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#rockbox log for 2021-11-07

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00:08:50chris_syeah, I noticed running a plugin from the file browser if it has been entered from the Shortcuts Menu doesn't work either
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00:59:08_bilgusill move the check up a level into the setup_root fn
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01:52:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1d67f83c58, 303 builds, 11 clients.
01:53:29_bilguschris_s that commit should fix the problems you mentioned do check the filebrowser one I think it should now work as well
01:54:32_bilgusI also did some other things in that commit, the root menu now stores itself when you return and Start in: Previous Screen will run the last plugin running
01:56:40_bilgusnope file browser one is still there but I might be able to get it to work
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02:32:00_bilgusAnd with that you can now run the plugins from the file browser originating from the shortcut menu, I suppose the stack benefits even more with that setup
02:34:39_bilgusfigure you load the rootmenu>shortcuts>filebrowser>plugin now it goes rootmenu>shortcuts>filebrowser<::rootmenu>plugin
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02:45:06rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision cfbc1cfce1 result: All green
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03:18:23chris_svery cool!
03:25:09_bilgusI have some other changes hat are predicated on all this but I kinda have to rewrite it as I go
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09:18:46nihilazohi, what's the best way to debug a rockbox plugin that's running on a device rather than in the simulator? I can't see DEBUGF output on a device, but my code runs on the simulator and not on a device (my test devices are an xduoo X3 and a sansa fuze plus)
09:25:06_bilguslogfbuild instead?
09:26:21_bilgusotherwise use rb->splashf also logf needs enabled global and perfile
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13:54:37salty-horsespeachy, I can confirm that in xduoo, not only does the headphones button never work, but the fix also isn't working: if I unplug and replug the headphones, sometimes it skips a track :(
14:13:50speachyit seemed to work okay for me when I tested it on my hardware+headphones FWIW
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14:23:38nihilazohi, how do I register my plugin so it shows up as an option for opening files with?
14:30:18nihilazoah, I found it. Viewers.config
14:41:43_bilgus g#3945
14:41:47rb-bluebotGerrit review #3945 at : RFC settings & nvram.bin save setting to tmp file save old by William Wilgus
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15:24:31salty-horsespeachy, hmm. I'll try to rebuild without any changes and report back
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16:32:05nihilazoif I want to sleep for a certain amount of real time (say, 1/60th of a second) how would I do that in rockbox? I assumed that HZ is 1-second long but this doesn't seem to be the case
16:35:34munkisHZ is supposed to be the number of ticks/second on the platform
16:36:08nihilazook, so if I want to wait one second, I wait HZ ticks
16:36:24nihilazoif I want to sleep a 60th of a second, I sleep HZ/60 ticks?
16:36:40nihilazowith rb->sleep() in a plugin
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20:57:29chris_sShould Pictureflow really be rescanning all albums for changed album artwork in the background with each start?
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20:57:47chris_sIt makes PictureFlow pretty choppy and takes a *ton* of time with a lot of albums (literally hours here), whereas, at least on devices like the M3K, PictureFlow is actually buttery smooth (i.e. constantly 60fps) otherwise.
20:58:03chris_s Anyone disagree that (after a complete initial scan) it would be preferable for the rescanning to be manually initiated or, possibly, only if the database has changed?
20:58:38munkisI think that makes ense
20:58:38chris_sBtw, any guesses why appending more than ~2 albums in PictureFlow with WPS integration turned on (usually) leads to a crash? Seems like rb->playlist_insert_track doesn’t like to be called multiple times in this context for some reason.
20:58:49chris_sI think so too
21:00:03chris_sI didn't even realize that's what it was doing or that browsing was choppy *because* of that
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21:48:00_bilgusI don't use Pictureflow so whatever makes you happy :)
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21:50:45_bilgusjust be aware that on first run it gets you into the plugin faster and you might also check that its not setup that way just you have never let it finish the scan..
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21:56:45chris_s8haha :) Yeah, I think it's a good feature that you're able to get past the progress bar on first run. I'll be playing around with it in the simulator a bit and am going to look at the code in more detail. It does seem to rescan (and rewrite everything even after it's finished, the next time it's started). I'm assuming that was intentional, maybe
21:56:45chris_s8because it works fine that way with relatively few albums. aa_cache.inspected is reset to 0 on each app launch. I'll still have to test on the device why it never became *not* choppy for me even after hours, because the scan itself should "only" take maybe 20min or so the first time I run the plugin (when the progress bar is displayed)
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22:38:40chris_shuh, maybe it's as easy as adding aa_cache.inspected to the configdata struct (could even be an oversight that it's not in there already)
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