_laptophello people
09:36:54ac_laptopI'm using a surfans f20 with rockbox flashed on the microSD card and very often when I boot it and choose "rockbox" in the bootloader it can't find it. Sometimes it finds it after a couple of reboots but it's very rare. The most reliable way to make the bootloader find rockbox again is to go into the tools menu, choose "recovery", cancel the recovery and boot again, and then the bootlader finds
09:36:56ac_laptoprockbox again
09:37:33ac_laptopso I don't know if it's a false contact with the microSD card or something else
09:38:56ac_laptopbecause with my sansa fuse I had issues sometimes when rockbox wouldn't find the microSD card where the music is stored, and removing/reinserting the card would make it work again
09:39:14ac_laptopanyone else experiencing this ?
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10:20:18speachyac_laptop: ... that is quite odd. seems like flaky HW, honestly
10:20:27speachyac_laptop: one question −− what's the bootloader version?
10:21:33ac_laptopspeachy: in the tools menu ? it's "AIGO Eros Q edbdefa09a-201018"
10:22:30speachyok, that's the most recent released version.
10:22:56ac_laptopspeachy: I would blame hardware too if the recovery trick didn't seem consistent
10:23:11speachy... does the sd card fsck cleanly?
10:23:49speachyoh, I vaguely recall the bootloader having an option in the tools menu to umount/remount the sd card
10:24:15speachy(I should add an option to fsck it, hmm)
10:24:46ac_laptopspeachy:"remount SD" doesn't work, nor "restart" or "shutdown"+boot, only "recovery"+reboot
10:28:25ac_laptopfsck.fat /dev/sdc1 gives me 'There are differences between boot sector and its backup. '
10:28:27ac_laptopThis is mostly harmless. Differences: (offset:original/backup)
10:28:29ac_laptop 65:01/00
10:28:31ac_laptop1) Copy original to backup
10:28:33ac_laptop2) Copy backup to original
10:28:35ac_laptop3) No action
10:29:06speachyusually, (1) is the correct option.
10:29:15speachybut that rarely causes mouting issues
10:30:01ac_laptopDirty bit is set. Fs was not properly unmounted and some data may be corrupt.
10:30:02ac_laptop1) Remove dirty bit
10:30:04ac_laptop2) No action
10:30:17speachy(I feel like a choose-your-own-adventure here)
10:30:42ac_laptopok changes have been written
10:30:55ac_laptopI'll unmount and try again
10:32:23ac_laptopit didn't fix it
10:37:03speachyif you can get in with adb you can get the system log and see what's going on..
10:37:25speachyI wonder if there's a race between the card being moutned and rockbox trying to access it
10:41:13ac_laptopaw shoot
10:41:43ac_laptopI reinstalled rockbox just to change the theme and now the recovery method doesn't work anymore
10:43:48ac_laptopchoosing "ADB start" in the tools menu doesn't display more information when trying to boot rockbox
10:45:21speachyno, you have to use adb on the host to communicate with the device
10:45:31speachy('adb shell' will give you full root access!)
10:58:10ac_laptopspeachy: which logfile am I supposed to read with adb ?
10:58:19speachyor /var/log/messages
10:59:12ac_laptop[ 4.031670] mmc0: new high speed SDHC card at address 0001
10:59:13ac_laptop[ 4.053107] mmcblk0: mmc0:0001 SD16G 29.7 GiB
10:59:15ac_laptop[ 4.073456] mmcblk0: p1
10:59:17ac_laptop[ 4.220676] UBIFS: background thread "ubifs_bgt1_0" started, PID 76
10:59:19ac_laptop[ 4.275816] UBIFS: recovery needed
10:59:21ac_laptop[ 4.316540] FAT-fs (mmcblk0): utf8 is not a recommended IO charset for FAT filesystems, filesystem will be case sensitive!
10:59:23ac_laptop[ 4.338536] FAT-fs (mmcblk0): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.
11:00:00ac_laptopI'll try and run fsck again
11:01:28speachyyou can poke around... /mnt/sd_0 IIRC
11:01:32speachysee what's there
11:01:40speachyeg if .rockbox/* is there and working
11:03:13ac_laptopwell I had to correct differences again
11:04:00ac_laptopnow it boots fine on rockbox, let's try a reboot
11:04:25ac_laptopcannot boot rockbox
11:05:11ac_laptopdoesn't work either
11:06:35ac_laptopchecking the card again
11:06:54ac_laptopagain: This is mostly harmless. Differences: (offset:original/backup)
11:06:56ac_laptop 65:01/00
11:08:06ac_laptopthis is weird, I run fsck twice and the second run gives me:
11:08:09ac_laptopThis is mostly harmless. Differences: (offset:original/backup)
11:08:10ac_laptop 65:00/01
11:09:05ac_laptopputting the card into the player again, player boots fine
11:09:31ac_laptopI guess the player is messing with the fs at boot ?
11:10:24ac_laptopThis is mostly harmless. Differences: (offset:original/backup)
11:10:26ac_laptop 65:01/00
11:15:25ac_laptopit's inconsistent, rockbox doesn't boot even when the card is "clean" from a fsck pov
11:15:50ac_laptopwell idk
11:16:45ac_laptopIs somebody still working on flashing rockbox on the internal memory of the device ? this would solve a lot of issues
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12:51:46speachyac_laptop: there is a native port for the erosq/k series, works decently well but no dual boot yet.
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13:57:05nihilazohow do I access things printed by DEBUGF when my plugin is running on a device (fuse plus)?
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17:04:43ac_laptopI've found a new microSD card, installed rockbox on it and managed to boot it 3 times in a row without issues, so maybe the card was the problem
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17:12:38salty-horsespeachy, after the "Ignore the remote events when headphones aren't plugged in" commit, I think the headphone button is ALWAYS ignored. is the headphones_inserted() test reliable?
17:13:26speachyI thought it was.. well, if HP isn't detected then no audio will go out the port.
17:27:08ac_laptopjust tried to read the said microSD with my sansa fuze: the folder names are all messed up
17:27:23ac_laptopwith question marks and other weird characters
17:27:33speachy... so maybe the sd card is faulty?
17:27:36ac_laptopso I think it's a faulty card
17:28:06ac_laptopit was the card sold with the device, but it's a weird brand
17:28:27ac_laptopKIOXIA EXCERIA
17:30:26ac_laptopoh it's toshiba group
17:36:20ac_laptopanyway everything seems ok now, thanks for the help :)
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17:40:58speachyif it wasn't a counterfit...
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20:17:01chris_s_bilgus: Since 36d319b, it isn't possible anymore to open plugins from the Shortcuts menu *if* it has been activated using the QuickScreen hotkey from the main menu (i.e. if you've changed the setting to use the Shortcut Menu instead of the QuickScreen)
20:17:11chris_sI've already had a look at open_plugin.c but am honestly still a bit confused about what's going on there. The problem appears to be that the key will be "Start Screen" instead of "Shortcuts" in that instance.
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20:29:01chris_sugh, sorry, posted the wrong commit – broken since dc24a18 only, I think (PLUGINBROWSER make resumable)
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20:35:29chris_slooks like this is the problem:
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23:14:20_bilguschris_s the problem there being that it resumes the plugin you had playing on shutdown next start up
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